Okay, here is the very first chapter of the sequel to "From the Shadows". This story is being written in a collaboration with a friend of mine, fellow author Blazorna aka Kamen Rider Thorn. He is a very talented writer, especially if you enjoy Kamen Rider and School Days. I haven't read Kamen Rider, but I have seen the School Days anime and it's freaking awesome. Blaze is also a bit of freak, so if you think that the first story was good (which was his idea in the first place), then think about just how twisted its sequel will be. But that's what happens when you pair two psychotic people together to make a fic. ^_^ Anyway, we hope you enjoy the first chapter.

From the Shadows: Tormented Soul

Chapter 1

Geoff watched as the images on the television set flickered, a tiny smirk playing on his lips. The volume was rather low, but he was still able to hear the audio perfectly.

"Now this is entertainment," he murmured to himself, shifting slightly in his leather seat.

Flashing on the screen of the TV was a video that he had recorded only a week ago. There were three teenaged girls in the film, all of them bound with pieces of duct tape. One girl was hogtied, lying on her side and surrounded by a pool of blood. It was obvious that she was dead, for her chest had been savagely split open. Her curly red hair was coagulated with blood, stiffening into a sticky mess. The second girl had short black hair in a pixie-cut, and her tanned trembling body was covered in lacerations. A blood-stained whip was nearby, only inches away from her curled-up form. The third and final girl in the film had light brown hair in a ponytail, and she was lying on her back, screaming through a gag that had been stuffed in her mouth. Her bound legs were drawn up close to her chest, and a young man was brutally raping her, pounding his member into her virgin core.

Geoff watched in amusement, his eyes never leaving the screen. The young man in the video was none other than himself. The footage had been filmed directly from his apartment, as he found it to be the best place to shoot his private videos. Parts of his living room could be seen in the film, with the mahogany china cabinet only a few feet away from the deceased redhead. A few framed pictures could be seen hanging on the wall in the background, yet the focus on them was not very clear.

Muffled cries filled his ears, and Geoff looked over to the corner of the room where the sounds were coming from. Two girls were writhing on the floor, helpless as their wrists were secured behind their backs with pieces of rope. Their ankles had been bound together as well, and ball gags had been shoved into their mouths. Geoff stared at the naked girls for several seconds, watching as they feverishly attempted to scream and break free of their bonds. Two discarded school uniforms were on the floor nearby, consisting of their red short-sleeved shirts, white pleated skirts, white ties, knee-socks, headbands, and shoes. Two pairs of red panties were amongst the pile of clothing as well.

The young man chuckled softly at their pathetic attempts of freedom. "You know, it is very entertaining to watch you two struggle like that. It's obvious that your efforts are useless, but I still enjoy watching the spectacle."

The college girls were crying through their gags, tears running down their faces in terror. One of the girls had long wavy brown hair and green eyes. She was the shorter of the two girls and had larger breasts than her friend. Geoff licked his lips as he saw those twin peaks jiggle as she continued to writhe. The other girl had straight platinum-blond hair and light blue eyes. Her sweaty bangs were plastered over her forehead from her tiresome struggles. Although her breasts were smaller, she had long graceful legs and a rear end that caused Geoff to harden in his pants.

Across the room from the girls was a video camera, which had been propped on top of the TV. Taking a sip from a nearby glass, Geoff emptied its contents and placed it back on the coffee table. He then rose to his feet and made his way over to the camera, where he promptly switched it on.

"So, are you girls ready for a bit of fun?" he asked teasingly, flashing them a sadistic half-smile. "I sure am."

The girls vehemently shook their heads, their eyes wide with panic. The tiny green light on the video camera sent a chill up their spines, for they knew what was to come. Geoff calmly began to undress, ignoring their muffled screams and sobs as they desperately yanked at their ropes. Within seconds, the young man was completely naked, and he neatly folded his clothing. Setting the small pile on the couch, he switched off one of the lights to make the room dimmer.

