Title: my most precious treasure

Description: He didn't hide roses behind his back. She didn't write love letters. But that was just the way they rolled. /Drabble, YuiHinata.

Notes: Yui and Hinata just scream "THEY BELONG TOGETHER!". Forgive me if it sucks, because this is my first story, but I hope that at least some people will enjoy it! (also, if you spot any errors in the story, I would sincerely appreciate it if you pointed them out! Thanks!)

Disclaimer: I don't own Angel Beats!.

No shy touch of the hands. No embraces. No kisses.

Strangely, they didn't feel too bad about this. Long strolls to view the blossoming flowers of the springtime's womb or to gaze fondly at the seagulls flapping their wings in the caress of the wind meant much, much more than a modest touch of the lips would have.

She couldn't walk, stand, or even move her arms. She was fully aware of her tragic condition. But he didn't care at all. Because she was Yui, and as long as she was Yui that was all that mattered to him.

It was evening, in a baseball field.

Yui watched in fascination as he swung his bat, and the baseball disappeared into amber skies. "Home run!" she shouted excitedly. Hinata caught her eye and grinned proudly in a boyish manner.

When the night-time chorus of the frogs and crickets began, and the sound of wheels and footsteps on asphalt was just barely heard in the boisterous concert, Hinata suddenly stopped and gazed up. Yui followed his example, and tilted her head upwards towards the dark heavens.

"Wow..." Hinata murmured in awe at the sea of priceless jewels that loomed high and proud above the world.

"Incredible!" Yui gasped excitedly. "It's always been one of my dreams to see the stars like this!"

"Dreams..." Hinata said hazily. "Say... Yui..." she momentarily focused on Hinata with a small smile. "What's your number one dream?"

She took a deep breath, deciding whether or not to tell. Finally, she uttered one word, "Marriage."

"Marriage... huh?" Hinata repeated, turning his gaze back to the stars and then to Yui once more. "Say... um..." He ran a hand through his hair nervously, his face heating by the second. "Yui... um... how to put this..." He shifted uneasily, unable to meet her eyes. "I... may I ask for—no... will you—" he met her eyes with a red face. "Can I... can I marry you?"

"Huh?" a blank expression came over her features, until she realized what he was asking. Her face turned pink with embarrassment, and she squeaked nervously. "But... but... why would you want to marry me o-of all girls? I-I can't do anything. I can't have ch-children. I can't move my arms or legs at all! I'd just be burdening you!"

Much to her shock, Hinata came closer and leaned down.

He hugged her.

"I don't care," he whispered in her ear.

No shy touch of the hands, no kisses, one hug, and one (accepted) marriage proposal.