Wow. Finally over, huh? Christ could this have possibly taken any longer? Well anyway, last chapter plus epilogue. No M rated scenes. How upsetting, I know. There are a LOT of skips around though, fyi.

Miracle or no, it still hurt like a bitch to stand around all night, and the Thursday morning found Shinichi utterly exhausted and clambering into bed.

He had moved most of his stuff out of the dark, dreary place of his memories, and into the new apartment. He supposed he could see the change of scenery as some sort of change within himself, a step forward from his standstill that he had come to ever since he found himself as Kudo Shinichi, a boy he hardly remembered. Again, he found himself missing Conan, his useless problems, his mundane life in hiding.

His hands moved to his stomach unconsciously.

Kaito knew.

He wasn't upset, or disgusted, or any of the other plausible array of emotions that Shinichi had given viable possibility to. He was, dare he say, pleased, even? Accepting?

It hardly mattered.

The detective was more concerned with his sleep.

He skipped school that day.

Kaito wished he could have, too.

But no, he had a payment to fulfill. After hastily scrawling a "Kaito woke up sick today, please excuse his absence as he is now feeling better…" note and handing it to attendance, not missing the unimpressed look of the attendance assistant he made his way into his classroom, only to be bombarded by angry students at his prank from days prior. He met Akako's triumphant smirk, and smiled lopsidedly. He really did owe the girl a hell of a lot.

"You knew this whole time?" To say Kaito was surprised would be an understatement.

Akako shrugged. "Something like that, yeah." Her coy face turned almost… venerable? "So, everything worked out then, I take it?"

Kaito nodded happily. "Something like that, yeah."

"Were you surprised?" She tilted her head, hair sliding down her swan neck to fall over her shoulder. She really was gorgeous, in a way that didn't effect Kaito whatsoever. "At what he had to tell you?"

Kaito flushed.

"Hell yeah."

He was kind of… excited about it, too. Sure, the odds were kind of stacked against them. They were both eighteen, both famous (or in his case, infamous) and still going to school. It would be terribly stressful and he still didn't know what to tell his mother. But, it wasn't like Shinichi wasn't rich, so money would hardly be an issue. Of course, the fact that they would be struggling through this entirely presented a challenge. But hey, he liked challenges.

Akako giggled.

"It's hard to explain." Kaito scratched his nose, a slight smile on his face. "Can I be scared, and happy at the same time?"

"It's a plausible combination, yes."

"Because that's all I can think of to describe myself." His hands went behind his head, and he leaned back in his chair. "I'm sure everything will work out in the end."

Akako only had a knowing smile.

And it almost immediately turned vindictive. "So, about your payment…"

The following afternoon found Kaito on his knees, Akako making all sorts of sounds of pleasure, as the thief used his hands for good work. Her feet wriggled in his grasp and he had to continue to tell her to cut it out, because god dammit if he had to give her a foot massage she could at least make it easier on him. The witch, however, seemed to be taking intense pleasure with having Kaito at her mercy. And Kaito, inwardly, supposed there were an array of worse punishments that Akako could have given him, like, say, offering up his firstborn child to the devil cult or something messed up like that.

Kaito supposed Akako wasn't really all that bad. If he had to choose anyone to know his secret, aside from the people who already did like Shinichi and Jii-chan, he'd have definitely chosen her. Mainly because, while she was evil on so many levels and loved to torture him, she also had his best interests at heart. As much as he grudgingly didn't want to admit it, he owed her big time for this one. If she hadn't have told him to go to the park, he would have never found about Shinichi's connection to Conan, and had the grand epiphany that hey, he really didn't want this relationship the way it was.

So he came up with all whole plan to get Shinichi to agree to an actual relationship.

And got a little more then he bargained for.

But that was okay.

He tiptoed quietly into the apartment, closing the window effortlessly and soundlessly behind him. The wood creaked underneath his toes.

Kaito looked around the rather spacious place.

He supposed it looked so large because, well, there was nothing in it. It was just… space. Shinichi had gotten around to moving most of his belongings in, but furniture wise, he only had the bare minimums. A white couch—heh, who's idea was that? He had no idea how Shinichi would manage to keep it so clean—and a glass coffee table lined with dark wood. A shaggy rug that looked like a big dog. Who decorated his house, anyway? Ran? Because he doubted Shinichi could have made it look so stylish. He took a moment to admire the flatscreen hoisted onto the opposite wall from the couch. Proof that this was the residence of a man (which you couldn't have been able to tell from all the posh furniture)

He walked out of the living room and turned before he wandered straight into the kitchen.

The thief made sure to be as soundless as possible, tiptoeing over to the opened door.

Shinichi was sleeping soundly into the fading afternoon, mouth open in soundless breathing and blankets sprawled haphazardly around him.

How cute!

(If the detective was awake to see Kaito's giggling face, he'd probably have punched it)

Kaito took a moment to admire the scene for a moment or so longer, wiggling his way into the bed.

