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1 month later

The door to the two bedroom flat slammed shut as Bella stormed in, much to Nick's amusement.

"Rough day?" he asked.

She huffed and flopped onto the couch next to him.

"It's those two idiots again."

"The twins?"

"Yeah. They seem to believe that since there's two of them there's double the awesome when in fact there's not even half the awesome of one person the silly, air-headed bints."

Nick chuckled lightly, used to her outbursts about the twins on the same cooking course as her.

"Well, you could've stayed at Stonehaven…" he trailed off, waiting for her inevitable response.

"NO! I know I'm meant to just ignore it but goddammit I didn't wanna listen to two couples having sex!"

"So you came here to listen to me have sex? Why Bella!" Nick gasped, earning himself a smack on the arm.

"No, I came here to learn how to cook." Her face brightened suddenly. "I got a call from Emily earlier. She said that the offer on the diner got accepted! The pack are going to help her refurbish it and clean the kitchen next week."

Nick smiled, pleased for the genuine happiness glittering in his small housemate's eyes. For her and Emily this was a dream come true. He knew the real reason she had joined him in New York, it was because the culinary school was part of that dream, with the end result being her and Emily back together in La Push looking after their boys.

Sometimes, when Nick lay awake at night listening to Bella tossing and turning, he wondered whether that dream would one day include him.

It was Sunday.

Sunday meant that Nick and Bella would arrive promptly at 10am at the Santonio residence where Bella, Tony and Nick would cook a Sunday roast.

Well, Bella and Tony cooked. Nick supervised.

And stole bits of food.

Occasionally the rest of the Pack would appear, and those Sundays were extra loud and extra hectic. Inevitably the Pack would change and run together, Jeremy usually staying behind with Jaime. It was on Sundays that Elena, Clay and Nick would teach her how to change on command and how to hunt. Usually she kept close to Nick, content to simply run and the adrenaline rush through her.

Later the wolves would fall asleep, to wake up human again. To the amusement of both Clay and Elena the other two would always end up very close to each other, so close that more than once Clay had accused them of snuggling.

They would walk back together, modesty be damned, to find most of the house asleep. The morning would find them sprawled out in the living room in the spare clothes Tony kept in the spare room's dresser. Such habits meant however that, although being a werewolf had cured most of it, Bella would nearly always trip over someone in her rush to get out the front door and to school.

Yes, Bella thought as the keys jangled in her hand, it wasn't a bad life, the one she'd found herself in, and she could only hope that as time passed it only got better.

In a small car downwind a blonde man watched as Bella rushed down the front path and to her car, fumbling with the keys in her haste. At the front door a shirtless man appeared and called to her, bringing a bright smile to his little sister's face.

Jasper put his car in gear and drove off, content in the knowledge that Bella was safe and with people who loved her. He could live with that.

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