Wicked Innocence

Tweedle Dee x Alice x Tweedle Dum

Innocence: absence of guile or cunning; naiveté; harmlessness

The halls of the Hatter Estate were shrouded by an uncharacteristic silence. One would have expected some sort of noise – a tiny rustle of wind, a breath, anything that could offer any denotations of life.

All was disturbingly still.

Even the two most boisterous residents kept their mouths shut, standing in the darkest recesses of the mansion. Both were at bated breath as waited.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Someone was coming.

One with shining blue orbs raised his weapon aloft. "Are you ready?"

His crimson-eyed companion lifted his own gun, an eager smile on his lips. "Ready!"

The two awaited for another long moment, gauging the distance by the sound of the footsteps.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

It sounded so close. The time was growing nearer.


The two figures placed their pointer fingers gently on the trigger.


Eyes glistened in cheerful anticipation as the footsteps grew louder, gradually drawing closer.


The two children leapt out from their hiding place and pounced.

"Take this!" Their guns were fired, dispensing an unprecedented stream of water on the unsuspecting victim.

The target of such watery abuse sputtered, crying out, "Stop it! Stop it, Dee, Dum!"

Dum glanced over to Dee, surprise coloring his crimson spheres. The voice sounded vaguely familiar, reminiscent to a certain feminine foreigner…

Such a thought forced the two twins to pause from their water-shooting brigade. The two slowly took in the figure's sopping wet appearance, absorbing the sight of long brown hair and striking green eyes…

They both released a harmonic gasp. "Onee-san, we're so sorry! We didn't mean to get you! We were targeting Newbie-hare! Can you please forgive us?"

Alice nodded her head, both as an act of affirmation and shake off any errant droplets of water from her face. "Why were you guys trying to soak Elliot anyway?"

Tweedle Dee harrumphed, grumpily interlacing his arms over his chest. "Newbie-hare was scolding us because we weren't watching the gate today! So rude…"

"But isn't that your job? To guard the gates?" asked Alice.

Dum retorted, "But it was so boring! No one was coming anyway. That's when we decided to play a fun prank on him!"

His twin brother added contritely, "And we're really sorry for getting you so wet! We truly didn't mean to do that to our favorite onee-san! We would hate it if you were mad at us."

Alice shrugged her shoulders. Like it was possible for her to be angry at them. Every time those twins widened those innocent, bright eyes, pout their cute lower lips, Alice felt her insides liquefy into gelatin. She couldn't be mad at them even if she tried.

The twins tilted their heads in curiosity, two sets of eyes gazing settled on her tiny frame. "But why is onee-san here?"

"Blood invited me for another tea party," Alice informed them, "But it looks like Blood left for a little while?"

The twins nodded their heads. "Boss stepped out to attend some business… but now that you're here, maybe you can hang out with us in the meantime!"

"Oh? What is it that you'd like to do?" Alice asked almost halfheartedly. She reasoned her reluctance was called for. The first time she hung out with the twins, they threatened to butcher her with a knife.

Maybe the activities they had in mind were more befitting of their age. Maybe, just maybe, it was entirely safe and innocent.

What the twins suggested was anything, but innocent.

The two children smiled and cried happily, "Take a bath with us, onee-san!"

Alice nearly stumbled her soaked body down to the floor. 'The good news is, at least it sounds safe.'


"Can you take a bath with us? We're going to join the tea party, but we want to get ready and at least clean up."

"B… but is…isn't that a little… strange?" stammered Alice.

Dee inclined his head in confusion. "Why's it weird? We thought good friends bathe together? We take a bath with Boss and Newbie-hare all the time!"

Alice felt her legs weaken in surprise, a shudder ripping through her body. Such disturbing images arose in her mind! Just how close are these people?

"We promise to be good, innocent children!" implored Dum, eyes sparkling with entreaty. "We won't do anything bad."

Dee followed his example, spread his eyes open into a wide, puppy dog eyes.

Alice took a step back, her hands slapping over her trembling, wet lips. They were simply too cute. It nearly drove her insane to see how cute they looked, how they always were.

But the request was simply unheard of, if not completely inappropriate. Alice bathing in the same tub as a man, let alone two kids? The brown-haired female inwardly slapped herself, thinking she was a pedophile for even thinking of such a thing.

But looking at them now? It felt just so wrong to refuse them.

'Too… too adorable. Must… resist!' With a vigorous shake of her chocolaty locks, Alice spoke in a firm voice, "I'm sorry, boys, but no. It's just too weird…"

"Please, onee-san?" Alice suppressed her intrinsic need to squeal, suffering a mental demise as the twins widened their eyes and cutely pouted their lips. "Don't you love us at all, onee-san?"

"No! No, it's not that. I… I…" She suddenly felt at a complete loss for words. For a long moment, Alice had no idea what to say, what to think, what to even feel. All she was able to feel was a burning embarrassment blazing in her cheeks. "I… I have to go! I need to dry off."

She then rushed forward, storming out of sight.

As the Bloody Twins watched her retreat, their shoulders sagged, lips deflating into a deep chagrin.

"Aw… there goes our fun for the day," whined Dee with a deep grimace over his lips.

Dum assured his twin, "Oh, not to worry, brother! I just think the fun is only beginning."

The young boy gazed at his red-eyed brother with a stupefied expression before attaining an epiphany. "Oh! Now I get it, brother!"

The devious duo then set off side by side, quickly discussing ideas for their next course of action.


"Perhaps, I was just too harsh on them…" mused Alice as she quietly skulked the lonely hallways, gently dabbing her face with a clean, dry towel.

Maybe she shouldn't have refused them so vehemently and ran off like that. It was rather rude on her part; she could admit that much.