Shinichi startled at the sudden weight. "What the hell—…" He paused, looking down at the serenity in Kaito's face as he held him by the hips, ear pressed against his stomach, as if listening to something that only he was privy to.

The thief looked up, this curious look to his face. "Sorry." He shook his head, rubbing his hair and grinning sheepishly. "I just… can't get over it…"

Shinichi's eyes softened, and he braced himself on his elbows. "Yeah." He knew how that felt. "Neither can I."

Kaito shifted upwards, smiling. "Surprised to see me?" He sat up then, and kissed the sleepy boy soundly. Said boy made no protest to the movement.

When they pulled away, Shinichi smiled. "It's not everyday some moron attacks me." And then, as the thief pouted, he wondered aloud, "How did you get in, anyway?"

"You doubt my thievery skills?"

"Quite the opposite." Shinichi shook his head. "I just thought I locked all the windows…"

"You did." Kaito agreed. That didn't stop him.

"With bolts."

"Wha—" The thief frowned as the detective started to chuckle. "That's not funny."

Shinichi took the opportunity to yawn, and was completely unaware that he was currently fulfilling one of Kaito's dreams. Waking up with the detective—or in this case, being there when the detective woke up—and hearing that sleepy, dream-slicked voice and cute little yawn. Heh. Kaito could die happy now, he'd seen the usually stone-faced detective looking quite the opposite of his newspaper pictures.

Kaito wondered if he should say something, perhaps put what he was feeling into words.

He decided not to.

Instead, he took his time to slowly rock into the detective, pulling back onto the bed and trapping the other boy underneath him. Not that the detective really minded being there. The kiss was slow and as sleepy as the detective felt, lulling but equally pleasing.

He pulled away eventually, hands rubbing the detective's sides with a slow tenderness.

"What time is it?" The detective asked eventually, almost asleep again with Kaito's careful ministrations.

The thief didn't answer for a moment, too interested in stealing his sanity, mouth nipping at his ear and tracing the shell of it with his tongue, a movement which had the shorter of the two mewling incomprehensibly in bliss.

"Kaito—" He moved around in the other boy's arms, pulling away until that devilish mouth couldn't do more damage to his brain. "Mmmm. Stop that! I've got to get up."

"Really," The thief mumbled between kisses. "How about we stay here for longer?"

Shinichi got up to crawl out of bed, Kaito sitting himself, and, smirking, wrestling the boy back into his lap before he could get very far. He squirmed, but the effort was futile as Kaito had found his ear lobe again and had taken it by his teeth.

"I can't." He insisted clearly. There was a room down the hall that was vaguely empty. "I have to go shopping."

"Shopping?" Kaito echoed incredulously, but released him.

Shinichi gave him a flat look. "No… I supply myself with food by enslaving aliens to work in my basement."

"Hey!" Kaito scoffed. "You never know with you. Maybe you have like… crazy maids who do it for you."

Kaito was getting summarily used to that deadpan look on Shinichi's face.

The detective rolled over the bed at that, landing on his feet and wondering if he still had a pair of jeans that didn't have rips in them. He found none, and begrudgingly pulled the hem of his sweatpants down his waste—unaware of the audience that had now begun to drool lopsidedly on his bed. Or maybe he was, because, as he was turned away from the thief on his bed, he was smirking as he pulled his jeans up. He grabbed a NC hoodie and pulled a flannel over it, before turning to Kaito.

"Are you just gonna sit there and drool, or are you coming?"

The boy gave a groan as he got up too. "Can't we just… stay in bed all day? Nice and relaxing, getting lots of sleep?"

Ah, that flat look again.

"I doubt we'd do much sleeping."

With that Shinichi turned back into the hallway, Kaito rubbing the back of his head sheepishly as he followed the detective. "This is very true…"

Shinichi wrenched open his fridge, revealing its vast emptiness to the thief who had, previously, believed that Shinichi was sort of exaggerating with the whole need for shopping thing. He was proven wrong. Aside from half a bottle of lemonade, the contents of his kitchen seemed to be a stale, half eaten box of wheat things—ugh...—a couple cans of Vienna sasuages, which looked mostly inedible, and a handful of eggs. What he'd do with such a large expanse of salt, however, Kaito had no idea. But it was the only thing he found in the cabinet.

"Christ, what do you eat?" Kaito exclaimed at the end of his search with disbelief. "Cardboard? The neighborhood children?"

Shinichi pretended to be aggravated by the loud, obnoxious thief, but he couldn't keep the smile off of his face. "Oh? I didn't mention I had a fiber fetish?"

Kaito did a double take, looking exuberant at the slow-to-bloom head of his wry humor. "It would explain the lack of boxes."

He pulled the detective before he could get out of the house, kissing him soundly on the lips before pulling away to walk in front of him, winking. "I can do fetishes, though. Maybe we could make it kind of kinky?"

