I know, I know, it's about time I take a break from my Wicked fics and give some attention to CM. This has actually been in the works for awhile. Enjoy.

"So it was…a joke," Spencer asked JJ.

She shrugged. "Pretty much."

He stared at her incredulous. "I'm not finding it very funny."

"But you have to look at it from our end."

"...I guess. No, I still don't see it."

Yeah, it was all good for a laugh but what if he sues? JJ hadn't thought of this. Neither had the others apparently.

He certainly had the grounds to sue. There were property damages and not to mention the emotional stress it would have caused. She sighed and hoped for the best.

Had he been anyone else, Spencer probably would have gone slamming back into his apartment. But as it was he placated his anger by tossing his keys unceremoniously in a random corner.

He collapsed on the couch as the accusing silence of the place embraced him. It had a way of suffocating his emotions.

Though he would never admit it to them, the event had given him a bit of a thrill. That someone had given him notice. He never considered himself particularly attention-seeking but the last two days had changed his perspective a little. Maybe he liked being noticed? Although maybe not in that way.

He tried to sleep.

A great while later a strange noise caught his attention. He was so exhausted, both physically and mentally, that he didnt quite wake up completly. He lifted his head and gazed blearily at a figure clad and masked in black looming over him. His sleep-deprived mind momentarily dismissed this as inconsquential.

He abruptly came fully to his senses and began to jump up. But he had given them the oppurtunity they needed. They slapped something over his face and held it there.

There was a strange sharp odor, something he wasn't familiar with. Before he could make sense of it though, he lost conciousness.

It was growing dark when Gideon went up the stairs to Spencer Reid's apartment. His team had been out of line, and he was especially surprised by Aaron Hotchner's participation in the prank. It wasn't exactly like him. Of course they were all overworked and this case was proving to be particularly tiresome. Maybe that was the reason for his behavior. Still, it was little excuse.

And Gideon wasn't sure if he liked that Derek Morgan.

Call him old-fashioned, and some in the bureau certainly did, but Jason Gideon believed firmly in the power of a heartfelt apology. He just hoped this kid would too.

He reached the top of the stairs and his intuition took over. Everything looked perfectly normal and there was no sign of a struggle or even that anything was even amiss. But he felt a deep sense of forboding. And as of yet he had never been wrong.

Spencer came slowly awake. Where was he and what had happened? It all returned in a flash. He groaned, more from frustration than discomfort, although his head was pounding. He chided himself for the way he had been thinking earlier. This certainly was not welcome attention. He did a quick appraisal of his surroundings.

This was some sort of storage container, like a...

Before he could finish that thought he heard the sound of a lock turning. Thinking fast, he feigned unconciousness.