Sick at Hogwarts

Chapter Four: Scars Never Fade

Previous: Malfoy looked at me, sadness filling those silver orbs. "Yeah Potter, I used to cut myself too."

My world crumbled down before me and in finally realized Draco Malfoy, Ice Prince of Slytherin is not perfect.

Harry's POV

I awoke the next morning to a cold hand pressed against my forehead and I was surprised to find Draco Malfoy hovering above me.

"Your temperature is too high, drink this." He told me softly when he noticed I was awake and he handed me a glass vial of green liquid. I made a face of distaste which lit the blonde's face up in a smile as I drank it.

I looked around to see a distant glow of sunlight coming from the windows.
"What time is it?" I asked him as he took the vial from my hand.

"Almost dinner, around seven. Madame Pomfrey says you can go take a shower before dinner." He told me and I nodded, a feeling of dread overtaking me as I remembered Snape had said we would talk at dinner.

I got up slowly and the world around me span, literally. The room started spinning and I saw Malfoy fall to the floor, potions spilling and glasses breaking. The three adults rushed out looking weak but they stayed in the doorway as to not fall into the spinning room.

"Potter!" Malfoy called and I realized my magic was doing this. I tried to stop but I was so dizzy I felt myself falling and suddenly I was being held up by two strong arms and the room stood still and I stared, dazed up at the worried face of Draco Malfoy.

He held me up, his arms wrapped around my shoulder and waist. The heat from his touch felt so good. I looked away and blushed.

"Sorry." I mumbled and he let me go.

"Are you two okay?" Professor McGonagall asked us as the three adults rushed into the room.

"Yeah we're fine." Malfoy answered as he plucked little shards of glass he had received from falling with the glass, potion vials out of his arm.

"You're bleeding!" I told him feeling ashamed.

He chuckled lightly as he plucked the last pieces of glass from his arm.

"Barely. You're too powerful for your own good, Potter." He told me lightly and teasingly.

My stomach twisted and guilt. The adults left back to their rooms after seeing we were all right and I went to the Hospital Wing showers.

I was about to go in when a strong hand grabbed my arm and held me back gently.

"You know its fine, right Potter?"Malfoy asked looking concerned as his eyes searched my face.

"Yeah." I mumbled and slipped into the bathroom feeling less guilty and now completely confused. Malfoy was worried about me? I guess people can change, I thought as I stepped into warm water and let it soak over my body.

The water stung my open cuts but I didn't mind. At least it took my mind away from everything. But like every other good thing the peace and quite in the shower didn't last. When I was showered and dressed in some clothes Malfoy had surprisingly left out for me since we had left my trunk at my Uncle's house it was dinner time and I knew I would have to face everyone.

I walked out in black jeans and a tight blue shirt to see they had conjured a table in the center of the Hospital Wing and it was filled with steaming food.

I sat down in between Professor McGonagall and Malfoy as everyone greeted me. We dug into the meal and everything seemed normal and fine as the adults discussed the Ministry of Magic. Then Snape looked over to me.

"So Potter tell us when it all started?" Snape asked me giving me a curious look.

I sucked in a breath and decided to go with the dumb approach.

"When what started?" I asked not looking up at him.

"The abuse, don't try to lie we put a potion that makes you tell the truth in your drink." Snape answered smoothly, glaring at me with those hard eyes.

All eyes were on me but I didn't look up.

"When I was six, when my accidental magic kicked in." I answered feeling the urge to tell the truth.

"And he did it just because you were a wizard?" Professor McGonagall asked looking furious.

I nodded silently.

"And the cuts on your arms and wrists, you made them?" Madame Pomfrey asked looking worried and her usual motherly self.

"Some, some were made by my Uncle."

"Why'd you do it?" Professor McGonagall asked, tears in her eyes.

I shrugged wishing I would just be able to disappear, luckily this time I didn't. "To distract myself from everything else and because it felt good being able to control the pain for once." I admitted hollowly hating this.

I wish I could cut myself right now. I wish I could slice my knife into my skin but it was back at Privet Drive. I didn't notice a burning and stinging pain in my wrists until Malfoy shouted my name.

My skin was being sliced open by an invisible force and I knew instantly that my magic was doing this. I tried to shake it off by shaking my arms but it didn't help only made my blood roll down the sides of arms and down onto the white floor.

I felt my breath quicken and my mind swing out control as the cuts got deeper and deeper until blood had covered me.

Snape rushed over to me and took my arms in a tight grip and mumbled a spell. Suddenly it stopped and I was left feeling empty.

"What did you do?" I asked looking up at him curiously.

"I blocked your magic for a few hours, it should be back by morning." He answered looking actually worried. To see that expression on the man that hated me was almost laughable. I didn't laugh though I was too busy watching Malfoy bandage the new cuts on my arms.

If my magic wasn't blocked I was sure I would have disappeared again.

Soon the commotion died down and we were all calm again.

"Well, whether you like it or not, you're going to stop hurting yourself for good." Snape told me with a stern look and I was surprised he actually cared. I had definitely stepped into an alternate universe.

"You showed signs of rape Harry, did your Uncle rape you?" Madame Pomfrey asked quietly

I felt myself spin out control again as memories resurfaced. A bruising touch, a dark laugh, and pain beyond anything you can imagine.

"Yes." I hissed out the answer wishing I wasn't here. Wishing they had never saved me or found me. I wished they would just leave me alone.

Suddenly a familiar cold hand pressed into mine under the table and I looked over at Malfoy to see he looked concerned again. He squeezed my hand and weirdly I felt slightly calmer. He was dragging me back down to earth and out of the horrid memories that would plague my mind forever.

I squeezed back and I was glad Malfoy was next to me. He really was my savior.