Geoff then crouched down beside the girls, pulling the brunette into his lap. The dark-haired girl's screams grew louder, and she tried her hardest to escape from his grip. Her blond friend attempted to kick him, but with her ankles bound together, she was unable to land a powerful blow. Geoff ignored the blond for the time being and concentrated on the brunette, lustfully groping at her large breasts. The girl cried out, screaming for help through the ball gag in her mouth. She fused her eyes shut, trying to convince herself that everything was just a nightmare that she would wake up in her bed. Yet his warm, exploring hands proved otherwise, and he continued to knead the mounds of flesh. He pinched her nipples sharply, before bringing one of his hands to her bound legs. Geoff managed to slide his fingers between them and touched her womanhood, feeling her jump from the gesture.

The girl was not wet, but he rubbed her mound to cause friction. The brunette groaned and squirmed in his lap, trying to keep herself from growing moist. Yet the task proved to be difficult and soon her juices dampened the young man's fingers. Geoff smirked and licked his fingers clean, tasting her sweetness.

"Mmm..." His eyes met her terrified ones and he quickly threw her back down onto the floor, on her stomach.

With the college girl thrashing, Geoff roughly pulled her up by the hips so that she was on her knees with her ass in the air. He then mounted her and slowly slid his member up to her exposed core. Rubbing his wet tip against her ever-so-slightly, he could hear the girl's whimpers.

"Relax," he said in a soft voice. "This isn't going to hurt."

He then brutally rammed himself into her, feeling his balls smack against her rear end. The brunette screamed from the sudden force, then choked through her gag. Geoff grabbed her shoulders and began to thrust his hips back and forth, pounding into her with ferocity. Although he could tell that the girl was not a virgin, the intensity of his thrusts seemed to be hurting her.

Nearby, the blond schoolgirl was watching helplessly as her friend was raped, desperately wishing that she could do something. She yanked at her restaints as hard as she could, hoping to either snap the rope or cause it to slide just enough to free her. Yet no matter how frantically she tried to break free, her attempts remained futile.

Geoff smirked at her maliciously, before grabbing onto her friend's hips. From there, he slammed his member into her inner walls as hard as he could, sending jolts up the girl's entire body. The brunette wailed through the gag, her cries mixing with choked coughing as well. His fingers dug into her hard enough to leave bruises, and although his nails were not long, tiny crescent marks were beginning to imprint into her skin from the pressure.

"Enjoying yourself?" Geoff asked mockingly.

He raped her for another ten painstaking minutes, before finally climaxing. With a shudder, he spurted his seed deep inside her. While he filled her core with his fluids, he roughly yanked her by her hair, causing her to be only on her knees. The brunette winced from the pain in her scalp, then groaned as Geoff reached around to assault her breasts once again. Her tormenter leaned over and nipped at the side of her neck, biting her lightly. Geoff felt his member twitch as the last of his semen spurted inside her, then clamped his teeth down on her neck even harder. The dark-haired schoolgirl let out a bloodcurdling scream through her gag, feeling as his teeth sank deep into the tender area. Blood squirted as Geoff bit down as hard as he could, feeling the flesh and muscles becoming severed.

The blond girl was yelling obsceneties at the young man through her own gag. She watched in horror as rivlets of blood trickled down her best friend's neck, then yelped as Geoff pulled his head away. Geoff spat out a large chunk of flesh, then licked his bloody lips clean.

"You're friend tastes good," he remarked cruelly. "I can't decide whether I enjoy her blood or her juices more."

For emphasis, he slipped a finger into the brunette's womanhood for a moment, then extracted it to lick it clean. His bitten victim was shuddering, sobbing from the excrutiating pain in her neck.

Geoff brutally slammed the girl back down, making her lie on her back. Because her hands were bound behind her back, she was at a slightly awkward angle. Yet Geoff did not seem to care and he straddled her waist. There was a long, rectangular box that he had put near the girls earlier. Ironically, it contained items that would've saved them, had they been able to use their hands. With a sardonic grin, Geoff pulled out one of the items, revealing it to be a handsaw. The brunette's green eyes nearly bulged out of her head, and she let out a muffled scream that was louder than any of her previous ones. Her friend was wailing as well, struggling desperately to help her.

