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WARNING: SLASH! This means male/male pairing. If you have a problem with that, then don't read it. Not beta'd.

Not really based around any set episode. Random. Well... actually it is based around the episode where Uriel dies, only the scene leading up to when he dies in a slightly different manner.

Pairing: Harry/Castiel one sided Harry/Uriel

It was Dean's angry words that had led Castiel to discover Uriel's real plans. And Uriel didn't bother to hide the fact that he was trying to free Lucifer from his cage and set about to destroy the world. But somehow their conversation had taken a turn from releasing their damned brother to Harry, Castiel's little partner.

Uriel had sneered and gloated in equal measure at Castiel, the latter whose loyalty was tied to Harry.

"You love him," Uriel spat out at Castiel as the two angels circled each other.

"I-" Castiel stumbled in realisation of the words. "I do."

"You love a mud monkey," Uriel laughed coldly. "An abominable mud monkey at that."

"Do not call him a mud monkey," Castiel warned Uriel, regaining his emotionless persona. "And he is not an abomination."

Uriel looked at Castiel with contempt.

"You are blinded." Uriel explained. "You cannot see the filth as they really are; parasitic monsters."

"They are our father's creations!" Castiel said, aghast by Uriel's lack of reverance for their God's designs. "You are being blasphemous."

"And do you know what else?" Uriel asked cruely, brushing aside Castiel's scolding. "Something about your pet."

"And what is that?" Castiel queried wearily.

"The mud monkey loves me," Uriel said spitefully, taking a step to the side and ignoring Castiel's low growl. "Not you."

"That is a lie." Castiel denied, mirroring Uriel's movements unconsciously.

"Yet you feel strong emotions for him." Uriel continued. "One that no angel should lower themselves to feel."

"What do you want me to say?" Castiel asked.

"I don't want you to say anything. I just want you to stop being corrupted by that abomination." Uriel sneered.

"He is not an abomination." Castiel glared.

"It is not you who he wants." Uriel added, shrugging away Castiel dark look. "It is me."

Castiel flinched back at the truth of the words.

"It does not matter anyway," Uriel sneered, "he and all of the filth that pollute this planet will soon be wiped out. Crushed back into the dust and mud that they had been formed from."

"I won't allow that happen." Castiel pulled himself together, feeling his grace swell within him in anticipation.

"That is too bad." Was all Uriel said before he lunged.

What happened next was mostly a blur to Castiel. One moment they were fighting, tearing at one another savagely, the next Castiel found himself looking up at Anna who had stabbed Uriel through the neck with an archangel's sword.

He had then watched his brother die.

Castiel had stared at the empty vessel in shock. Then all he could think about was Harry. About how he needed to tell his little human how he felt. A part of him muttered in agreement, seeing it akin to some kind of claim to the wizard. And it could prompt Harry into saying it back. Struggling with the foreign feeling of insecurity bubbling up in his borrowed vessel, Castiel disappeared from the abandoned factory.

He appeared back at the hospital, materialising behind an oblivious Harry who was staring at the sleeping Dean.

"He is only resting." Castiel said quietly.

Harry jumped and spun round, wand out and pointed it at the unruffled angel before he could register who it was that surprised him.

"Cass?" Harry frowned, lowering his wand. Harry's eyes widened when he took in the state of Castiel's clothes. "What in Merlin's name happened?"

Castiel didn't answer and instead pulled Harry to his chest, clinging to the smaller body as he inhaled Harry's scent.

"Cass?" Harry muffled voice questioned.

"I love you." Castiel whispered, the words holding his awe as he admitted them aloud.

Harry stiffened in his arms.

"Cass, what happened?"

"Nothing, I just wished to tell you how I feel."

Harry pulled away, staring up into Castiel's sapphire eyes with contemplation for a moment. A look of what Castiel assumed was pain and regret found itself on Harry's face before the emotions were masked by determination and a smile that seemed false.

"I- I love you too, Cass." Harry finally said, his voice holding his hesitation.

Castiel closed his eyes, soaking up the words while he ignored the growing doubt in his mind that whispered to him, sounding much like Uriel, telling him that Harry was lying.

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