Amu: Here you readers go.

Miki: …Huh?

Amu: Go eat candy or something. I don't have time for you.

Miki: Meanie.

Amu: We don't own Shugo Chara! (But I really hope we do.)

Ikuto the Lab Animal

Amu's POV

I flopped down on my bed, tired from a day of searching for the next test subject.

"How am I supposed to find the PERFECT test subject under these conditions?" I sighed a deep sigh.

There was a sudden pain in my chest. Maou-sama was getting hungry.

"I want food, Amu. NOW!" I heard his scream from inside my head.

"Yeah, yeah Maou-sama."

I went to eat dinner and Maou-sama kept quiet for the next few hours.

Being possessed by a demon is not easy.

The next day

Ikuto's POV

I stared at the map of the town I just moved into and looked up at a white building.

Violin on my back, I slowly walked into the black iron gates of my new school. I think its name is…"Tokebetsu Kagaku Gakuen"…? (Note: Tokubetsu Kagaku Gakuen means "Special Science Academy")

…Why did my middle school teacher send me here?

I walked in, only to see the schoolyard empty.

Except for the girl that's standing under the tree talking to herself.

She looked at me.

I looked at her.

We stared at each other for about 15 minutes and she walked into the school building, not speaking a word.


Amu: If I could draw this into a manga and post it online, then I would totally make it like a "miraculous meeting" thing that happens in shoujo manga!

Miki: ….no really?

Amu: Yeah! But we already post manga online right?

Miki: Yep, that's right!

Together: Go to ./ to see the manga Amu, Miki, and Utau draw/post online!

Utau: Look on December 3rd because there's literally nothing on there right now that's manga. But theres videos, freebies, random pictures…etc.