Amu: Hello there.

Miki: What?

Utau: ….

Amu: I'm at the airport because I'm going to Taiwan! Also, Utau and I aren't talking to reach other. I blocked her on Gmail, too.

Miki: Why the heck did you do that?

Amu: Because I feel like it.

Miki: Whatever. This is our new FanFic story! We don't own Shugo Chara.

Amu: By the way, in this one I get to torture Ikuto!

Ikuto the Lab Animal

Normal POV

A drop of sweat dripped down Tadase's forehead as Yaya pinned his wrists and ankles to the circular sheet of metal.

"Are you ready, Tadase?" Rima asked.

Tadase nodded but gulped at the same time.

Across the room, at a cluttered scientists' desk, stood Amu, the mad scientist, and Nagihiko, her 3rd most important assistant.

"Well then…let's start. Amu-sama, we're ready." Nagihiko said to her.

Amu turned around. "I'm still making the elixir." This girl wasn't exactly "Amu", but a devil. Amu was taken over by a devil, which warped her mind and made her like conducting evil assistants on her friends.

The lab was messy, and in one corner lay the corpses of Kairi and Kuukai, both victims of Amu's experiments.

Amu finished the elixir that she was going to use on Tadase and put it in a bottle. It filled only half of the bottle and it was bubbling. The elixir was a mixture of green and gray, sort of a swampy color. Tadase took a look at it and threw up. "Calm down, there. You don't have to be so disgusted. If this elixir doesn't work, then you'll turn into this too!" Yaya told Tadase.

Tadase went pale and Amu walked closer to where he was pinned.

"What are you doing…"

And this was the last thing he said before his flesh was turned into the slimy, swampy substance and all that was left of him was a pile of bones.

"Huh…it didn't work." Amu sighed.

"But it was close, Amu-sama!" Yaya said.

"Not even." Amu sighed again.

She walked to her lab desk and threw a bunch of flasks on the floor, making them shatter.

"This is the 3rd failure…I only have one more chance…I will not fail…"