Shinichi finished the case up relatively quickly, judging from the sheer amount of suspects that had relatively pathetic alibis. By two in the morning he was officially hoisting himself into his bed, a little reluctant, because he still had homework sprawled across his desk in no small amount, and he knew he had to finish it at some point before the next day. He wondered how he ever could have done this before.

His life prior to Conan Edogawa seemed foggy, as if misted and belonging to someone else entirely.

He'd be lying if he said he didn't miss being Conan sometimes. The boy had such useless, mundane problems—dealing with vapid school children, with the exception of Ai, and their non-potentially life threatening problems—and could sleep in as much as he want. He wasn't expected to solve cases, the pressure lifted entirely off of him, as well as the spotlight. Also, he and Ran spoke. Which was a major plus, because the girl had unexpectedly fallen off the face of the Earth. Or at least, that could have been the case, judging the amount of time he'd seen her (which was zero, discluding their last eventful encounter).

"I'm really sorry, Ran."

Her hurt, lavender eyes turned away, to where snowflakes dusted the ground in an empyrean glow. The wan, wintry spill of the moon lighting the stark shadows down her face from long lashes.

"Its—" The words lodged in her throat, he could tell, as it constricted and her eyes welled up and shined.

"I love you," He insisted, but it hardly seemed genuine to him. "Just, not in the way you want me to."

Her eyes closed. Her lithe hands gripped the umbrella. "I understand." She answered softly, miserably.

"You're the most important girl in my life." He quirked a grin at that.

"Thanks." Her feet shuffled soundlessly in the cold dust. "Anyway, my dad's expecting me at home…so…"

He nodded and shifted his weight. "I'll see you later, then."

"Yeah," She pivoted slowly with one foot, small boots making prints into the snow.

Apparently, she had expected him to propose.

Go figure.

He wondered where she had even gotten the idea—Sonoko, no doubt—because he had never given the thought a lingering chance in his brain. Ran was… Ran. She was funny, and sure, she was pretty, and she was an endearing sort of person and perhaps in a way his romantic interest, but they had never even really went out. They most likely would have, if he hadn't been Conan.

But there was no sense idling about what could have been.

Shinichi fell into a restless sleep by this point, hand fisted in his pillow and the length of his body a boneless heap meshed with blankets.

He didn't see the email light up on his phone.


The skies over Tei Tan High were a mulling of dark ashen clouds, a lugubrious tumult against the horizon.

Shinichi watched them with a small amount of indifference—even if it rained, or hailed, or whatever, Kaito KID's heist would lead on. Which meant that, regardless of whether Shinichi wanted to and how much his body protested against it, he was going to Sasaki building tonight, to foil the thief's plan to steal the Sasaki legendary diamond.

Today, instead of feigning ignorance and staring at the far wall, soft brown hair covering the entirety of her face, Ran broke her silence.

"Are you going to the heist?"

It wasn't surprising she knew of it. Her father was a detective (maybe not a good one) and it wasn't like KID was surreptitious about his heist warnings, or anything.

He blinked and shifted his hand away from his cheek, eyes drawn to the dark blue of her skirt, before trailing up to her impassive face.

"Yeah, I guess so." He tried to quell the rise of heat beneath his lashes.

Her lips turned down slightly. "But… you look like you're going to fall over."

"Who, me?" He pointed to himself, looking around as if she could possibly be talking to anyone else in the deserted classroom, as their fellow students had already left to the next class. The action itself made him reel in the vertigo of dizziness. "I'm fine!"

"Really." She deadpanned flatly.

He smiled. "Yeah!" He got up then, deciding that, in all honesty, he'd rather not talk to Ran at all if she was going to harp on him. "I'll see you there, then?"

She nodded slowly, that blank look shattering into a look of concern.

He walked out of the classroom with a strut and a wave, before immediately regretting the strenuous movement when his head spun. He gripped the wall for support against the dizzying sensation, as if the floor had dropped from beneath him and his head was pulled in the entire opposite direction. This was bad. He was getting sick. Shinichi smoothed the cool back of his hand under his bangs, feeling the lack of heat. No fever. No congestion, either. He obviously didn't have a virus.

His heart lurched in his chest as he made his way to the bathroom, intent on dunking his head into the rush of cold water.

He wondered if the dizziness had anything to do with the fact he hardly kept down any food these days.

Every morning found him leaning on cool porcelain, choking out whatever he had managed to wolf down last night. Luckily, lunch wasn't included in this sick cycle, which was probably the only reason why he wasn't dying in a hospital bed somewhere. Even now, his stomach churned at the very thought of food. But he knew he'd have to eat it—he wasn't stupid, for god's sake, if he ditched lunch he'd essentially kill himself.