'They did think it was an innocent suggestion. They really didn't mean anything bad by it…'

As Alice allowed herself to ponder the incident more and more, guilt began to weigh against her poor heart, escalating her inner shame.

'I should apologize… Yeah! I should tell them I'm sorry for acting so poorly!'

With her renewed resolve, Alice firmly set forth and began her search for the two kids. It couldn't take that long.


Something in Alice's chest plummeted to the acidic depths of her abdomen.

Bang! Bang!

No, it wouldn't possibly be them. They wouldn't be firing here in the mansion... would they?

Another blast of a gun did seem to persuade her towards the contrary. Alice immediately dashed forward, allowing the blare of gunfire and the increasing sound of voices.



Such vehemence, the tone or voice... if Alice didn't know any better, she would have thought the source of these voices were actually fighting.

'But, if they were, over what?"'

The twins never disputed over anything. It was not even possible.

'But seeing is believing.' After all, everything was possible in Wonderland.

Dee and Dum were truly fighting.

Another gunshot blared, targeting a young boy garbed in blue. He easily evaded the assault with ease.

"She's mine," growled Dee, countering with a quick shot of his firearm.

"No!" Dum swiftly rolled out of the way. "She's mine!"

Alice merely gawked at the two children with palpable confusion, her mind reeling. What in the world were these two fighting over? More importantly, why?

"Stop it." The sound of gunfire continued to pervade throughout the air, drowning out the brunette's voice. Her hands clenched. She gritted her teeth.

"Stop it this instant!"

The Tweedle twins paused, crimson aqua blinking in surprise to see the foreigner standing directly in their line if fire.



Her green orbs were bright and fierce, obtaining their undivided attentions.

"Please put your guns away." The twins obeyed without a single word, placing their weapons back into their respective holsters. "Now please tell me why you two are fighting? It's unlike either of you to quarrel over anything."

The twin boys looked passed the Liddell to each other, eyes narrowing with effervescent distaste.

"You want to know why we were fighting?" growled Dum.

Dee then said, "Then allow us to explain!"

"That idiot there claimed you loved him more than me!"

"And that moron said I was wrong and that you loved him more!"

"She's mine, brother!"

"No, she's mine!"

Their axes suddenly appeared in their hands, ready to slash down and rip each other apart.

Just as their weapons were raised, prepared to reinitiate their death match for the Liddell's heart, Alice gently placed her hands on their chests. "Don't you dare! This all is so stupid. You shouldn't be doing this!"

The twins met each other's gaze for a long moment, before returning their attention to her. "You're right! We shouldn't settle this dispute with axes!"

Alice relaxed, exhaling a breath of relief.

"We should have onee-san decide!"

"Yes, you should have your... Wait. What?"

"Excellent idea! So come on, onee-san. Who do you love more? Me or Dum?"

Such an inquiry was so unexpected that Alice could only stammer, unsure how to properly respond.

"You do love one of us. Don't you, onee-san?" quietly asked Dum. Her hesitancy caused the twins to wilt, their visages drooping with a heavy melancholy.

The young foreigner tensed, guilt unfurling in her chest. What could she say to comfort them? How did Alice truly feel?

Then everything became clear. She knew exactly what to say.

She leaned her upper body forward so she was at the kids' eye level and said cheerfully, "Actually I don't love either one of you."

Such a response actuated a low shocked gasp then a disappointed grief settled over their countenances.

"Don't look so glum yet! I'm not done!" Dee and Dum slowly met her eyes, awaiting for her to continue. "I don't love just one of you. I love both of you equally. You both are very special to me. It hurts me to see you two fight and injure yourselves. Can you both please stop and make up?"

The twins captured each other's gaze, red and blue meeting once again. Suddenly there was a flash of emotion underneath their eyes, flickering far too fast for Alice to recognize. Grins curved their lips. "Okay!"

Alice's features splintered with shock. Was it really that easy? "Huh? O... okay?"

"Yep! We can share, onee-san. Right, brother?" Dee said cheerfully.

Dum answered with a fervent nod of his head and added, "Especially now we know that our onee-san finally admitted that she loves us both!"

After hearing such a statement, Alice pondered it, processing it in her mind. She then came to a realization.

"Wait... you guys weren't really fighting over. Were you?"

The twins smiles widened, seeming unrepentant as they said, "Uh-oh... onee-san figured us out!"

Alice's lashes fluttered in confusion. The twins took turns explaining their master plan. They were simply having a mock fight, not planning on mortally wounding one another. They knew that she would come in and stop them from fighting anymore.

The young brunette presented her inquiry, "But... why would you go through such trouble? That's what I don't understand."

Instead of an immediate answer, she watched as the two children ran forward and wrapped their arms around her waist.

Their gazes softened, their smiles so innocent and sweet. They spoke in perfect unison, "We just wanted to hear our onee-san say she loved us."

As they reached the tips of their toes to place a chaste kiss on her cheeks, Alice felt her heart warm, touched by such a simple and innocent wish.

"So are you mad that we deceived you? We didn't mean to make you so upset."

Bright green met a pair of red and blue, drowning herself in the bright, glistening depths.

She released a low sigh, pulling the two into a tight embrace. "I can never be mad at you guys..."

How could she be? Though they were subordinates of a dangerous mafia, she could still see the kids in them, the sweet innocence in their hearts.

...or perhaps, in reality, she was the one who was so innocent. Little did Alice realize just how devious the twins were.

She remained completely oblivious as the twins exchanged a fleeting glance. They grinned, winking in victorious splendor.

'Success.' the two mouthed and hugged the foreigner even tighter.

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