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Unannounced arrival

"Ah, I'm finally back..." Naruto stood at the gates of Konoha after his three year long training trip with Jiraiya. It wasn't quite as exciting as it sounded a week ago, though.

"Naruto, you ok?" Jiraiya thought something was wrong. A week ago, he was jumping with joy at the opportunity to return to his home. Now, he looked like someone had bashed his head with a rock. A really heavy one.

"I don't know Pervy Sage, I just thought it would have changed, I guess. But everything's still the same."

A familiar face walked past.


"Naruto? Is that you? I'd have thought I'd be hearing you shouting 'I'm home' or something."

"Hey Shikamaru. What are you doing?" Naruto asked.

"Nothing important...yet. Tell you what, considering you just got back, I'll round everyone up, and we'll all head to Ichiraku's. I know how much you loved their stuff." Shikamaru barely believed what he was saying. Actually working? Then again, Naruto was...is a good, if simple friend.


About an hour later, the Rookie 8 were sitting at Ichiraku's. Team Gai was out on a mission, so they couldn't come. No-one other than Naruto actually liked the stuff, but they were here for him, and ate some anyway.

"-and you should have seen the size of the egg on his head after that! I swear, if a woman thinks someone's a pervert, they gain Tsunade like strength. That bastard Pervy Sage's substituted with me enough times for me to know...wow I'm tired." Naruto finished.

Everyone choked at this last comment. Since when did Naruto ever get tired?

"You know guys, I was great how you all came, but I gotta hit the sack. See you all tomorrow, ok?" Naruto ended with a yawn, waved goodbye, and trudged back to his apartment.

The Rookie 7 all thought the same thing.

A well rested Naruto loose in the village? Looks like we have to go to sleep now as well, to keep him in check...

Of course, nobody knew how he was going to act. He had been gone for 3 years, after all, but it was better to play it safe.

Naruto found his apartment just like he left it. Completely trashed.

Wow, nothing's changed at all... Naruto thought. He found a couple off loose blankets, his hard mattress, and fell asleep.


A cold wind stirred. Naruto muttered something about perverted teachers leaving windows open, and went to close it.

But he wasn't in his trashed apartment anymore. He was on a very run down castle's outer wall.

In the dead of night.

He glanced back to where he was sleeping. No blanket, no mattress. He glanced at himself.

Fully clothed. Good. Three kunai in holster. Also good. Ten shuriken in pocket. Could be better, but ok.

Now the all important question.

Where the hell was he?



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