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Previously on NCIS

S6's Aliyah

Gibbs: So McGee, . . .Rivkin, Tony, Ziva... what do you know?
McGee: Nothing.
McGee: I saw Tony snooping around Ziva's desk. It was the day before she went back to Tel Aviv. He
[Tony] answered the phone. I think he talked to Rivkin.

Vance: You think she might ask to come back?
Gibbs: I'm just giving her time. That's all.
Vance: Time to what?
Gibbs: Remember...who she can trust.
Vance: Let me make it easy for you. You made the right call.
Gibbs: I wasn't asking for your opinion, Leon.
Vance: Just who you think you're talking to?
Gibbs: That's a good daxx question. I've been wondering
that for a while.
Vance: You spend half your time second-guessing me. Studying me, testing me.

Gibbs: I'm looking for answers.
Vance: It'd help if you'd ask the daxx questions. There's the rub. You don't have a clue what to ask. You don't trust me, but you don't know why.
Gibbs: You want to talk about trust? What about tearing apart my team last year? There was no warning, there was no discussion.
Vance: Is that what this is about? You want to sit in the big chair.
Gibbs: No, I don't. I want to trust whoever does sit there! I want to protect my team.
Vance: Like Ziva? Okay, fine. You made the decision to leave her in Tel Aviv. I supported you. And now you might want to let her back. Why?
Gibbs: Because whatever she might have done, I trust her...for what I know she did. Four years ago...
Vance: She saved your life. By shooting and killing her half-brother, Ari. I told you the chair was big. Ari was out of control. So, Ziva's father sent her to eliminate him. She kills Ari, earns your trust. Two birds, one bullet. Eli played you.

Monday Morning at NCIS Headquarters

"Good Morning Jethro!" Ducky said with extra enthusiasm as he entered the elevator behind Gibbs. Gibbs said nothing and continued to look deep in thought.

"Jethro?" Ducky said in a more realistic tone.

"What is going on with my team, Duck?" Gibbs said in a surprisingly melancholy tone as he hit the emergency stop.

Ducky looked at him questioningly after the comment trying to read his unspoken language, only to throw the question back at him.

"I am not sure what you mean. Ziva. . .is. . .Ziva chose to stay in Israel. . ." Ducky stopped.

"This time two years ago, Tony was working undercover for Jenny. This time last year, my whole team was sent away after losing Jenny. During that time away, Ziva . . .Rivkin." Gibbs ran through the history.

"Your point is. . ." Ducky tried to make logic of Gibbs' words.

"My point is that my gut did not do its job. I should have intervened." Gibbs explained.

"You cannot shelter them." Ducky interjected. "I fail to see why this could be your fault."

Quickly redirecting the conversation, Gibbs stopped and looked at Ducky. "You asked me in my basement the other day why Ziva had earned my trust so quickly. It was because she saved my life four years ago. She was the one that killed Ari not me." Gibbs turned to a speechless Ducky. "I just found out that she was ordered to kill him. I may have been wrong to trust her. It was a play by Eli."

"Oh dear." Ducky responded finally. "You really need to talk this over with Ziva."

Ducky was taken back as he witnessed Gibbs giving himself a self-inflicted head slap. Ducky opened his mouth but no words came out. Gibbs saw this and angrily hit the emergency release. As the doors opened, Gibbs quickly exited to the squad room. Abby and McGee were arguing softly at his desk. Tony was talking on the phone with one hand and handling a pile of case files with his bad arm out of the sling.

"DiNozzo, stop using that arm!" Ducky yelled with Gibbs.

Tony nearly dropped the folders, when he heard them. He clumsily turned around with an embarrassed grin.

"I'll see you tonight at 8:00." Tony said quickly before putting down the phone. He watched as Gibbs went to his desk with Ducky. Just as he sat down, Gibbs' cell phone rang.


"I need to see you." Vance ordered. After an audible sigh, Gibbs went up to Vance's office. Ducky watched Gibbs suspiciously as he walked over to Tony's desk.

"So Anthony." Ducky looked at him, and Tony stopped shuffling the papers on his desk to look at him.

"Good Morning, Ducky." Tony said in a plain tone and straight face.

"How's the arm?" Ducky asked.

"Better." Tony said nodding his head in agreement.

"So, what is at 8:00 tonight?" Ducky asked with a grin.

"Date." Tony answered. "This girl I met on a run wants to see my home theater system.

McGee looked over at him confused. "Hey, I thought you were picking a date up at 5:00 tonight to go bowling.

"I am." Tony said casually, as he looked back down at his desk.

"Same date?" McGee asked as he squinted at Ducky and then back at Tony.

"No." Tony answered carefully. He was then interrupted by his phone ringing. Ducky stepped over to McGee's desk.

"How are you Timothy?" Ducky asked, but they were both eavesdropping on Tony's phone conversation.

"Tomorrow, sure, I'll pick you up tomorrow. What movie do you want to see?" Tony flirted with another date on the phone.

"What is going on around here?" Ducky asked looking up at nothing and thinking that Gibbs was definitely onto something.

"Is he talking to another date?" McGee mumbled and shook his head.