/ 6 /

Miracle or no, it still hurt like a bitch to stand around all night, and the Thursday morning found Shinichi utterly exhausted and clambering into bed.

He had moved most of his stuff out of the dark, dreary place of his memories, and into the new apartment. He supposed he could see the change of scenery as some sort of change within himself, a step forward from his standstill that he had come to ever since he found himself as Kudo Shinichi, a boy he hardly remembered. Again, he found himself missing Conan, his useless problems, his mundane life in hiding.

His hands moved to his stomach unconsciously.

Kaito knew.

He wasn't upset, or disgusted, or any of the other plausible array of emotions that Shinichi had given viable possibility to. He was, dare he say, pleased, even? Accepting?

It hardly mattered.

The detective was more concerned with his sleep.

He skipped school that day.

Kaito wished he could have, too.

But no, he had a payment to fulfill. After hastily scrawling a "Kaito woke up sick today, please excuse his absence as he is now feeling better…" note and handing it to attendance, not missing the unimpressed look of the attendance assistant he made his way into his classroom, only to be bombarded by angry students at his prank from days prior. He met Akako's triumphant smirk, and smiled lopsidedly. He really did owe the girl a hell of a lot.

"You knew this whole time?" To say Kaito was surprised would be an understatement.

Akako shrugged. "Something like that, yeah." Her coy face turned almost… venerable? "So, everything worked out then, I take it?"

Kaito nodded happily. "I… I think so? I hope so?"

"Were you surprised?" She tilted her head, hair sliding down her swan neck to fall over her shoulder. She really was gorgeous, in a way that didn't effect Kaito whatsoever. "At what he had to tell you?"

Kaito flushed.

"Hell yeah."

He was kind of… excited about it, too. Sure, the odds were kind of stacked against them. They were both eighteen, both famous (or in his case, infamous) and still going to school. It would be terrible and stressful and he still didn't know what to tell his mother. But, it wasn't like Shinichi wasn't rich, so money would hardly be an issue. Of course, the fact that they would be struggling through this entirely on their own presented a challenge. But hey, he liked challenges.

He hadn't—exactly wrapped his mind around it yet. All he could process for now was that Shinichi returned his affections, and Kaito had no need to wonder about their relationship for the foreseeable future.

Akako giggled.

"It's hard to explain." Kaito scratched his nose, a slight smile on his face. "Can I be scared, and happy at the same time?"

"It's a plausible combination, yes."

"Because that's all I can think of to describe myself." His hands went behind his head, and he leaned back in his chair. "I'm sure everything will work out in the end."

Akako only had a knowing smile.

And it almost immediately turned vindictive. "So, about your payment…"

The following afternoon found Kaito on his knees, Akako making all sorts of sounds of pleasure, as the thief used his hands for good work. Her feet wriggled in his grasp and he had to continue to tell her to cut it out, because god dammit if he had to give her a foot massage she could at least make it easier on him. The witch, however, seemed to be taking intense pleasure with having Kaito at her mercy. And Kaito, inwardly, supposed there were an array of worse punishments that Akako could have given him, like, say, offering up his firstborn child to the devil cult or something messed up like that.

Kaito supposed Akako wasn't really all that bad. If he had to choose anyone to know his secret, aside from the people who already did like Shinichi and Jii-chan, he'd have definitely chosen her. Mainly because, while she was evil on so many levels and loved to torture him, she also had his best interests at heart. As much as he grudgingly didn't want to admit it, he owed her big time for this one. If she hadn't have told him to go to the park, he would have never found about Shinichi's connection to Conan, and had the grand epiphany that hey, he really didn't want this relationship the way it was.

So he came up with all whole plan to get Shinichi to agree to an actual relationship.

And got a little more then he bargained for.

But that was okay.

He tiptoed quietly into the apartment, closing the window effortlessly and soundlessly behind him. The wood creaked underneath his toes.

Kaito looked around the rather spacious place.