Shinichi rolled his eyes as he locked the door.

And he wanted a relationship with this moron... why, exactly?


There was something entirely surreal about walking into the warmth of the grocery store, Kudo Shinichi at his side, pushing the cart and perusing through his list. A couple people stared dazedly as they walked by, murmuring about the famous detective, who didn't seem interested in them at all. To think, earlier that day they'd been bantering like they'd known each other for years. And just yesterday Shinichi hadn't even seen his face!

Who knew his life could be changed so quickly?

Oh god.

He was going to be a father.

The incredible prospect of a lifetime—and here he was, having a sudden meltdown in the middle of aisle seven. It had been hitting him at random intervals all day, and was doing so once more. How was this possible? Should he be worried? Happy that fate had given them this twisted hand? His stomach stirred in a mixture of excitement and terror. He wasn't ready to be anyone's father. How would he ever live up to his own? What would they tell people? Would they tell people at all?

He gave a quick, horror struck glance to Shinichi, who was leaning against the cart and eying the directions for pot stickers. How could he be so calm about this? Why wasn't he having a superior meltdown as well? How could he sit there and look so… normal? To a passerby, they could pass as two kids fresh out of high school rooming together to help pay for rent, buying this weeks' groceries. Maybe they lived in the same college dorm. Maybe they were recluse homosexuals. Maybe they were Kaito KID and the infamous Kudo Shinichi, having a whirwhind romance.

As if sensing his ominous thoughts, Shinichi looked up, giving him a brief, if not worried smile.

Kaito shook his head.

He was never one to freak out over the future.

Why start now?

While the boy eyed the vegetable section, he snuck up behind him, and like some sort of vampire, latched onto his neck. Shinichi gave an audible gasp as Kaito sucked on the spot until the mark was dark enough to be visible.


Kaito pulled away, looking a bit too smug with himself. "I like you better when you have expressions on your face."

And the other boy tasted so good. It wasn't like Kaito was afraid of a few grocery voyeurs, anyway.

The other boy flushed, looking the other way. His face was heated and he was glaring at the carrot section, and Kaito could almost see the steam hissing from the orange vegetable as they slowly melted at the wrath of Shinichi's embarrassed gaze. Not that Kaito would be bothered by this. He appreciated all emotions on Shinichi's usually unamused face.

Kaito grabbed a few apples—because hey, who didn't like apples?—and turned back to the cart, suddenly finding it suspiciously unguarded by the detective, who had been staring adorable holes in the vegetable aisle a few moments ago. He dropped the apples into the cart, looking around for the brunette.

Maybe he found Ran or something? Or maybe he just wandered off—he seemed like the type to just kind of walk off whenever he found something which caught his eye. But Kaito was too, more so even, so he could understand. Although… Kaito was usually loud about it, and it didn't take very much to find wherever he went.

It didn't take long to find Shinichi, either.

It seemed he had chased out the last of the jumbo sized cheetos, and was now standing, looking lost, on the opposite wall which was full entirely of disturbingly pastel colored baby food.

"How the fuck are we supposed to know what to do?" The detective asked a little breathlessly, a little fearfully.

Christ, what the hell was MSG? Why was it good that there was none of this in this disturbingly colorful baby food? No Trans fat? Shinichi didn't know any of this—he hadn't needed to know any of this.

He'd never been happier for Kaito then that moment (though the boy had also had a 'what the fuck' moment just a bit ago), as the thief laughed outrageously and just grabbed a whole bunch of shit off the aisle and loaded it into the cart. "I'm sure we'll figure it out." He smiled optimistically, dragging Shinichi along. "Can't be too hard, right?"

That was an understatement.

"I've heard differently." Shinichi intoned ominously.

Kaito shrugged with a silly grin. "Yeah well, I'm a little more concerned over the room. Of course, it's all going to be blue—

Shinichi twitched. "I don't remember deciding on that—

"And I thinking a space theme. I love space. Wouldn't that be cool? We could have like, a death star bed, and a whole bunch of Star Wars posters—

"Out of the question." Shinichi snapped, though inwardly a little touched that Kaito had already 'planned' everything out—regardless of the fact the boy had obviously forgotten to mention any of this to the detective. "And if we're going with movie franchises—it's going to be Harry Potter."

With that, he imperiously maneuvered the cart into the checkout line before Kaito could say otherwise.

The thief sputtered. "What? No! And, for the record, those were books first."




You be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground,

I'll be the wings that keep your heart in the clouds,

I'm just waiting for proof that there's

sunsets, and silhouette dreams





"Kudo, Kaori?"

Natsuki Mouri fervently glanced to the seat next to her, suspiciously empty and devoid of life.

There was an unsettling, awkward pause as a couple of the kids in class started to whisper and giggle to themselves, the teacher left shifting her weight in the turbulent silence.

