Chapter 2- Blood- Gallons of the stuff.

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"Nessie, wake up." Jacob whispered into her ear. "You need to get up, you've got to go hunting today." Nessie woke up and rolled over, reluctantly opening her brown eyes that were full of sleep.

"Morning." She replied, getting up to kiss him, wishing to repeat the night before.

"Later.." Jacob told her.

"YOU MUT- I mean Jacob, don't even continue your thoughts on my daughter." Edward shouted up the stairs.

Immediately Nessie was up, getting her hunting outfit on, "I'm so glad that I'm going hunting today." She sighed in false relief.

"What, were you struggling not to bite me?" Jacob asked, playing along with it.

As if to stop Nessie from replying too harshly, Carlisle walked into the room then, "When you two are ready then we can get going."

"Okay grandpa." Nessie went to kiss him on the cheek.

"Someone's in a good mood, Renesmee." Carlisle commented.

Both Renesmee and Jacob left, hand-in-hand, leaving Carlisle to close the door behind them.


Renesmee loved the hunt, she loved the way her hair slapped against her back.

What she didn't like was the feel of blood going down her throat.

She struggled with what she was, she hated knowing that she'd caused her mother pain through out her pregnancy… The only thing that meant she didn't kill herself was Jacob.

Another thing that she loved about the hunt was getting to the mountain lions before her dad.

I'm going to win. She thought to her dad, taunting him.

She knew that she had won when she heard him panting to get there first.

The hunt was easy; even though she was half human, the lion held nothing to her. She could easily dodge the lion's massive paws and get to his jugular vein before anyone, especially her, could get bored.

She lost the thrill, the adrenaline rush, before the lion fell weak.

""They're my favourite, you know." Renesmee quickly spun away from the lifeless corpse quickly to see her father standing there with a crooked grin on his face- her mother's favourite. "You're not meant to go for them." Her father scolded her.

"I'm sorry daddy." She gave him a gleaming smile in a desperate attempt to avoid getting told off. It didn't work, her teeth were covered in blood. " You know I can't resist a challenge, I'm too much like you."

Edward was over in a second, making sure that Renesmee hadn't hurt herself and he turned it into keeping her as child-like as possible by tickling her. Her chime like laugh sparkled throughout the forest.

"You shouldn't blame yourself, it was never your fault." Edward told her, blaming himself a little for the guilt that his daughter felt for something that was his fault.

"It wasn't your fault either, Edward." Bella, Renesmee's mother, was standing there and scolding them both.

"I know." They both replied in unison.


Dean stared in horror at the clip of Renesmee and her family hunting. The clip that Castiel just showed him.

Dean couldn't believe it, how could they be dangerous? They hunted animals, not humans and they acted like a normal family.

If a coven of vampires could be considered a normal family. Dean told himself. Although, that's a bit rich coming from me, how much of my childhood was being a hunter?

"What the-" Dean started.

"Yeah, Dean, I know." Castiel told him.

"Fork's is breeding freaks." Dean said, falling into his old joking stance.

"Dean, please be serious." Castiel told him.

"I am" Dean insisted. "What should I do to destroy them?" He asked Castiel, but the angel had already disappeared.

One day, Dean would get use to that, but the day didn't seem like that was coming soon.