He supposed it looked so large because, well, there was nothing in it. It was just… space. Shinichi had gotten around to moving most of his belongings in, but he didn't seem to have very much of that to begin with. Kaito poked around, finding himself curious to see if Shinichi's belongings would give any kind of insight into the enigmatic boy himself. Not really. He had a few duffels of clothes that either looked brand new or far too old—which would make sense, considering how long he must have been reverted into a small child. The kitchen was a wasteland; the living room had an xbox unearthed from the stout family of boxes in the center of the wooden floors, no furniture; there were no pictures hung on the walls or propped against the walls, waiting to be hung. No art, family photos, or even game posters.

Kaito frowned. He wondered if this glaring lack of personal belongings was because Shinichi wanted to get rid of everything he used to own, or if he really was just that much of a frugal person. Kaito liked decorations, he liked style and he liked pretty things (obviously)—hopefully Shinichi wouldn't mind if he did something to these blank, vaguely pleasant off white walls.

He paused.


Why was he already thinking like he was moving in?

Kaito shook his head. He probably would, honestly. They were having a baby. It would only make sense for them to live together, and Shinichi's apartment would be the first and obvious choice in location. Actually, the thief wondered if that was the reason Shinichi got it in the first place.

He crept down the halls, peering in to the doors he found there. Two empty rooms, of about the same size. A bathroom, devoid of anything but the necessities.

The last door was cracked open a bit, revealing a spill of golden light scattered on the dark wood.

Shinichi was sleeping soundly into the fading afternoon, mouth open in soundless breathing and blankets sprawled haphazardly around him. Kaito's gaze found its way to the warm miles of skin, uncovered listlessly by the white comforter. The bed looked incredibly inviting, but Kaito wasn't sure if that was because of the pillows and blankets on it or the sleeping boy on it. At least this room looked lived in… sort of. At the very least, there were more clothes strewn about the floor, and a few somewhat unpacked boxes.

Kaito took a moment to admire the scene for a moment or so longer.

Afterwards, he pounced.

Shinichi startled at the sudden weight. "What the hell—

He looked down to see a high schooler his age grinning back at him.

Immediately, his brain slowed, before slowly rebooting. His eyes softened. "Kaito…"

"You look surprised." He sat up then, and kissed the sleepy boy soundly. Said boy made no protest to the movement.

When they pulled away, Shinichi smiled. Kaito swallowed, feeling uncharacteristically self-conscious. What did Shinichi see there? He had had his fill of the detective since day one, but Shinichi had never seen him before. When he didn't respond, the conflicted feeling grew.

Finally the boy shook his head. "It's not everyday some moron attacks me." And then, as the thief pouted, he wondered aloud, "How did you get in, anyway?"

"You doubt my thievery skills?"

"Quite the opposite." Shinichi shook his head. "I just thought I locked all the windows…"

"You did." Kaito agreed. That didn't stop him.

"With bolts."

"Wha—" The thief frowned as the detective started to chuckle. "That's not funny."

Shinichi took the opportunity to yawn, completely unaware that he was currently fulfilling one of Kaito's dreams. Waking up with the detective—or in this case, being there when the detective woke up—and hearing that sleepy, dream-slicked voice and seeing the cute little yawn. Kaito could die happy now, he'd seen the usually stone-faced detective looking quite the opposite of his newspaper pictures.

Kaito wondered if he should say something, perhaps put what he was feeling into words.

He decided not to.

Instead, he took his time to slowly rock into the detective, pushing him back onto the bed and trapping the other boy underneath him. Not that the detective really minded being there. The kiss was slow and as sleepy as the detective felt, easy and pleasing.

He pulled away eventually, hands rubbing the detective's sides with a slow tenderness.

"What time is it?" The detective asked eventually, almost asleep again with Kaito's careful ministrations.

The thief didn't answer for a moment, too interested in stealing his sanity, mouth nipping at his ear and tracing the shell of it with his tongue, a movement which had the shorter of the two mewling incomprehensibly in bliss.