"Kudo, Kaori?" She called again, flatly.

With no further answer, she moved on. "Mouri, Natsuki?"

"Here." The young girl raised her hand.

"Nanabi, Shun?"

Natsuki pursed her lips. This was the second time this week Kaori hadn't made it in for roll call. Not that this wasn't a usual occurrence, or anything. But they had an important test today this morning, and Mouri couldn't believe that Kaori was really so irresponsible to skip—

A brief movement from the window caught her eye.

The brief movement turned into a slow, heated rising of an enormous cat shaped balloon, shadowing the windowed sunlight and casting the entire classroom into an uproar of darkness.

There was an explicit moment of silence as even the teacher stilled at the lunging shadow prowling through the classroom, and then, "Is that a giant balloon?-!"

The class erupted into panic, as, surely, did the rest of Edoka High, as an enormous cat shaped balloon floated in the main courtyard. Their classroom windows had been bestowed with what looked like half the nose and the left side of it's whiskers—Natsuki could only assume that the enormous floating plastic must be quite large for only such a small section to be shown from the long panels of their windows.

Nanabi Shun, their class president, was in near hysterics as he attempted to hustle the awe-stricken class into the hallway for 'safety', looking more scared of the giant cat balloon then he'd ever want to let on. His efforts were futile, as the class had already dwindled into varying decibels of shock, the loudest generally coming from the girls.

Almost completely silent, Kudo Kaori slid into the seat next to Natsuki with a twinkling, quirky little smile.

"Hi." She said, among the chaos.

Natsuki grabbed her and hauled ass out into the hallway.

It was cramped with the majority of the classes pressed inside of it, and so stuffy that Natsuki was almost prepared to re-enter the classroom. However, the teacher had blockaded it for safety purposes, as it was too close to windows and they had a gigantic unidentified object floating in the courtyard.

Mouri gave Kudo a sidelong glance. The girl seemed completely uninterested in the morning's surprising turn of events.

"You didn't have anything to do with this, did you?" She accused, arms crossed.

"Nothing!" Kaori promised, but her eyes were wide and excited.

Mouri was undeterred. "Why were you so late today, then?"

"It was like five minutes!" Kaori protested, flopping onto the floor and blowing a raspberry. "Anyway, I was out late last night—

"It was a school night!"

"And I didn't get back until like, practically three in the morning. So I missed my alarm." A half shrug. And then another grin. "And, its not like it matters, anyway. I'm sure sensei forgot all about attendance."

There was something entirely too suggestive about that tone. Natsuki let it go, however, in favor for another round of questions. "And why were you out so late, anyway?"

Kaori looked shocked. "There was a KID heist last night! Didn't you watch it?"

Natsuki rolled her eyes. "Of course not—it was a school night!" She conveniently left out the fact that her grandfather and mother had been up for most of the night watching it on TV, coaxing her into doing the same. She may have watched—but only for a little!

"Don't tell me you were at the heist." Said Natsuki, flatly.

"I wasn't."

"Good. Now tell me the truth."

"It was only because Suzuki-san invited me to come—you know she's chairman of the Kaito KID fanclub still—

"That's so irresponsible!" Natsuki mother-henned, as the class eventually shuffled back in for their morning classes, finally seeming to get back to normalcy after the earlier interruption.

A firetruck had been called to tether the enormous cat balloon, and they were working on deflating it. Kaori looked particularly smug.

"Don't you guys have a game tonight?" Natsuki continued, taking her seat. "You need a good night's sleep!"

"I got three hours!" Kudo leaned back. "And, anyway, it's only against Teitan High. I could whip those kids with my eyes closed."

Natsuki rolled her eyes.

An exaggeration, as always. Though it would be a clear understatement to consider Kaori anything but an excellent soccer player. She'd heard from her mother that Kudo Shinichi, the world famous detective that was local to this area, had also been quite good at the sport. Maybe it was just genetics?

Natsuki gave a forlorn look to the window.

Though she had never heard stories of Shinichi being such a trouble maker….

"Pens out." The teacher began tenebrously, looking pissed from the morning's activities.

Natsuki paled.

Kaori scratched her nose.

"Pop quiz."


It was entirely unfair for one girl to be so good at so many things, Natsuku thought, watching her best friend fly down the field. Though Kaori had never shown any sort of interest in solving world class mysteries, she was by far one of the most popular girls in the school. She was outgoing, almost to an obnoxious fault, and was expected to go to To-oh on scholarship for soccer. Not to mention that she had, once more, aced their pop quiz earlier that day, and then proceeded to sleep through the rest of her classes.

Kaori was a blur on the field, racing down the opposite side, flanking one of the girls who was dribbling the ball. A quick pass and a well placed kick later, and Kaori had her fourth goal of the game.

Kaori smirked.

Too easy.

