Blood and Tears.

By TeamDeanWinchester4Ever.

AN: This is between season 2 and 3 of 'supernatural' and Renesmee is 6 yrs old, so looks about 16.

I would like to thank Leprechaun and Hat for putting up with me and the constant supply of food!

Most people would have locked me up years ago, put you guys haven't!


"You disgust me." Sam told Dean, who had stuffed his face with apple pie.

"What, did you want some?" Dean asked, swallowing hard.

They stared out towards LA Push first beach, it was peaceful and Dean hated it.

Peacefulness vexed Dean. He was terriably vexed.

"Jacob!" A bronze haired girl screamed, "No, don't please." She giggled.

"What?" The boy, Jacob asked, "This? Don't do it?" He asked, dumping her into the waves. She screamed and ran after him, her hands full of wet sand, ready to attack him at a moments notice.

Dean laughed at her, "That boy is whipped." He told Sam, who just glared in response.

All of a sudden a silver Volvo parked up next to them and a bronze haired man showed up.

"Renesmee," He shouted, "Get in the car NOW!"

The bronze haired girl, Renesmee, halted her vicious attack on Jacob, who was covered in a ton of wet sand by now.

"Okay, daddy, coming," She sung, her voice echoed like a chime of bells.

Dean stared at Sam, his eyes wide open in shock. That man looked at least seventeen and the girl was what sixteen?

"Dude, what the fuck?" Dean mouthed to Sam.

"I don't know." Sam responded.

Renesmee ran paced them, her movements would have been envied by most dancers, and, as she passed Sam, held her breath.

Her father opened her door for her so that she could get in and, as her father drove away, she waved to Jacob who waved back sadly, his face covered in sand and sadness.

"Looks as though we have a case, Sammy." Dean said, driving away.

AN: The season final of 'supernatural' was good, I still can't believe that Chuck is God.