"Kaito—" He moved around in the other boy's arms, pulling away until that devilish mouth was too far for temptation. "Mmmm. Stop that! I've got to get up."

"Really," The thief mumbled between kisses. "How about we stay here for longer?"

Shinichi got up to crawl out of bed; Kaito sat up as well, smirking, wrestling the boy back into his lap before he could get very far. He squirmed, but the effort was futile as Kaito had found his ear lobe again and had taken it by his teeth.

"I can't." He insisted clearly. There was a room down the hall that was glaringly empty. "I have to go shopping."

"Shopping?" Kaito echoed incredulously, but released him.

Shinichi ran a futile hand through his hair, scrutinizing all the clothes haphazardly tossed about the floor. Finally he fished out a hoodie and jeans, pulling down his sweatpants to change into them. Kaito flopped onto the bed, practically drooling at the unintentional strip show. Shinichi turned around once he'd pulled his jeans up, smirking at him—okay, maybe not so unintentional. But then the delectable sight was covered completely, as he put on the sweatshirt and wandered out the bedroom door.

"What kind of shopping?" Kaito asked curiously, hopping up after him.

Shinichi paused for a moment. "Shopping of all kinds." He replied.

"All kinds?"

The detective gestured to the empty house around them. "You may have noticed the suspicious lack of stuff."

"I may have," Kaito agreed, grinning.

"So I definitely need that—and food. Food first."

They made it past the kitchen, and Kaito poked around for a bit as Shinichi put on his shoes. "Holy shit," he said at length, when his search turned up nothing but canned tuna, spam, and a half-empty carton of milk. "What do you eat? The neighborhood children?"

"Only if they're too slow to run away from me," the detective replied idly, and Kaito did a double take when he realized that the detective had responded with a joke of his own.

It was still all a novelty to him; he hadn't known very much about Shinichi, in hindsight. Well no, that wasn't true. He just didn't know everything about the detective, and he was excited to be able to discover every inch of him. His sense of humor, his quirks, the things that pissed him off and the things he secretly loved.

"Yes, but hunting them will get tiring—we should go to the supermarket."

Shinichi rolled his eyes. "Yeah. Why didn't I think of that?"

Kaito scowled at him, pouncing on him again, much to the other boy's protest. All his annoyance melted away when Kaito pinned him against the front door, kissing him soundly on the mouth.

"Daiei, then?" He asked when they broke away. Shinichi blinked, looking dazed. "I think I saw one on the way here."

"Um… yeah." He said, shaking his head, a telling flush on his cheeks. Kaito smirked.


There was something entirely surreal about walking into the warmth of the grocery store, Kudo Shinichi at his side, pushing the cart and perusing through his list. A couple people stared dazedly as they walked by, murmuring about the famous detective, who didn't seem interested in them at all. To think, earlier that day they'd been bantering like they'd known each other for years. And just yesterday Shinichi hadn't even seen his face!

Who knew his life could be changed so quickly?

Oh god.

He was going to be a father.

The incredible prospect of a lifetime—and here he was, having a sudden meltdown in the middle of aisle seven. It had been hitting him at random intervals all day, and was doing so once more. How was this possible? Should he be worried? Happy that fate had given them this twisted hand? His stomach stirred in a mixture of excitement and terror. He wasn't ready to be anyone's father. How would he ever live up to his own? What would they tell people? Would they tell people at all?

He gave a quick, horror struck glance to Shinichi, who was leaning against the cart and eying the directions for pot stickers. How could he be so calm about this? Why wasn't he having a superior meltdown as well? How could he sit there and look so… normal? To a passerby, they could pass as two kids fresh out of high school rooming together to help pay for rent, buying this weeks' groceries. Maybe they lived in the same college dorm. Maybe they were recluse homosexuals. Maybe they were international thief Kaito KID and the infamous Kudo Shinichi, having a whirwhind romance.

As if sensing his ominous thoughts, Shinichi looked up, giving him a brief, if not worried smile.