The team gave her a round of ecstatic back clapping, some endearing splashes of water and one of them gave her a free piggy back ride. Though none of this compared to seeing her father standing at the sidelines.

"Hi dad!" Kaori rubbed the back of her hair, grinning sheepishly, dirt-smudged, but happy. "Where's Kaito?"

"At home. Still sleeping, I think." The detective gave her a secretive little smile.

"Oh no! He missed my banana kick!" Kaori bemoaned in dismay. "Who knows when I'll get a chance to do it again?" It wasn't like they always got the chance to play crappy teams, or anything.

"Maybe I should feel bad that my old high school is getting crushed." Shinichi mused, though he didn't look particularly upset by this. "What was the score?"

"Five-zip." Said the girl cheerfully, scuffing her cleats in the grass. "They're pretty bad, sorry."

"I suppose I'll just have to deal with it." Shinchi's smile turned regretful. "I'm leaving the country for a couple days."

Kaori's mouth dropped open. "No! For how long?"

"Shouldn't be longer then a week."

She pouted, puffing her cheeks. Shinichi was always leaving… She looked at her duffel bag, striped with stickers and dirt, and smelly like it was filled with dirty clothes (which, admittedly, it was). Was there really a time when Shinichi was her age, playing soccer himself and solving local crimes like Hakuba Akira, Edoka High's resident detective? Though, Hakuba was kind of a fake and couldn't solve a real crime to save his life, and surely Shinichi was a lot cooler back in the day. Cool, and not too famous, like he was now.

"Don't torture Kaito too badly." He went on to say, heading for the car and beckoning her to follow. "I don't want a repeat of last time I came home—I didn't even think we had that much toiled paper in the house—

"It was ingenious!" She protested.

"And we had to get the entire roof re-shingled. I'd appreciate if the house was in one piece when I return."

"Where're you going, anyway?" She whined, after waving to a couple of her friends.

"Can't tell you just yet." As usual. And then, with exasperation, "You two will get along, right?"

"We always do!" Kaori insisted.

"I mean, in the right way."

She struggled into the car, wiggling uncomfortably as the heat inside became unbearable with her sticky jersey. She and Kaito, her dad's boyfriend, got along just fine. Kaito was practically her other dad, and him and Shinichi had lived together so long she couldn't even remember a time they hadn't. Though perhaps it was because of their uncanny interpretation that getting along meant pranking each other as much as possible. Kaito always won—but that was only because he had more experience.

"We won't blow up the house, the roof, or physically injure each other." She promised, careful to omit everything that required her latest plan to work.

Shinichi gave her an amused glance as he shifted gears. "Or the cat."


"Or the cat." Kaori amended with a scowl. How did he always know?

"And you'll have dinners together? Make sure he doesn't stay out too late?"

"He always stays out too late." Kaori pointed out, rolling her eyes and putting her feet on the dash, which were quickly banished by a stern look from the detective. "And what happens if I have a date or something?"

"I'll skin the boy alive and lock you in my dungeon." He said, straight-faced. They stopped at a light and he gave her a narrowed glare. "And you better not be dating."

She stuck her tongue out.

"Better yet," Shinichi amended, near flooring the gas. "I think I'll just get Kaito to deal with them."

She made a face.

There was a moment of silence, and then, "Hey, dad?"


"Why does Kaito stay out so late?"

"For his job." Was Shinichi's immediate answer.

"I thought he was a salary man." Kaori accused. After more telling silence, she gaped. "You said he was a salary man!"

"He is!" He said quickly. "This is just… more of his hobby."

"You're not curious?" Kaori raised her brows. Highly unlikely. Shinichi hated not knowing things. There wasn't a doubt in her mind that the detective hadn't already snooped around and found the answer; it was impossible for him to not to.

Fortunately for her father, they'd already pulled into the driveway, and he made quick work of making a beeline towards the door.

Kaori made a face at him, dragging out her soccer bag. She'd find a way to get the truth herself. Sometimes her dad doubted the wonders of the gene pool. It only made sense that if Shinichi was the greatest detective in the world, some of that would pass on to her.

She pulled her stuff into the house, a sly smirk on her face as her phone lit up with a message from the Kaito KID fanclub.

"Dad?" She called, but the house was soundless. Had he already left? She frowned. And so soon?


Still nothing. He must have dropped her off after all. She was contemplating sneaking out and maybe conniving Natsuki to go to tonight's heist with her. How strange… two in one week? Maybe it was becaue it was going to be a full moon tonight. KID always stole jewels on the full moon.


"Gah. Kaori. Why are you always so loud?"

Kaori jumped out of her skin, a narrow-eyed, sleep deprived Kaito shuffling down the stairs, looking like he was about to kill her for disturbing his sleep.

"You've been sleeping this whole time?-!" Kaori gaped, and Kaito held his delicate ears. "You missed my soccer game, you know!"

