It was the awkward tired part after a staff meeting, the part that usually dissolved into idle chit-chat. Everyone was stretching and yawning from so long of sitting and having to look interested, so it was a little alarming when Ashley jumped energetically, eyes ablaze maniacally, which only could mean one thing.

"I have an idea."

Now there were awake, and worried. Ashley's ideas were rather infamous for being dangerous and stupid.

"I think we should volunteer to be counselors at the local youth retreat."

And this idea was no different. The very idea of having to take care of kids, especially teenagers, made even the toughest monster hunter cower in fear. Ashley especially was not a kid-person, so why bring it up?


"Well, you know how Amanda and Sierra have been kind of down? It's because the counselors all got sick, so now they don't have enough counselors for the retreat, so they probably won't be able to go…. And I thought maybe we could volunteer…." She finished kind of lamely. She had never really been good at public speaking.

"That actually sounds like a good idea. I think you all should. The Sacramento Sanctuary is under construction so they will be here to fill your place." Magnus approved of the idea, which meant they were going no matter what.

"So how big is the camp?" Will asked, resigned to his fate but still a bit concerned.

"Around four hundred teenage kids- but you'll only be in charge of five!" Ashley answered quickly, before they got too alarmed at the prospect of so many teenagers.

"How long is it?" Kate asked, scared.

"Five days."

They questioned her more, until they were beginning to wonder for Magnus's sanity for agreeing to this. Five days in charge of so many kids? Somebody wasn't going to make it out of the week alive.

A/N The beginning of the adventures! Huzzah! It gets better, I promise. I wrote this with Sierra's help and she was jacked up on coffee. I fear for her sanity, and mine. Oh yeah…. What sanity?