Kaito shook his head.

He was never one to freak out over the future.

Why start now?

While the boy eyed the vegetable section, he snuck up behind him, and like some sort of vampire, latched onto his neck. Shinichi gave an audible gasp as Kaito sucked on the spot until the mark was dark enough to be visible.


Kaito pulled away, looking a bit too smug with himself. "I like you better when you have expressions on your face."

And the other boy tasted so good. It wasn't like Kaito was afraid of a few grocery voyeurs, anyway.

The other boy flushed, looking the other way. His face was heated and he was glaring at the carrot section, and Kaito could almost see the steam hissing from the orange vegetable as they slowly melted at the wrath of Shinichi's embarrassed gaze. Not that Kaito would be bothered by this. He appreciated all emotions on Shinichi's usually unamused face.

Kaito grabbed a few apples—because hey, who didn't like apples?—and turned back to the cart, suddenly finding it suspiciously unguarded by the detective, who had been staring adorable holes in the vegetable aisle a few moments ago. He dropped the apples into the cart, looking around for the brunette.

Maybe he found Ran or something? Or maybe he just wandered off—he seemed like the type to just kind of walk off whenever he found something which caught his eye. But Kaito was too, more so even, so he could understand. Although… Kaito was usually loud about it, and it didn't take very much to find wherever he went.

It didn't take long to find Shinichi, either.

It seemed he had chased out the last of the jumbo sized cheetos, and was now standing, looking lost, on the opposite wall which was full entirely of disturbingly pastel colored baby food.

"How the fuck are we supposed to know what to do?" The detective asked a little breathlessly, a little fearfully.

Christ, what the hell was MSG? Why was it good that there was none of this in this disturbingly colorful baby food? No Trans fat? Shinichi didn't know any of this—he hadn't needed to know any of this.

He'd never been happier for Kaito then that moment (though the boy had also had a 'what the fuck' moment just a bit ago), as the thief laughed outrageously and just grabbed a whole bunch of shit off the aisle and loaded it into the cart. "I'm sure we'll figure it out." He smiled optimistically, dragging Shinichi along. "Can't be too hard, right?"

That was an understatement.

"I've heard differently." Shinichi intoned ominously.

Kaito shrugged with a silly grin. "Yeah well, I'm a little more concerned over the room. Of course, it's all going to be blue—

Shinichi twitched. "I don't remember deciding on that—

"And I thinking a space theme. I love space. Wouldn't that be cool? We could have like, a death star bed, and a whole bunch of Star Wars posters—

"Out of the question." Shinichi snapped, though inwardly a little touched that Kaito had already 'planned' everything out—regardless of the fact the boy had obviously forgotten to mention any of this to the detective. "And if we're going with movie franchises—it's going to be Harry Potter."

With that, he imperiously maneuvered the cart into the checkout line before Kaito could say otherwise.

The thief sputtered. "What? No! And, for the record, those were books first."


The next order of business was decidedly more difficult.

After hauling all their groceries back to Shinichi's apartment, they promptly left again to trek out to the nearest Ikea. Kaito had never been, and he looked up into the colossal monstrosity with both awe and terror. The parking lot itself was a small suburb, and that was to say nothing of the building once they walked inside. Ikea was practically a smaller, cleaner version of Tokyo city.

He had to admit though, he really enjoyed wandering around the rat maze with Shinichi in tow, picking out furniture and arguing amongst themselves on whether that table would look better with those chairs or the other chairs. They had vastly clashing ideas on interior design, so in the end they had to compromise on the most minimalist, modern style they had. Kaito was wondering how the hell they managed to acquire so much furniture in only white, black or grey. He supposed it would actually look quite nice, considering the layout of the place.

He drew the line at the baby's room though, insisting there had to be color.

"Okay, fine, no blue." He said. "But not white."

"I don't get what you hate about that color," Shinichi commented idly. "You wear it pretty often."

Kaito scratched his cheek, conceding his point. "That's different! Wearing it and wanting it around the house are two separate things."