"Where did she get these fucked up genetics… I don't remember ever being so loud…" Kaito mumbled to himself, and then, to his daughter. "I'm sorry about that, you guys win?" Christ. Shinichi and had inevitably been the spawn of this soccer obsession Kaori was spouting.

"Shut out." The young girl smirked, only to guffaw loudly as Kaito reached over to fluff her hair.

"That's my little princess!" He laughed. "How many goals?"

"Four." Kaori threw up four fingers proudly. "And you missed my sick banana kick."

"I'm really sorry." He said, genuinely, moving around her to grab a water from the fridge. He wanted to get a heist in last night before Shinichi left for Timbuktu, or wherever the hell he was going now. And it had been quite the good idea—just like old times… doing it on a rooftop—

"How long were you out last night?" Kaori frowned accusingly. "Dad told me to make sure you're not out too late."

"Err—it… it was for work." Kaito rubbed his hair. "And not too long—

"Then why were you asleep all day?" She harrumphed, crossing her arms. "What are you up to…?"

"And what's this?" Kaito tactfully changed the subject with a wry smirk. "Kaori, girl detective? Don't tell me you're following in your father's footsteps. That'd just be too funny…"

"Of course not!" She said, hotly. "I just think it's suspicious, is all…"

Kaito laughed, making for the stairs once more. "You're just like your father—always sticking your nose in things and snooping around."

"I am not snooping around!" She flustered. "And put a shirt on!" She hollered up the stairs. Just because him and Shinichi were absurdly young didn't mean they got to walk around the house shirtless. Yuck.


"So, what?" Mouri Natsuki pulled her sweater tighter, wondering how it was possible to be so cold in September. "We're just gonna wait for KID here?"

"He'll be here." Kaori insisted.

There was an uneasy silence beneath them, as the crowd gathered in the city center breathlessly awaited the hailed coming of their celebrated thief, Kaito KID. Natsuki didn't really understand the hype about him—it was crazy, all the stunts he pulled—but he'd been doing them for years. How could so many thousands of people show up for them, night after night?

"I want to get back soon…" Natsuki muttered miserably. "I have a lot of homework…"

"This is so worth being behind in a little homework!" Kaori exclaimed, kneeling down to careen through her goggles and into the throngs of people. "I wonder if he's dressed as someone in the crowd…"

"Oh! There you two are!" Natsuki and Kaori whirled around, to see Suzuki Sonoko waving at them as she made her way to the rooftop. Though she was well into her thirties, the woman somehow managed to pull off her teetering heels and illustrious pearls. "Aren't you girls darling?" She winked. "I used to come to heists all the time when I was your age, too."

Ran, Natsuki's mom, always told it differently, saying that they had been around eighteen when the heists really started to roll around, though there was no arguing with Sonoko.

"Oh, where are my manners? This is a good friend of mine, Giselle Carmen." Sonoko waved to the gorgeous looking woman next to them, dressed in a favorable looking palatial ball gown, all tan glowing legs and tan glowing face and blowing blonde hair. "She's a French model."

Kaori and Natsuki blinked up at the graceful, swanlike woman in awe.

"She doesn't speak much Japanese." Sonoko giggled. "But she's quite the KID fan, right?"

"I like KID very much." Giselle affirmed "I have come all this way to see his… how do you say… performance? Yes. I have come a long way to see this show."

"It's a heist." Kaori pointed out, unfavorable. "It's technically a criminal act, you know…"

"Nonsense!" Sonoko laughed cheerfully. "He usually returns them, anyway. And they're so entertaining. Japan just loves him! They'd never put him in jail, or anything crazy like that…"

"That crazy is the law…" Kaori muttered, though she felt the same.

KID cases were so exciting. She couldn't believe half the stuff he pulled—so much more sophisticated then any of the pranks she tried. Even the one she had pulled yesterday morning with the giant cat balloon didn't hold a candle to the acts that KID had up his sleeves.

"I'll be just like him someday." She promised Natsuki, who gave her a hesitant look. Kaito thought that she was just like Shinichi—he was wrong. Though she was surely curious by nature, the law held no appeal to her. KID's magic, however…

The four of them settled into some comfortable chairs with a good outlook of all the action below, which admittedly wasn't much yet. The streets were a distant cacophony of voices that she could barely hear over Giselle and Sonoko's tinkling laughter. Natsuki, beside her, was dozing off.

Finally, it started, and the lights went out with an ominous thud and everyone started screaming in fearful anticipation.

"Natsuki!" She hissed. "Natsuki wake up! It's starting!"

KID looked the same as always, wearing his white cape and white suit and giving the crowd a merry little wave as he descended from the sky. She spotted Nakamori-keibu and his goons attempting to snatch KID out of the air, but they were buffeted by what looked to be a glass cage surrounding him.

Sonoko was screaming so loud Kaori could hardly hear anything, pressing herself up against the railing and peering down to watch KID continue his descent into the throngs of people, and the jewel guarded in the center by a pack of policemen.