It had been like this for a month or so now, and he'd been Shinichi Kudo only for two.

His first immediate, and most terrifying thought was that the antidote wasn't working. Maybe APTX was resurging—maybe it had never even left his system. Shinichi clearly remembered the week struggling to adjust to his new (old, technically) body, new muscles, new legs.

He thought wildly that he should tell Haibara, but immediately thought against it.

Shinichi could clearly remember their last conversation over the phone.

"T—There's blood!" His voice stricken with fear.

Ai, not particularly concerned. "Oh, where?"

"In—In the toilet."

"And how did it get there?"

"Cause… I took a piss in it."

A beat of silence. "Why are you so scared?"

"Am I dying?"

"No. You're peeing blood. There's a difference." Intense banging from the other room and a squark of surprise. "I'm busy right now. Don't call me unless it's serious."

Of course, Shinichi hadn't known at that very moment Ai had been carrying three times her weight in pans and was balancing herself on an end table, two chairs, and a particularly thick Mark Twain novel, reaching into the cupboard with one hand and steadying herself with her foot on the far wall, a boiling pot of water beneath her large enough to cook her.

But he had taken her words to heart, and as his stomach flipped again, he instead walked as straight as he could to the lunchroom, sat down, and proceeded to mechanically digest his food.

Sonoko watched him curiously. "Good lunch, huh?" Her brows creased. "Didn't know you liked tuna…"

"Its pretty good."


The rest of the day found his head on the desk, dozing off and trying to catch whatever rest he could before the big heist. They usually lasted well into the early morning, and he was aware that afterwards he'd have to start his homework, try for a couple hours of sleep, and get up the next morning frighteningly early for school.

Kaito KID…

Shinichi shook his head. He didn't have the time to think about the enigmatic thief. He needed sleep first.


At that same moment, Kuroba Kaito was yawning uncontrollably, kicking his feet onto his desk and leaning back, hands behind his head.

He had recently turned the teachers' hair a rioting shade of green, but he had yet to notice. Neither of the kids were saying anything either, probably too aware of his tricks by now, and he was beginning to wonder when the teacher would spy his reflection in the windows, or perhaps brush his hands in his hair.

He didn't do either.

Aoko wasn't impressed. "Do you ever pay attention?"

"Course." He answered with a cocky grin.

Truthfully, no. He never bothered with school. Too easy, maybe. Maybe he just didn't care enough to try. At any rate, his eyes bypassed Aoko's stubborn visage to where clouds gathered tempestuously on the horizon.

Weather was inconsequential.

The heist would go on.

It had to.

The full moon would rise, and the gem would be tested.

Even though Black Organization had formally disbanded, members either killed, imprisoned, or hidden, the Pandora Jewel remained elusive, beyond his grasp, inches away from his reaching fingers. He new that with every waning moon, he was one step closer. Perhaps not as large a step as he'd like, but it was one less gem. He'd been in Japan for quite a while now, being an internationally acclaimed thief usually meant spontaneous hopping of countries.

Kaito would be lying his vindictive ass off if he said that the reason had nothing to do with Shinichi Kudo.

First, it had been Conan Edogawa. The surprisingly enigmatic six-year old surpassed him when he was sure that he had reached perfection. He was foiled, repeatedly, and if not stopped entirely, then at least met with opposition. Although the boy had taken more into the lines of a watchful critique as time passed—making no effort to stop him, simply waiting and commenting. He'd think he was five steps ahead of the police, leaping on rooftops and blending into the scenery, breath uneven as he skidded to a halt at his final destination to watch his traps spring, when the boy's childish but hidden voice would reach him.

There were undertones to the young detective. Ocean met sky, blue to blue (infinity to infinity) and Conan would take great pleasure divesting his entire plot to its bear minimum, taunting as he saw fit.

Kaito was think skinned, and the masked thief took his "kind suggestions" with a listening ear and a thoughtful nod, before, typically, ending the night with a finale which almost always surprised the young boy.

Kaito mused that perhaps their relationship was based entirely off of silence.

The boy would wander up the stairs to his hiding spot, watching but rigid, sirens blaring in the distance, spotlights flickering above them like dying stars and revolting against the dim, full, moon.

Conan and his watchful blue eyes became Kaito KID's sole companion.

But then he was lost.

Heists rolled around.

The Phantom Thief kept a keen eye out for the mussed hair and short stature.

But the night was cold and soundless, lingering voices in the distance.