Shinichi shrugged. "Well we can't do blue anyway," he continued. "It needs to be something neutral."

Kaito scowled, about to launch into the same rant when Shinichi clarified. "I don't mean black or white." He cut him off, exasperated. "I mean neutral as in gender neutral."

"Oh." Kaito blinked. Good point.

It hadn't even occurred to him that this baby was not an androgynous concept for the distant future. It was going to have a gender. And a name. And a personality, at some point. He got a bit lost imagining all the possibilities.

"Green?" He suggested. "Like, a pale green?"

He had assumed Shinichi would shoot him down in flames, but the brunette looked very introspective. "Yeah, okay." He agreed, to Kaito's surprise.

It all feels very strange, wandering through this section and looking at all the furniture and stuffed toys and all the shit they were going to need for a baby. In the abstract it didn't seem so bad. But in reality he had a feeling that he was not prepared for it in any sense of the word, and wouldn't be able to fathom how difficult it would be for them to have one of these strange little creatures. His stomach flipped over, for what was perhaps the thirtieth time that day.

He maundered over to a large display of stuffed toys, grabbing a adequately baby-sized, plush rabbit. It was surprisingly soft in his hands, staring up at him with vaguely sad and pathetic looking eyes. He adjusted the little bow around its neck, before hauling the bunny in his arms and carting it back to Shinichi. The boy only raised a brow, before shrugging and returning to his deliberation on cribs. Kaito noticed he had chosen a titan of a teddy bear that was probably bigger than him and had thrown it into the car atop all their other purchases like a king on his lopsided throne of economically priced furniture. Kaito snorted, dropping the rabbit next to the towering bear, before turning to see what Shinichi was looking at. Oh. Baby cribs. All ostensibly advertised their safety, but some looked more like dental contraptions.

"That one," he said, pointing to a rather unremarkable one in the back. It was white wood, to his consternation, but the bedding was done up in soft green and white stripes.

Shinichi grabbed the corresponding accessories, and soon enough they had plenty of furniture in pale green and lemon yellow; little baby blankets and pillows, cloth bins full of baby soap and towels. Kaito kind of felt like he had been possessed by a pod person all day, wondering if this was real life or not. It was so hard to believe that not even twenty-four hours ago he was tying himself into knots wondering if his affections were even returned, and now he was sitting here buying baby furniture with the object of his dreams!

He found himself weirdly quiet as they stopped their unending travels in this enormous rat maze to settle down in the cavernous cafeteria. He was still in awe of this place—and his life, for that matter.

"Are you okay?" Shinichi asked carefully, and it was then he realized just how deeply he had been zoning out.

The detective looked… concerned. Worried. Kaito immediately felt horrible. "Fine!" He assured, shaking his head as if to clear it.

"It's okay to be a little overwhelmed," Shinichi said gently. He looked away. "I've had months to come to terms with it and it still freaks me out."

"It still hasn't hit me yet." He confessed, honestly. "But really… I just can't believe the size of this place."

Shinichi blinked at him, before he palmed his face. "Well, it's good to know you've got your priorities straight, at least."

Kaito scowled at him, not even bothering to respond. It still felt both perfectly normal and totally weird to be sitting here with the detective, talking as if they had been friends for years. Kaito paused. Well, they may not have been friends for years, but maybe for a few months. At some point Shinichi had stopped being a fun and exciting prospect and had turned into a legitimate person he deeply cared about.

"What are you thinking about?" Shinichi asked, tilting his head.

He dusted off his thoughts, grinning roguishly. "I'm thinking about how much fun it would be to plan a heist here."

To his surprise, Shinichi just snorted. "Here?" He laughed. "What exactly would be of enough value to catch your eye?"

He smiled even wider, propping his chin on his hand. "I dunno, I think I see something worth stealing." He returned cheerfully, staring right at the detective.