It happened so suddenly, she almost didn't notice.

One of the officers managed to break a wall of glass, struggling inside KID's glass prism and making a grab for the thief, who nimbly dodged. There was a moment as the entire crowd went silent, before the whole place erupted into smoke and anarchy.

Natuski blinked. "What—what's going on?"

"Dunno…" Kaori answered slowly, pulling her long hair out of her face to see better.

Giselle made a noise of dismay. "The thief was caught?"

"Of course not." Sonoko assured her, though she hardly looked sure herself. "KID can never be caught! Don't worry!"

Kaori glanced back down, not so sure herself. She'd never seen KID get caught, true… but she'd also never seen the police manage to get past his defenses… She could see little else aside from a plume of smoke rising into the night sky, thousands of voices crying out in shock.

It was then that she yelped in shock, sprawling backwards as a man was levied up the side of their building by a pulley system she hadn't even realized had been triggered to the pillar. It squeaked to a halt, Sonoko was hyperventilating behind her and Giselle had begun to speak rapidly in French—Natsuki seemed to have fainted. Kaito KID placed a foot on the railing, one hand grasping the wire pulling him up and the other clutching the stolen necklace, purple diamond glimmering as it dangled.

"K—KID!" Sonoko shrieked, looking like she may have just died of happiness.

The thief didn't spare her a glance, shoving the necklace in front of him. Kaori scampered to her feet, only to be near flung backwards as Giselle and Sonoko pushed their way to the forefront of the thief's attention.

"Kaito KID," Giselle demurred, her candle bright hair tossed in the wind like a painting of blonde. "I have been waiting to meet you."

The thief looked taken aback. "It's my pleasure." He said, bringing her limp hand to his lips.

The model giggled, and Sonoko, not content to simply let her bask in the attention, shoved before her. "KID!" She shouted, looking delighted. "But what about the heist?"

The thief looked down, face obscured by his monocle and hat. "They look a little held up for the moment." He turned back to them. "Which one of you lovely ladies woud like to take this off my hands?"

Natsuki was clutching her arm so hard Kaori thought she might break it, Sonoko loudly shouting for herself and Giselle only gave him a coy smile. "But mon cheri," She purred. "Won't you keep it for yourself?"

"It's too beautiful for me." KID chuckled. Kaori thought he probably just wanted to get rid of it, and make his escape and have the police none the wiser.

Giselle didn't seem to think this at all, her lovely laughter ringing in the air. Kaori pouted. Of course, KID would hold up his heist for Sonoko's beautiful French model friend. Shouldn't he be more worried about getting caught?

It looked like he wouldn't be held up for long, though, as the spotlight shined onto him, and helicopters rose to the air behind him. The thief turned to stare into the blaring light, seeming to realize they had caught on to him, and turned back to them.

To Kaori's surprise, he leaned over to her.

"Why don't you take it, little princess?" He smiled, tossing it to her.

Kaori caught it deftly, looking up in shock as he dove backwards back into the crowd. Beneath them, voices rose at his jump, and then hollered in dismay. So he must have used his paraglider, she thought idly, holding the jewel to her eyes to study it. She caught Giselle's pinched, contrary face, and Sonoko's dismayed one. Natsuki had loosened her grip.

"It's really pretty." Natsuki breathed, face close to hers. "Are you going to wear it?"

"Should I?" Kaori asked, a little breathlessly. It glittered orchid colored in her hand, the pendant spinning on its silver, lacy looking chain.

She caught sight of the watch on her hand, and near dropped the necklace. "What?-! Is it really that late?"

She pocketed the necklace before Sonoko or Giselle could ask for it instead, and tugged at Natsuki's hand. "We've got to get back! My dad's going to be home in an hour and he'll flip if he finds me out!"

The brunette turned back to Sonoko and Giselle, both looking darling and a thousand times more beautiful then her in their couture gowns, and sweeping beautiful hair. Why hadn't KID given it to them? "Thank you for inviting us!" She called over her shoulder, before taking off,


Kaori snuck in from her bedroom window just as dawn crept up the horizon. Kaito didn't seem to have stirred at all, not even when she banged her head on the wall. He must have been really fast asleep. She ended up sitting at her desk, twirling the jewel on the necklace round and round.

She must have dozed off at some point, because a jarring noise from below jolted her right up and out of her chair, and she sprawled onto the floor in a daze. Who was home? Kaito was at work… and she hadn't asked Natsuki to come over—

Kaori grabbed the necklace and practically jumped all the stairs.

"Dad!" She leapt up. "You're home!"

"I've been home." The famous detective mumbled with a smile, bagel between his mouth, holding up the empty cream cheese like it was some sort of telling evidence. Typical. "And how many times have I told you to throw away stuff when it's done?"

She scuffed the floor sheepishly. "I just always forget." The girl mumbled sincerely, before holding up the necklace, which glittered amethyst in the lighting of the kitchen. "Look at this!"