Eventually, he gave up on his young Tantei-kun, and his venues turned overseas. While boarding a plane every full moon was not only time consuming but also suspicious, there were more hidden jewels then Japan could offer. His father had exhausted most of them, true, but he had overlooked a handful or so.

His searching had once again steered him to the small island country, however, with tales of the elusive Mahou Gem, a jewel which was said to change color under the full moon.

Kaito KID sent out his invitations, not for the Black Organization, but in slight hope that one day, Tantei-kun would see it, and he would come.

He didn't.

But Shinichi Kudo did.

"Kaito," Aoko drawled in a playful voice, head careened so that her eyes could meet his perfectly, hands behind her back. "School is over! What on Earth are you thinking about so deeply?"

He shook his head with a smile. "Nothing much. I guess I was just day dreaming."

"Hmm." She frowned thoughtfully, before brightening. "So, want to study after school? There's a new smoothie place that opened down from where Tou-chan works, a lot of kids go to hang out around there." She paused, when she noticed his withdrawn face. "They have good ice cream!"

The thought of ice cream was tempting, however, he had a heist to plan for, which was far more important.

"Can't." Kaito shook his head, immediately fishing for an excuse. "Saguru-kun and I are… studying."

"Together?" Her brows creased. Their animosity was infamous.

Kaito nodded sheepishly. "Yeah… he's the best mathematician in the school, so I figured he could rub off on me some…"

"Well, okay." She canted her hip slightly, hands behind her back, chin tilted in skepticism. "Don't kill yourselves."

"We won't!" He cheered to her retreating back, before immediately whipping out his phone to contact the foreign detective. The last thing he needed was for Hakuba to crush his alibi.

"Yo, detective-chan!" He greeted happily, his only response undecipherable mumbling.

"What do you want?" The blonde eventually answered.

He grinned cheekily, making his way out of the school. "We're studying tonight, okay?"

"We are?" The detective echoed forlornly.

"No. But if Aoko asks, we are."

"And why should I lie for you, again?"

"Cause," He drawled. "I got stuff to do. And you owe me anyways."

"But I—

"Thanks! Love you!" He called aloud, and several students turned their heads at the uproar. Hakuba squawked in surprise, and Kaito could hear his choked out words before he shut the phone.

Sure, he and Hakuba didn't get along, but they had a certain understanding that stemmed from the fact Saguru was aware he was Kaito KID. Of course, Kaito never confirmed his suspicions, but allowed him to believe so anyway. Saguru, for all his talk, wouldn't tell anyone, not when one of his close friends turned out to be the man he was looking for.


Shinichi wanted to die.

Not literally, but at least long enough to cast away his fate.

Ran, for some unintelligible reason that his highly powered sleep deprived brain couldn't fathom, had come to some sort of conclusion about him.

She was dragging him out with Sonoko for dessert at some new café called pinkberry—an outrageously girly salon of cupcakes and desirably cute edible delights. His severe headache had worsened, and his stomach seemed to pump acid into his throat at the very thought of anything on the menu.

"I'm not hungry, honest." He protested weakly to Ran, who waved him off entirely.

"Get him a mango smoothie or something, Sonoko-chan." She said instead of listening to his pleads, ushering him to one of the luxurious plush pink sofas.

The tables were checkered pink and green with pictures of various fruits. There's happened to be an orange slice. He glowered at it considerably, cursing his life and anything else he could think of.

"Shinichi—?" Ran blinked curiously at him. "Have you been listening?"

"Huh? Yeah." He nodded absently. "That test in Sociology."

He was a god damn detective. As if he needed that class.

Sonoko came to them eventually, bringing along a girl with messy hair who reminded him remarkably of Ran. Ran seemed to notice it too, as she stared dazedly at her near look alike with surprise. Sonoko introduced her as Aoko, a friend of hers from Edoka High. The girl was charming, a bit boyish, but Shinichi found her rather entertaining and altogether helpful, as she chided the two girls for bugging him so much, and turned their attentions toward her.

Not that the detective cared remotely for mundane things like girl-smoothie-dates. It didn't escape him that he was the only boy in this escapade (he usually was though, so the thought wasn't too bothersome) and he desperately wanted to get back to his house and catch an hour or two of sleep before the heist.

The broadcasted premeditated crime was a once a month—and, sometimes more (Shinichi was pretty sure he knew the reason why)—event which, with the immediate thought of, made Shinichi blush considerably.

He stood at the thought, deciding that his sleep was more important then humoring Ran.

"Shinichi-kun?" The girl began worriedly when he stood abruptly, effectively halting their conversation.

