Summary: Ted has insomnia, and Barney, Lily, and Marshall just want him to sleep.

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It's silent in the living room of the apartment. Marshall's flipping through the newspaper as quietly as he can, Lily's engrossed in a book, and Barney's watching The Price is Right on mute.

The reason for all the silence has his head pillowed in Barney's lap, chest rising and falling rhythmically as he sleeps. The remote is in one of Barney's hands, and his other is gently stroking Ted's hair. He's been dealing with a pretty bad bout of insomnia recently, and the fact that he's asleep is a very, very good thing, so they're all deathly afraid of waking him.

He suddenly stirs, making a quiet, distressed noise. Marshall and Lily's heads both snap up, watching fearfully.

But Barney isn't even the least bit perturbed. Without looking away from the TV, he sets down the remote and grabs Ted's hand with his own. Ted sighs and settles against Barney, shifting slightly.

Lily and Marshall both breathe sighs of relief and return to what they were doing.

Later, the two are trying to make dinner as quietly as is humanly possible. Of course, when "making dinner" consists of heating up yesterday's leftover Chinese in the loudest microwave oven known to mankind, this isn't a very easy task.

But they somehow get it done without Ted stirring even once. Lily even manages to hand Barney his plate. Everything's going just fine until Barney tries to free his left hand from Ted's grip.

Almost as soon as he's managed to extricate the last finger, Ted stirs, and his eyes flutter. A small noise comes from his mouth, and Barney's quick to push Ted's hair back away from his face, murmuring soothing words of comfort. A moment later, Ted's eyes slowly drift shut and he settles comfortably against Barney again.

Sighing with relief, Barney can finally eat, and he does so, dividing his attention between food and, when necessary, Ted.

Ten minutes after he finishes eating and Lily and Marshall have cleaned up, the door to the apartment opens, and Robin walks in, slamming the door loudly behind her and announcing, "Guess who just got asked out?"

"Ssh!" they all hiss at her, but it's too late. Ted's eyes pop open, and he yawns, his mouth a huge "O."

Sitting up and rubbing his eyes, he says through his yawn, "What'd I miss?"

Barney, Lily, and Marshall all groan and glare at Robin, who simply stares, frowning, and asks, "What?"

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