It took the boy a moment to follow him; Kaito had expected him to brush him off, in a most typical, bitchy Shinichi fashion, but the boy only shook his head, flushing as he looked away with a smile. "You can't steal what you already have."

Kaito found himself stunned with admission. So stunned he ignored the rest of his food in favor of leaning over the table to devour something else. Shinichi did not protest.

In the end, they bought what could possibly be considered the entire furnishings of the Suzuki mansion, and then promptly decided there was no way they were going to lug that all back and put it together themselves, and left it at the store to get shipped and built by the movers. All this just meant that they got a lot of furniture shopping done, but returned with no furniture.

Kaito was okay with that though, as this just meant Shinichi had no couch or guest bedroom to put him up in, and had no other choice but to allow the thief to wiggle into his bed.

And it was still so surreal when Shinichi simply shrugged and told him he was free to stay over if he wanted, and then promptly went about his bedtime routine. Nothing had yet to sink in. Kaito simply sat on the bed and watched him for a moment, while the boy was distracted with other things. He still couldn't believe how easily he fit into the detective's life—or how easily the detective let him. The boy shuffled out of the bathroom in nothing but a pair of plaid pajama pants, looking stupidly attractive as he ran an absent hand through his wayward hair. Kaito's eyes drifted down to his stomach—perfectly toned. Everything about his body was both foreign and familiar at the same time; Kaito had touched and licked and kissed every line of muscle and every plane of skin, to the point that he knew Shinichi's body like his own, even if he'd never seen it before in the daylight.

Meanwhile, Shinichi was thinking something very similar.

It seemed perfectly acceptable to wander out of his bathroom and see the international thief lounging on his covers, bereft of his iconic outfit. Kuroba Kaito looked like any ordinary teenager—well, a remarkably attractive one, but a normal one nonetheless. There was nothing about him in particular that would mark him as an infamous criminal; well, there was that roguish, winsome smirk of his, and the noticeable muscle tone that spoke of considerable physical activity. It wasn't as if Shinichi was by any means out of shape, but Kaito was certainly far more active than he was, what with scaling building walls on a daily basis.

He drew closer, close enough for the thief to smile up at him and drag him down onto the bed.

"Hey," he said, softly, his smile growing soft.

Shinichi returned it with one of his own. "Hi." The detective yawned then, making a sleepy noise as he ducked under the covers to curl up beside him.

"Tired?" He asked, throwing an arm around the other boy.

Shinichi made a vague noise of affirmation, nosing in closer. "Always," he griped, voice muffled by the blanket.

"That's normal though, right?"

Shinichi heaved a great sigh. "I think so." He replied, quietly, not sounding all that sure.

Kaito frowned, waiting until the other boy rolled over onto his back and faced him before continuing. "Are you really okay?"

Shinichi blinked. "Huh?"

"Every time I've ever asked you that question you have a way of getting out of answering." He pointed out. He couldn't even recall how many times he had remarked upon the boy's health as both Kaito KID and as Kuroba Kaito.

The detective said nothing to this.

After a sufficient amount of time had passed, Kaito raised a brow. "See what I mean?"

"I just—I don't know what to tell you." He confessed, after a beat. "I think I'm okay."

"You think?"

He spared him a narrow glance. "It's not really something I could look up on Wikipedia." He retorted, causing Kaito to blink.

Well, he did have a point. He didn't think there was anyone else in the world who had been forced into turning into a small child and then accidentally fucked themselves up while turning themselves back into a real person. It made a lot of sense, but it was still bizarre. He supposed he really ought to be more thankful that this was what happened, instead of the myriad of more terrifying things that could have; maybe it wouldn't work, and Shinichi would be stuck as Conan forever; or maybe it did work, physically, but he lost all his memories; or maybe he just didn't come back at all. Kaito swallowed. Yeah, he was definitely counting his blessings.

But that just meant he was even more worried about Shinichi's health now. What if something happened to him now? It could be so preventable, if only he knew what to look for.