"I completely forgot I told my mother I'd do some errands for the house today!" He rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "I'm afraid I'll have to take my leave now."

Ran looked vaguely disappointed, but she hid it with a smile. "S'okay. Have fun?"

Shinichi rolled his eyes. "Unlikely."

He ended up getting zero sleep, but a lot of headache.

The Junior Detective squad had found him. They'd been using him as a pseudo replacement for Conan for some time now (he wondered if it had anything to do with a subconscious connection they made between he and his younger counterpart) and managed to tail him from the café halfway to his house before he realized they were there. They weren't very sneaky, and he clutched a hand to his head in surprise when it dawned on him just how out of it he was.

Sleep alluded him, however, as he spent the majority of his leftover hours trying to shake off the irritating kids. Usually he found them entertaining, but at the moment, he was too tired to care.

In the end, he got no sleep, and ended up dozing on the rooftop where he knew KID would stop at.

And as usual, Shinichi was right, the thief dropped from the sky to land gracefully and soundlessly onto the building top, Pulling out the gem from one of his hidden pockets to examine it against the full moon. He didn't even notice the detective stirring awake near the door, washed in shadows. He was too busy watching the glinting reflection carefully.

The Maiden's Crown did change color in the light.

Just not the one he wanted.

The clear surface was usually so translucent it was like looking through a window, even though the gem was almost four fingers in diameter. However, in the full moon it turned an opaque milky sheen, glittering like an opal.

He held it there for some moments, between his thumb and forefinger, staring sightlessly into the open sky.

"You're disappointed."

Kaito turned slowly, not in any hurry, as he was already well aware of the owner to the soft voice.

Kudo Shinichi leaned against the wall—hands in his pockets and looking for all the world like he could care less about the thief occupying the same roof as him. Kaito took the opportunity to give him the once over; Shinichi had this really fortunate talent of always looking like he'd just gotten out of bed after a night of raunchy sex. It made Kaito want to be the one that made him look like that in the first place. He smiled with anticipation at that—his wish might not be all that far off. He may have let his libido get ahead of him though, because when he looked at Shinichi, truly looked, there was something not quite right with his usual unintentional sex-kitten look.

He… looked like he probably should have skipped the raunchy sex and stayed in bed. Possibly forever.

Kaito was immediately worried—it was kind of cold in this season, the biting wind lapping at the detective's tousled hair.

What worried him the most though, was the dazed and tired eyes; the glassy, unfocused look where normally Kaito expected a sharp, keen gaze, burning blue and looking into all he had to hide . His expression was drawn out and weary, but a perfect mask slid over his face when he noticed the thief's attention on him.

He pulled the gem down from where he had held it between his fingers, examining the pearl-white sheen that glimmered in the full moon one last time before he tucked it into his pocket.

Kaito shrugged. "Not really. It just means that there's one less jewel I'll have to steal."

"What's the point in stealing them?" And, with an intense, burning gaze, the detective hazarded, "What are you after?"

The thief tipped his hat forward, a smirk on his lips. "Immortality."

Shinichi scoffed.


But Kaito only tilted his head. He was warping the truth, in a way. He was after immortality, not for himself, not for anyone, he was after the elusive truth—to destroy it. He was hardly going to tell the detective of his search of the Pandora Jewel, however.

It was strange, the secrets they kept from each other.

Such impertinent information, a colossal truth. Their real identities, their lives away from hidden rooftops and seeping moonlight. Their goals. None of that seemed to matter up here—in their own diminutive little universe, far removed from life as they knew it.

Kaito treaded the distance between he and the detective.

Even in the dim light, he could see the flickering expressions—hesitation?—in the boy's face. He tilted the chin up, so he could get a better look at the wide eyes. Shinichi's mouth was set in a firm line, unwavering. His shoulders were stiff, however. From what? Fear?


They had played this game for far too long for the detective to be wary.

He took his time prying open soft lips, pinning the shorter boy to the wall, elbow resting on the stone, the other feeling the ridges of his ribcage. So thin… had he been eating? What concern of it was his, if he wasn't? Kaito pointed out to himself. The detective closed his eyes, wrapping arms around the thief's neck, white fabric soft under his tracing fingertips.

"Here?" He asked breathlessly as they pulled away, resting the back of his head against the wall so his blurry vision could set upon the shadowed face.

Funny, how long had this been going on?

And never once, had Shinichi seen the other boy's face?

KID chuckled darkly where he mouthed heated kisses along the column of his neck. "Do you have any where else in mind?"

"No." Shinichi grumped, casting a dubious look at the floor of the rooftop. Well, he supposed, they'd certainly done it on worse.