"It's pretty." Shinichi commented, before his eyes narrowed. "Am I going to have to skin someone?"

"I didn't get it from a boyfriend." She rolled her eyes. Shinichi worried too much. She was only fourteen, after all. Boys weren't into fourteen year old girls. "And you wouldn't be able to catch him to skin him, anyway."

"Some sort of criminal, then." The detective nodded, migrating towards the toaster. And then, more to himself; "Should have known you'd suffer my same ailment…"

"What ailment?" Kuroba Kaito asked, mock-accusing, as he came in through the front door. Had she looked at him closely, she would have wondered why he wasn't wearing a suit, and his clothes were rumpled and dirty. Hell, she would have wondered why he was using the front door when he should have been sleeping up stairs, but she still wasn't quite over the heist yet.

"Kaito!" Kaori pounced on him. "Look at this!" She held it up, right before his eyes.

Shinichi gave the thief a flat look. For his part, the man had schooled his features into pleasant surprise.

"It's very pretty!" Kaito blinked. Before smirking. "Got an admirer, then?"

Kaori waved him off. "No! I got it at the KID heist." And then, with excitement, "He gave it to me!"

"Why would he do that?" Shinichi asked wryly, eyes narrowing at Kaito as he leaned on the counter and bit into his bagel. The thief gave him a suggestive smile.

"Dunno." Kaori admitted, tugging Kaito to the table and sitting beside him. "But can you believe it? Natsuki was so jealous—oh hell, Suzuki-san looked like she was about to tear it right off my neck! I couldn't believe he chose me! I thought for sure he'd give it that model lady next to us… she was really pretty, you know… and then he called me a…"

She trailed off, eyes finally leaving the glimmer of her new jewelry.

Her eyes, a familiarly immortal blue, hesitantly met Kaito's. "A little princess…"

There was a stunning silence, as Kaori's eyes moved from Kaito—who was wearing an impassive look that could have meant anything—to Shinichi, who was tellingly looking at the ceiling.

"…Is there something you guys aren't telling me?" She asked, hesitantly.

No answer.

"Is there something you want to tell me?"

"This would never have been an issue," Began Kaito, completely not addressing her at all. "If you could've at least been a little bit dumber. She wouldn't be nearly this smart if you were just a little bit stupid."

"This is my fault?" Shinichi mused incredulously, looking at his bagel with fascination. "You're so… so obvious. Anyone with half a brain could figure out your stunts, let alone your identity."

"Just not the police, right?" Kaito snorted. "She's just too smart, is all. And anyway, who else was I gonna leave it with? Sonoko? I'd rather shoot myself in the foot then have to explain myself to her—

"So I was right, then?" Kaori stood then, voice shrill. "You're KID?"

Neither of them answered her. Again.

"You shouldn't have been that close to getting caught!" Shinichi retorted. "Getting out daughter involved in something so stupid—

"It's not stupid! It's practically an art!" Kaito stuck his tongue out.

"Can someone explain this to me?-!" She pointed an accusing finger at Kaito, who blinked innocently. "You're really KID?" She turned to Shinichi. "And you knew all along?"

Shinichi gave Kaito a stern glance.

"Were you planning on telling me at all?-!"

"Eventually!" Kaito raised his hands in defense. "It's just, you know, not something we were gonna sit you down for when you were ten or something. It's a bit of a shock, you know."

"I'll say." Kaori blinked dazedly. "So all this time… you were KID?" How many heists had she snuck out for? A dozen, two dozen? To think that all along, she had assumed that Kaito was just sleeping upstairs in his room, when really he was out stealing precious jewels.

"Not all the time." Kaito amended. "My father was the first KID—

"So it's like an inheritance!-?" The girl gasped in delight. "Do I get to steal jewels too?"

"No." Kaito and Shinichi both answered in unison.

"So all this time I've been sneaking out to watch KID heists—

Shinichi narrowed his eyes. "I thought I told you to stop going to those—

"And really, I was just watching you all along?" She continued on, ignoring her father's words as she turned to him. "And you! What have you been doing all those times at those heists? I thought you were supposed to catch him!"

"Well…" Shinichi trailed off pointedly, supposing that that part of the conversation could wait until she was quite a ways older.

She looked at both of them once more, wondering if she was dreaming. Though it was hard to wrap her head around, it made quite a bit of sense. In fact, it was almost blatantly obvious. No wonder Kaito was always sleeping through the day.

"Is anyone going to explain to me how this all started?" She asked, dazedly.

Shinichi and Kaito's eyes met.

"Well, you see…" Kaito began awkwardly, deciding to give her the heavily edited PG version. "It all started when I met this boy on the rooftop…"

Credits: Under the milky way (Sia/The Church, in this case, Sia), You be the anchor that keeps my feet in the ground (Mayday Parade),