Kaito said nothing, expression very serious as he ducked under the covers and put his ear to Shinichi's stomach. The boy stiffened in surprise, before relaxing. He closed his eyes, wondering if he could hear its heart beating. He didn't, but there was still something recognizably in there—he couldn't quite put his finger on what it was, but it was easy to tell there was a little life so close to his ear, probably dreaming away and completely content in its own little world.

It took him a while to notice Shinichi casually threading his fingers through his hair. He surfaced out of the covers, looking up to see the other boy smiling down at him.

"Find anything interesting?" He asked, lightly.

"What do you think it is?" He returned, in a tone that was decidedly serious.

Shinichi paused. "You mean, boy or girl?"

He nodded.

"I dunno." He shrugged. "Statistically there is a fifty-fifty chance of both, so attempting to guess is a bit of a moot point."

Kaito rolled his eyes. "Always so rational."

Shinichi scowled. "500 yen says it's a girl."

Kaito gaped. "We're betting on the gender of our child?"

"It's only 500 yen." Shinichi rolled his eyes.

Kaito was quick to recover. "Fine! 500 says it's a boy! We'll see just who has the best intuition here, huh?"

"The famous detective or the famous thief…" Shinichi mused aloud, smiling. "Actually, I don't know which one of us will win."

The thief wormed his way back up the bed, moving to kiss that smile and keep it for his own. "The thief, obviously."

"Obviously." Shinichi parroted, before his look turned thoughtful. "On the subject of thievery, are you really planning another heist for next month?"

"How did you—" Katio sputtered. "You went through my stuff, didn't you?" He accused.

Shinichi shrugged, unrepentant. "Better get used to it—you live with a detective now."

He was so surprised he didn't know what to say. Instead he laughed. "Fuck." He agreed, rolling over onto his side. "I guess I really am screwed."

Shinichi shot him a sly smile. "I won't tell anyone."

Kaito smiled back. "Good. Because if you did I'd have to lock you up in my secret dungeon and have my wicked way with you."

The detective blinked. "Oh, so that's how it is." He paused. "That doesn't sound so bad."

Now that he was thinking about it seriously, it really, really didn't. His head flopped down onto the pillow. "Don't tempt me." He groused.

A thought occurred to him, and he propped himself on his elbows, swiftly moving on top of the sleepy detective before he could protest. "Hey," he started, seriously. "Don't take this the wrong way, but I'd really like it if you didn't come."

Shinichi looked at him in surprise.

"I just—I don't want you to get hurt or something." He added hastily.

"I've been going to them for months." He pointed out.

That was true. He pouted at him. "It'd make me feel better if you didn't."

Shinichi looked a little hurt. "You don't want me there?"

"No, that's not it at all!" He was quick to reassure. "I'm serious though, what if something happens to you? I'm kind of… busy during heists, and won't be able to look after you."

"I can look after myself perfectly fine." Shinichi's expression cleared into one of amusement. "And I don't think you would intentionally endanger me."

"Right." He nodded. "I wouldn't. But it wouldn't surprise me at all if those uncoordinated police managed to injure you somehow."

This gave Shinichi pause. Okay, yeah, he could see that. The police had a way of bungling up everything that had to do with Kaito KID cases. But all the same, they've never managed to injure him with their ineptitude before.

Kaito seemed to understand he was going to be mutinous about this all night, for he sighed dramatically. "Alright, alright… come if you want to—but only if you feel up to it, okay? Don't go if you're too tired; I'll see you the morning after anyway."

To Kaito's surprise, this seemed to do the trick. Shinichi smiled up at him, looking perfectly content. "Okay." He replied, softly. "But you have to promise to be there in the morning."

He swallowed thickly, feeling strangely overcome. "I promise." He agreed. It felt as if he was promising a lot more than a morning after a heist. The strangest part though was that Kaito didn't feel any kind of trepidation…

"Good." Shinichi leaned up and kissed him.

In fact, he didn't seem to mind the thought at all.

Promising to be there every morning didn't sound too bad, as long as the detective promised to be there too.