It had stared when he was still Conan. The thief had become something of an amicable menace; someone which the child detective found an increasing amusement and interest.

Perhaps it was that smirk of his, tilted behind his hat, or the lean torso which moved effortlessly in cloaked darkness that attracted his eye. Maybe it was the sharp mind that attracted the detective to him, his plans, his enigmatic mysteries which the detective wanted to solve. The ambiguous truth to the cloaked man, the cryptic answer perplexing the boy, an mystery he didn't want to solve. Realistically, it was a combination of both.

It was unlike anything he'd ever felt before.

He had no intentions of fully divulging the obscure man—boy, he was fairly sure, from the lean build and youthful voice—of his secrets, in fact, he found the fact he knew almost nothing of the secretive thief sort of… arousing, in a way.

Of course, as Conan, there was nothing he could do but build a solid relationship built on bemusement and banter.

The boy had found a sort of companion in the thief; a relationship which couldn't fully bloom in the body he was currently in. KID had a way of always being affectionate, ruffling the boy's hair, a soft, misplaced smile when he thought the detective wasn't looking. Shinichi figured that the mastermind felt it too, but simply had no intentions of acting on it.

When Ai made the cure, an untested beta which proved astounding results, Shinichi took his first chance and Conan became the high school detective once again.


Kaito pulled the collar away from the stretched tendons of the detective's neck, nipping and marking as he saw fit, and altogether ignoring Shinichi's hilarious expression.

He had quite a few ways to wipe that look off his face in his arsenal, and he wasn't above using it.

He didn't stop, relentlessly marking the younger boy with his tongue, hands pulling the flimsy shirt up until the smooth midriff was exposed to the cold air. The detective moved against the steady body that had him pressed full against the cold wall, gripping the suit as a knee wedged between his legs.

Shinichi closed his eyes, allowing himself to get lost in the thief's capable hands. He startled back into reality though, when he heard the distant sounds of voices.

"Hey," He whispered. KID didn't make any indication that he had heard him, taking his time to suck what was going to be an outrageous hickey at the base of his collarbone. "KID."


"Do you hear that?" He listened closer; the slight pitter-patter of footsteps in the distance were quite but clearly audible. Were they getting closer? It was possible. Or they could just be following the merry goose chase KID had left for them.

He was, truthfully, starting to get concerned when the thief didn't stop, eyes darting to the smudges of buildings, bright lights like splotches of watercolor. He could hear the police… somewhere… but they seemed far off. He supposed that KID knew what he was doing, and wouldn't unnecessarily endanger both of them to the police, or, god forbid, the media.

The younger boy's breath hitched in his throat as hands found the bared skin of his stomach, warm fingers against the cold skin—"Nnn…Kaito—don't…"—damn, was his stomach always so sensitive? He pushed a bit against the stronger arms, wriggling on the wall, but to no avail.

His stomach was cold, but the searing heat from the thief's fingertips made him arch his back and exhale audibly.

"Hmmm?" The thief murmured against the skin of his neck, kissing trails from the taught lines of his neck to the mobile shoulder, stretching out the collar of his t-shirt with his unyielding kisses.

"Are you sure you want me to stop?"

Shinichi bit back a retort to the rhetorical question, and it hardly mattered anyway, because a moment later two full hands pressed against his stomach and his brain melted slowly.

Eventually, with a vindictive smirk, Kaito noticed the flush of incarnadine beneath lowered lashes, those blue eyes lidded and that perfect mouth opened for short gasps of breath to crystallize in the cold air. "Well?" He deliberately paused, whispering into the detective's ear. "Is that a yes or no?"

"W—What?" Meanwhile, Shinichi had completely forgotten about whatever reservations he'd had in the face of all that pleasure. It was sort of obnoxious, how KID always managed to barrel through his apprehension and make the whole affair into something so pleasurable Shinichi forgot what he was worried about.

Shinichi was about to pull away (he wasn't quite sure, where, exactly, he'd pull away to, but it was his intention nonetheless) when KID rubbed his thumbs against the skin of his taut stomach, and he immediately responded, much to his chagrin.

It tore a breathless gasp out of him, and once again derailed all his thoughts. Jesus, the thief wasn't even touching him, and he was already this hard and so incredibly turned on. His stomach had never been particularly sensitive—not like his ears, or his neck, or the inside of his thighs (or a lot places, really)—and from the victorious laugh he'd gotten out of the thief, he had a sinking suspicion that KID was going to exploit this new weakness.

The thief grinned at him, and Shinichi reacted with tumbled out words to stop him, but the criminal had already dropped to suck at his stomach, and his words ended up being unintelligible mewling.

