So I went back over these "missing scenes" and I changed them. Some of them not a lot, but there are changes made. Currently I am writing the "missing scenes" for season 7. However, I'm suffering a little writers block. Hopefully posting will help! These "missing scenes" will now have a golden thread running through them, connecting to each other until the very last one. I didn't create a "missing scene" for every episode, but these will not jump around. They go in order of the show.

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Encounter at Fairpoint:

Beverly sat in her office in Sick Bay, lazily swinging her chair back and forth staring out of the window. Their first mission complete and now onto the next. She sighed contently as she turned back to her desk. She grabbed a picture from her many piles of PADDs on top. It was a picture of her and Jack on the beach. It was right before they found out that she was pregnant with Wesley. After a few seconds, a tear had slipped down her cheek. She brushed it away and then looked up to see if anyone saw. Her blue eyes locked onto his grey ones. If he startled her then she didn't show it.

His baritone voice filled the room, "I miss him too. He… he was a great friend." Beverly gently placed the picture frame on her desk, but she didn't interrupt him. He went on, "I am glad that you are here, despite what I said earlier. I was… umm… wrong." He didn't dare move from his spot next to the door. However, he knew that no one around to hear his confession.

She arched her brow and crossed her arms. "So you have no objection to me serving on this ship?"

He relaxed a bit to lean against the door frame. "I never had any objection to you serving on this ship, only apprehension."

"Captain," She stopped and took a deep breath. She then stood up and walked to where Jean Luc was standing. Not knowing what to expect from the doctor, he stood up straight. Beverly noticed this and placed her hand on his arm. He looked down at her delicate hand. It was the first time they have touched since Jack Crusher's funeral. He memorized the texture of her skin, the wrinkles in her fingers and the lone freckle on her knuckle. Her touch was warm and comforting. A feeling he has not felt since Jack Crusher's funeral. Jean Luc looked up to see that Beverly was staring at her hand as well. When she felt his eyes on her, she cleared her throat and said, "Jean Luc, there are many things that remind me of Jack. Some good things and some bad, but I'm used to them. I have mourned for him and I have moved on. It's time that you have as well."

A sad smiled graced his features. "I'm afraid as long as I'm captain of any vessel, there is no way for me to move on from his death. His memory is the basis of every decision I make." His brow creased as the memory of losing a comrade passed through his mind.

She slid her hand from his arm up to his shoulders. "Jean Luc, I-"

"Wesley Crusher to Dr. Crusher, mom, where are you? I thought you were going to meet us on Holodeck 3 for the party."

She took her hand from his shoulder, instantly cutting their connection. She tapped her communicator and said, "I'll be there shortly, Wesley. Crusher out." She looked back at Jean Luc and noticed that whatever emotions he was experiencing a moment before was gone behind the mask that he has perfected over the years. Once he had that mask on, there was no chance of taking it off. She sighed and crossed her arms over her chest. "There's a party on Holodeck 3."

He curtly nodded, "Yes, my first officer Will Riker told me about it."

"Care to escort me to the party then? I think being fashionably late with the captain is better than being late by myself." Her face held a mischievous smile. It was infectious.

He shook his head, "No thank you, doctor. There are reports that need my attention."

She looped her arm through his and started dragging him from her office. "Bull. They can wait. You can stay at the party for at least 30 minutes. Then you can claim your weak excuse to bow out early."

Jean Luc allowed a laugh to escape his mouth, "Doctor, I hardly think writing reports is a weak excuse for anything. In fact, it may gain me many sympathy votes from the crew."

"You wanna bet?" The Sickbay door closed behind them.