Act ONE, Scene ONE. - Mama, You Ignore Me.

WENDLA is standing on a chair, touching herself. She is unaware that her mother is peering around her bedroom door, watching her. WENDLA pulls a see through dress on.

Mama, you ignore me
Mama please save me
What will this scandal bring?
Wait, why do you look glad?

Mama, I'm weeping
Mama, the angels
Will keep me in heaven, without Jonathan.

MELCHIOR (who appears behind Frau Bergmann, also watching Wendla): Grr, who is this Jonathan guy?

FRAU BERGMANN: That's what I'D like to know.

Some say that one day
the enticed will all start fallin'
They light a candle
then elope cause they're hoes
But some just lie there
fighting for him to come just for them
But when he comes they won't know how to blow…

MELCHIOR: For someone who knows nothing about sex, she uses some interesting vocabularly.

Mama, you still ignore me!
Mama, please save me!
What will this scandal bring?
Who taught me such things, why am I so bad?

MELCHIOR (sidles away, a guilty look on his face): Nothin' to do with me…

Mama, I'm weeping
Mama, the angels
will take me to heaven, in two hours.

GIRLS appear behind Frau Bergmann to catch the end of the song.
THEA: Yay!

ANNA: She's stopped singing!

MARTHA: She'll be dead soon!


FRAU BERGAMNN: Shoo, she'll see you!

GIRLS hurry off, knowing their place. FRAU BERGMANN enters Wendla's room, acting as if she hadn't been there all along.



FRAU BERGMANN: Oh child, look at you in that… that… thing.

WENDLA: Isnt it beatiful Mama? Look at me! I'm like a little faerie queen!

FRAU BERGMANN: I was thinking more along the lines of 'sad clown hooker'.

WENDLA (looking confused): Someone's said that to me before.

FRAU BERGMANN (mutters): I'm not surprised. (raises vocie) ANYWAYY, just think Wendla, last night the stork finally visited your sister, and brought her a little baby girl!

WENDLA: Mama, why havent I seen my sister in 9 months?

FRAU BERGMANN: Because she was…fat.

WENDLA: Is she still fat?

FRAU BERGMANN: No, the stork ate the fat.

WENDLA (beginning to see the flaw in the 'stork' idea): So, where do the storks get the babies?

FRAU BERGMANN: They…steal them. From…heaven.

WENDLA: They're like angels?


WENDLA: Mama, please, no! Don't make me go see my nameless sister! The angels are taking me to heaven soon!

FRAU BERGMANN (mutters): Not soon enough.

WENDLA: What did you say?

FRAU BERGMANN: Nothing, nothing child… okay fine, babies are not angels. I was lying.

WENDLA: Well then, where do they come from?

Frau Bergmann looks around wearily, then grabs Wendla and pushes her head under her skirt.

WENDLA (shocked): You aren't wearing any underwear.

Frau Bergmann pushes her away.

WENDLA: Mama, tell me!

FRAU BERGMANN: Uhm. A woman. Must. Love. Her. Husband… very….much… with her whole… (looks down) uhm…. Heart!

WENDLA: That makes perfect sense!

FRAU BERGMANN: I'm so glad you're 14 and stupid.

WENDLA: Mama, guess what happened in school yesterday…

Frau Bergmann isn't listening. Wendla starts crying.

WENDLA: You NEVER listen to me.