Kaito was enjoying himself, ruthlessly licking at the sensitive skin as Shinichi tried in vain to wrestle free from his uncompromising grip.

"I haven't even touched you yet." He noted, looking up at him with a sparkle in his eyes. He thumbed the button of Shinichi's jeans. "But you're responding so lovely for me…"

"Shut up." He scowled, going for commanding and missing by a mile, flushed in the face and completely out of breath. He never reacted to anyone like this—no one got to him the way the thief did, and that was half the reason he let the thief do this to him in the first place. It was always too much and not enough all at once; it always made him come back for more.

Kaito paused, something in the detective's tone halting him. He turned his gaze back up to Shinichi, scrutinizing him closely. Sure, he was clearly aroused and clearly into it, but he seemed… off. His game wasn't where it usually was—he wasn't bitchily commanding Kaito to get on with it, and hurry the fuck up and make it good—

"You're sick." A statement, not a question.

Shinichi stiffened.

"No—it's just—

"What's the point in lying to me, meitantei-kun?" He sighed insufferably, getting back to his feet, and, swiftly, before the detective could bat him away, he laid a hand on his forehead. Burning up.

When the detective said nothing, only biting his lip and looking away, the thief pulled him back a bit to study the dulled eyes that struggled to focus on anything. He frowned. Definitely sick. Why'd the detective come out to meet him, when he obviously should be resting? Maybe he thought it justice. Maybe he wanted to catch him. Or maybe, and Kaito felt a pleasant tinge at the thought, maybe the detective had wanted to see him—wanted this.

And Kaito wanted it too.

But more importantly, he wanted the detective healthy.

"Come on." The thief held out his hand, and watched the inner turmoil reflected in his eyes as Shinichi debated taking his hand.

Footsteps were clear from the open door to the skyscraper's roof, and at this point Shinichi hardly had a choice (even if he did, he'd have chosen the same) and he grasped the outstretched hand, only to be pulled flush against the thief and covered in his cape.

"Kaito KID!" Yelled one of the officers. "Hands in the air! You're under arrest!"

As usual, the international thief only waved them off, disappearing into smoke.

Shinichi hardly felt them moving, but he smiled slightly when he realized that they had successfully landed onto the balcony of a hotel five buildings down from the one he had met the thief at, which was ten blocks away from the scene of the crime. It was far away to overlook, close enough to be of use.

He opened his eyes, a bit dazed, he admitted privately to himself, to find the hotel room's lights were off, and the room pitched in darkness.

Kaito seemed to have no problem maneuvering around objects, hand holding his as he directed him through the obstacles.

They found what they were looking for, and the two toppled into the shallow ocean of silk.

Shinichi had fully expected the waistline of his jeans to be pulled down unabatedly, an implacable mouth against his, and nimble fingers exploring and worshipping every inch of his body; he'd expected to be sprawled out luxuriously on the sheets—which were a welcomed change from the cold grain of building tops—and mouth open and breathing ragged. KID incessant and unforgiving, pressing fingers to his waiting mouth as he pulled his own pants down, and pushing Shinichi's shirt over his head, hands tied above him in the sleeves, spread lush and embarrassingly for the thief's wandering eyes. KID definitely had a thing for tying him up. Maybe one of these days he'd actually get around to bringing a pair of handcuffs.

The hat would be discarded somewhere, along with the jacket and whatever else the magician kept hidden. The darkness would hide his face, but not his euphonious voice, whispering darkly in his ear all the naughty things which arched Shinichi's spine and made him writhe in flushed humiliation as wet fingers pressed into him and the thief took his time to admire the pink cheeks and expanse of skin exposed for him, before eventually taking what he wanted.

However, the only thing he could remember were the unrelenting soft kisses and soothing hands that ran down his side, the thief murmuring things he couldn't understand and the sleepy mumbles of his own.

"I think I'm scared." He'd confessed into the almost silence, the only true noise the rustling of sheets. The announcement surprised even him.

"Of what?" Came the whispered rebuke, hot breath on his nose.

"I don't… " I don't want to die. I don't want to change back. I don't want to leave. I don't want this to end. (I don't want you to leave me) "Mmmm…." It all came out as, while he drifted further away from the boy beside him, who's eyes were lit with concern and mouth pressed into a thin line, rubbing the detective encouragingly into sleep.

Kaito smiled involuntarily at the sight.

Shinichi was just too cute.

Kaito watched the boy curl up into the swathed sheets, the comforter larger than he was, hair a mess and blue eyes closed in dreamless sleep.

