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WARNING: SLASH! This means male/male pairing. If you have a problem with that, then don't read it.

This will generally consist of Harry/Castiel but will have some Harry/Someone with a one-sided Harry/Castiel as well.

Not really based around any set episode. Random.

Pairing: Harry/Castiel

"If you save your parents, then Voldemort will continue his reign of terror and kill who knows how many before someone realises about the existence of the horcruxes."

"But my parents will be alive." Harry argued. "I would never have been left at the Dursley's."

"And what about me?" Castiel tried a different approach.

"What about you, Cass?"

"If you do this," Castel stated, "then you may never leave England to travel to America. We would never meet."

"I realise that." Harry stared over to his parents house, seeing through the window his father's laughing figure. His heart ached at the sight.

"Then why go through with it?" Castiel stepped forward and grabbed Harry by his shoulders.

"Because I can't let them die when I have a chance to prevent their deaths!"

"When you convinced me to bring you back so you could see your family, I did not know what you were planning. If I did, Harry, then I would not have agreed to take you back."

Harry violently pushed himself away from the angel, stalking over to the garden wall and leaned against it.

"Then what do you want me to do?" Harry burst out angrily after a moments silence. "If I don't save them and let them die, Sirius will spend twelve years in Azkaban for something he didn't do and Remus will be all on his own."

"I want you to choose me," Castiel said bluntly, walking over to his lover. "Choose me instead of them."

Harry deflated. "Do you know what you are asking of me?"

"Yes. And I am sorry."

"Then would you understand if I chose them over you?"

Castiel turned his head away, looking hurt and defeated. by Harry's words.

"I would understand why logically, but I would feel..."

Harry wiped away stray tears, avoiding the angel's intense gaze as he tried to make eye contact.

"I love you." Castiel added softly.

"I know you do." Harry whispered. "And I love you, too."

"Then I do not understand-"

Harry didn't let Castiel finish, instead he quickly grabbed the angel by his tie and pulled him down for a desperate kiss. More tears were falling but Harry no longer cared as he memorized the feel of the angel's lips against his own. The taste of him, the smell, everything about Castiel was in-printed into his brain.

The angel himself had wrapped his arms around Harry and pressed the lithe body against his own. It was as if Castiel was trying to absorb Harry's very being into his vessel in an attempt to keep him from leaving. Yet Harry didn't mind as he tugged on the ends of Castiel's hair, allowing him to slip his tongue through parted lips.

They clung to one another, both hearts felt as if they were breaking.

And when they finally separated, Harry rested his head against the hard shoulder in front of him. Eyes closed, the wizard soaked up the comfort and safety that Castiel seemed to exude. If he chose his family over Castiel, he would never experience this ever again. But then his other self would never remember, so he, himself, wouldn't know what he was missing.

Raising his head, Harry studied the face of his lover, finally seeing the pain and fear that lurked deep within those Sapphire eyes. Castiel didn't want Harry to do this, yet he was giving him the option to do so, even when he could just zap himself and Harry back to the future with only the tough of his fingertips. The angel really loved him, Harry marvelled. And he would lose that love if he decided to pick his family over this magnificent being.

He glanced down the road, knowing that Voldemort would soon be walking up it to the small house that Harry and Castiel were standing outside of. He had to make a choice, and he had to make it now.

Steeling himself, Harry straightened up and ignored the painful ache in his chest. He stared directly into Castiel's eyes, his decision made.

"I'm sorry, Cass," the wizard murmured.

Castiel's eyes widened, the agony clear on his face as he stared down at the wizard.

"No, Harry..." Castiel whispered.

"I'm sorry," Harry repeated, "that I wasted your time in asking you to bring me here."

"What?" The angel took a step back, confused.

"Take me home, Castiel." Harry said. "Back to the motel room in our time."

Castiel's whole body shifted, lightened by Harry's words, and he didn't waste any more time as he moved into Harry's personal space, his fingers already raised to touch Harry's forehead.

"You chose me." He whispered reverently.

"I guessed I underestimated our love." Harry closed his eyes. "Now, please."

Castiel pressed his fingertips to Harry's cool skin. The last thing he saw before he and Harry travelled back to the future was the figure of a tall man walking along the street, heading towards them, and the Potter home.

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