She froze in her place. No good could possibly come from it. It was obvious, especially if she was dealing with them. She should just walk away before things truly went out of hand.

"Wah! Onee-san!"

Alice just couldn't move. Whether it was intentional or not, they were exploiting her greatest weakness – she couldn't stand to see the twins cry.

Ignoring the various, mental alarms screaming in her head – they were just kids! What could go wrong? – she strolled over towards the sobbing Tweedle Dee and Dum.

"Hey, what's the matter, guys?"

Dee and Dum glanced up at her, their eyes watery and wide. Dee sniffled. "W… we just got back from our mission with Boss, and everything hurts!"

"Will onee-san kiss it better?" Dum added, his eyes widening another degree.

The brunette examined the two briefly and scoffed. As far as she could see, they were perfectly spine. There was not a scratch on them, and she doubted they could even get injured.

"Pretty please, onee-san? Can you kiss it all better?"

Alice flinched back, cheeks reddening when wet pairs of blue and red looked up at her, childlike and pleading. She mentally groaned at her weakness. How could she resist such cuteness? If they were in their adult forms, she wouldn't even consider such a dubious request. Since they were in their normal, child forms it was okay… right?

She released another soulfelt sigh and knelt down beside them. "Alright, where does it hurt?"

Dee and Dum wiped the tears from their face and raised an index finger to her. "Here."

Alice grabbed their hands and placed a gentle kiss on both of their fingers.

They then pointed to their foreheads. "Here."

Alice paused skeptical for a moment before leaning forward and pressing her lips to their "aching" heads.

"And finally… here."

She froze in her place, feeling two pairs of lips alternated and brushed her own.

Alice yelped in surprised and jumped back. She slapped her hand over her mouth, her heart wildly pumping blood into her cheeks.

She could not believe it. What happened?

Dee and Dum leaned towards her and studied her expression.

"Oh! Why's onee-san's face so red? It couldn't be that she's hurt too!"

"Why not we kiss her and make it all better, brother?" Dum shot his brother a mischievous smile.

Dee's eyes glinted in response. "Great idea!"

Before she knew it, the twins were on top of her, showering her with kisses, taking turns tasting her lips.

The sensations were overwhelming. She could barely process anything. She expected this sort of behavior in their adult forms. Not as children!

"How do you feel now, onee-san? Better?' murmured one voice – Dee? Dum? She could no longer tell – nibbling softly at her ear.

"We promise that onee-san won't feel any pain. We'll make you feel very, very good," the other drawled huskily, ravenously taking her lips into his own. Alice felt the breath rush out of her lungs. Her body responded shamelessly.

They were touching her in ways children should not touch, kissing her in ways children should not know how to kiss. They were supposed to be sweet, innocent children. At the moment, they were anything but that.

Then she came to a startling conclusion. The twins could not be described with a single adjective – good or bad, naughty or nice. Now she knew.

Regardless of their form, Tweedle Dee and Dum could be best defined as wicked innocence.

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