Of course, what Kaito really wanted to do at this point was a little different than rubbing the boy's hair soothingly, mumbling incoherent words to softly lull him to sleep. But he resisted himself. The detective—his detective was sick. No matter if he tried to hide it, the answer was as plain as day.

This worried him.

He must have been suffering pretty badly for the tired look in his eyes to reach Kaito's attention. The boy was terribly good at keeping himself blocked off, even when Kaito had him opened up beneath him.

The moonlight flickered above them, milky way swirling like sprinkled dust in the sky. The room was blanketed in darkness, but Kaito could see clearly. The mastermind stopped his mindless petting and pulled himself off of the bed, Shinichi making small noises at the loss, making the thief chuckle. So fucking cute.

Shinichi was always cute, even when he vehemently denied it.

Typically it was the kind of cute which made Kaito bend him over whatever debatably sanitary surface he could find, and make that little mouth panting for more.

Now, it was just a soft, almost affectionate look he held for the detective—

Which scared him.

He wasn't supposed to get attached to him.


Shinichi Kudo woke up, sleepily rubbing his eyes, one hand tangled in the sleeves that were a tad too big for him. He pushed himself higher on the towering pillows, bathed in soft white comforters, rubbing his eye as the material of his shirt slid down his thin arm to bunch at his shoulders. Maybe his friends were on to something; he really hadn't thought he'd gotten so skinny. Probably at some point between when he was stuck as a child and when he started throwing up everything he tried to eat. Yeah, no the healthiest of lifestyles.

Sunlight was pouring in from the window to the left of the bed, where the curtains were drawn open to reveal the balcony backdropped by a stunning sunrise.

He bolted upright when he realized where he was.

A grand room, with majestic looking works of artistic metal and creamy white walls, wearing a button down he surely didn't arrive in.

The headache was gone, as was the faded dizziness.

His first reaction was to lift the covers up furiously, the material tangled in his hands to reveal his jeans pulled mid-thigh, but his plaid boxers still resting on his hips. He slumped back onto the pillows. They hadn't done anything.

Which was a relief as it was mildly concerning Relief, because now he wasn't sore the next morning and struggling to sit down in the aftermath of a ruthless cock plowing into him. Concerning, because these rendezvous balanced his teenage libido coupled with the fact that his hormones were pretty much rocketing everywhere, and KID always seemed up to the task of relieving him, and that he didn't was… strange. Unusual.

A check to the alarm clock on the bedside table revealed the time to be the late afternoon. He'd missed school. But the rest had certainly cured him of whatever ailed him…

…or so he thought.

His stomach churned angrily, and he immediately dropped out of the mess of sheets to dry heave into the toilet (he hadn't ate anything since lunch, so predictably, there was nothing in his stomach to throw up) His stomach stopped rioting against him in the long run, and he stood up to see his reflection in the mirror. Even though he spent the last twenty minutes kneeling over his new best friend made of porcelain, he looked relatively refreshed, and the brightness of his eyes were glowing back at him in the mirror. The bathroom was a perfection of marble, white ceramic and flowery soap, and he took the ample opportunity to clean himself up from all the dirt from last night.

Shinichi blinked slowly, surprise on his face.

They mostly went horizontal on whatever surface they could—and, while in the middle of a heist, that was usually

a) the rooftop, which, while presenting a ceiling of fading stars and the benign presence of the moon, rubbed his back raw with their movements and in this season was frighteningly cold

b) various rooms in KID's escape building, mostly offices, that gave the two a chance to try out the more acrobatic positions and, if they were in a hurry, he would simply be bent over the desk. While warm with a nice view of the city, waking up and explaining himself to surprised office workers usually took a lot of effort.

c ) wherever they felt like. And with KID, that was almost always the very room in which he had stolen his priceless artifact. While kind of kinky, being fucked into the wall took a lot of stamina and they usually ended up defiling some priceless art.

Needless to say, this was a welcomed change.

The suite was composed of a king sized bed, an inviting sea of warm blankets, windows which stretched across the whole far wall, floor to ceiling, revealing the balcony which KID must have landed onto last nigh, a nice flat screen, and a modern looking glass table made of twisting steel.

He walked over to the table when a glimmering light caught his eye.

It was the Maiden's Crown.

I didn't want to wake you, you look too cute sleeping.

He flushed at that.

You really shouldn't overwork yourself so much, Meitantei-kun. While the things you want me to do to you in your dreams are kind of kinky, I'd rather do them in real life, you know? You're very vocal in your sleep!

(At the bottom, he inserted a one-eyed smiley face, the other eye a circle which seemed to represented the monocle, instead of the typical heart and comical interpretation of himself)

Shinichi slammed the paper down and turned red. He wondered if he actually talked in his sleep or KID was just messing with his head. He supposed he'd never really know (nor did he want to)


Kaito yawned in his fourth period class, sandwiched between Saguru and Aoko, looking and feeling the strains of last night.

A successful heist. The jewel had been taken, tested, and put back.

The detective had come, but Kaito found him weary and near asleep on his feet, and figured that he should at least give the detective some much needed rest—no one else seemed to want to do so.

Even if it cut into their already short time together under the moonlight, there was something stirring in the young thief at the very thought of Shinichi ill. If he could, he'd whisk the boy away to some hidden retreat until the tired edges of his eyes faded back into the sharp gaze that he remembered on the first day he met him.

"You figured out my message then, Tantei-kun?" He drawled playfully, hands leaning on the railing, eyes set on the bright lights and sirens coming from three blocks away.

A figure stepped out of the shadows. He expected a short boy with a bowtie and glasses—the face he'd come to, dare he say, love?—and that sly smirk that meant the little minx had figured out his entire plan already.

Instead, a boy his age walked out of the shadows, hands in his pockets, mouth in that cynical smile, eyes glowing in the night like the jewel in his pocket—breathtaking. He turned around immediately to get a better look.

Familiar, somehow…

"And so this is where you'll escape from…" The detective's eyes lit up with challenge, walking closer.

They were around the same height. He had a couple inches on the smaller boy. There was an elegance that immediately drew him to the detective, a grace and a mind which reminded him of another detective, much smaller in stature.

"I don't think we've met before… "He trailed off pointedly, politely.

The other boy tilted his head. "Kudo, Shinichi."

He took a limp hand from its place in one of the jean pockets, to graze it against his lips. He chanced a quick glance to the boy's face, where he spied the flush of color just beneath long lashes, blossoming eagerly like poinsettia. Shinichi hadn't realized how much the chaste, brushing lips would effect him.

But the kiss was virgin, with no foul play. "Kaito KID." He murmured against the silky hand, letting it drop to gaze amusedly at the detective's embarrassed face.

He was almost giddy with the knowledge he'd already found the great detective's weakness.

Of course he'd heard of Beika's renowned teenage detective Shinichi Kudo. The boy was almost a legend around these parts, reaching international acclaim for his sharp wit and calm, collected visage. Kaito was sure that, if he hadn't just found the detective's weakness, he'd have been faced with that same cool façade as every other criminal.

(What the international thief didn't know, however, was that Shinichi was well aware of his weakness as well)

((and had wanted him to find it))

He scheduled a next heist the following week. Even though it wouldn't be the full moon, he wanted to lure the detective out once more. He sent out the wild invitations, this time for the detective, not for the Organization.

And when they met again under the stars, he had thought he'd be the one to make the first move.

But instead, the usually composed detective dawned an almost coy look, a shy smile on his face as leaned upwards so his lips could touch his.

And well, it only got better from there.

Aoko noticed the dreamy, lovesick look on Kaito's face with confusion. "Kaito-kun?" She called allowed, waving a hand to his face. "What are you thinking about?"

"Err—!" The young magician's face flushed, and a quirky smile lit up Aoko's face.

"He's thinking of his love." Akako answered from the row in front of them, the witch's plum colored hair reaching Kaito's desk as she leaned back to pivot her chair on two legs.

"What?!" Kaito near stood up at the accusation. "Of course not!"

Akako only smirked at him over her shoulder—goddamn her psychic abilities—while Aoko watched him curiously.

"Kaito-kun…." She murmured, blinking.

Kaito didn't want to know what was going through her head.

Her look suddenly turned scathing, however. "You didn't go to pinkberry with me yesterday because you said you were studying!" She yelled at him, while pointing to Saguru. "But Hakuba-kun was having dinner with Akako-chan!"

Kaito paled, and immediately looked to Hakuba, who wore a sheepish smile. "Traitor." He hissed under his breath, before turning to Aoko with his hands raised in universal surrender.

"Err—its not what you think!"

"He was watching the Kaito KID heist." Akako confirmed with a wink. "Right, Kaito-kun?"

The magician nodded immediately. "Right! Sorry, Aoko-chan…" He put on his best face. "But I really want to catch this guy. He's so cool, but no one's a better magician then me!"

Aoko harrumphed, but she seemed to understand. "I still don't really understand why you're so bent on catching him." She sighed. "My father and the police are already working on it. They'll catch him soon!"

Kaito wanted to point out that they sure were doing a good job of it, but didn't.