The tiny green light on the video camera seemed to be taunting them, staring at them as if it were an eye. It recorded their screams, their struggles, their tortures...

Without speaking a word, Geoff calmly moved the saw down to the brunette's large breasts, positioning it directly under her right one. The college girl shook her head frantically, hoping to deter his intention. Yet Geoff only smiled and shook his head in response, then began to work the saw back and forth.

The blond tore her gaze away as she saw the teeth of the saw begin to sink into her friend's breast. The dark-haired girl wailed in agony and writhed beneath Geoff, twitching and shuddering as the saw sank in deeper through her peak. Blood spurted in every direction, showering herself, Geoff, her friend, and their surroundings. The blade was soon coated with her blood as well, and Geoff wasn't even close to finishing. He held her breast in place with one of his hands, allowing his other to drag the saw back and forth while he cut upward towards the top of the mound. After a few more grueling minutes, the brunette's right breast had been completely cut off and was cast aside. She was shuddering immensely, suffering from blood loss and gut-wrenching pain. Her screams had died down to choked whimpers, and tears were streaming from her twitching eyes.

"We're getting there," Geoff told her softly, positioning the the blade under her remaining breast. "Halfway done..."

More blood splattered as the teeth of the saw cut away into the poor girl's flesh, slicing it away painstakingly slow. The blond schoolgirl was now curled into a ball, sobbing through her gag as her friend's blood continued to spray onto her. Her blue eyes were fused shut, refusing to watch the spectacle any longer. Bile rose to the back of her throat, but she managed to swallow it back down. Yet no matter how hard she tried to shut out the sounds of her friend's groans and weakened cries, they continued to echo in her ears, haunting her.

After another minute or so, Geoff finally cut through the remainder of the breast, then cast it aside like he had done with the other one. Blood was gushing out of the girl's chest wounds, pooling around her body. The young man licked away a bit of blood that had splashed onto his face, before he rose to his feet. He extracted another item from the rectangular box, yet he kept his eyes glued on his dying victim. The brunette was convulsing, and more blood was seeping through her ball gag, running down the sides of her face.

"I think it's time for me to put you out of your misery," he said, holding the object over his head. "I believe that you've suffered enough. Besides, I'm sure that your friend wants to play a bit."

The dark-haired girl stared up at him weakly, her eyes twitching to stay open. Upon seeing the heavy sledgehammer wrapped in his fingers, she felt her heart sink. At the same time, her blond friend looked up to see what Geoff was about to do. Her eyes widened in distress and she immediately cried out.

"Mmmmmm!" Although it was muffled, it was obvious that she was screaming 'no'.

However, Geoff rammed the sledgehammer down anyway, crushing the brunette's face from the impact. Blood sprayed in every direction in a crimson mist, now staining the sledgehammer. The scarlett splashed onto Geoff and his next victim, who gaped in horror as she saw her friend's mutilated face. Her nose had been crushed, and bloody bits of teeth were imbedded in the ball gag. After a few seconds of twitching, the dark-haired schoolgirl ceased moving, succumbing to her wounds.

The video camera had recorded the entire sickening ordeal. It now seemed to be waiting in anticipation for the next torture, its tiny green light staring directly at them. Geoff put the sledgehammer down on the floor, then moved away from the dead girl. He crouched down next to his remaining victim, running his fingers through her silky locks. The girl tried to wrench her head away from his touch, but was easily overpowered. Geoff brought his face close to hers and began to lick away the blood that had splashed onto it. He smiled, savoring the thick, red drops. The blond schoolgirl writhed in his grip, praying that someone would come barreling through the door to come to her rescue. Yet deep down, she knew that no one would ever show.

"Well, I don't think it's fair that I've ignored you all this time. I'll make it up to you," Geoff told her, his warm breath against her ear.

His victim shuddered, trying her hardest to remain calm. Yet the task was not exactly something that could be achieved after one watches their best friend being brutally raped and tortured to death. To her surprise, she felt him reach around to the back of her head, where the fasteners of the gag were.

"I'll undo your gag," he told her. "But, if you dare to bite me, not only will I yank out your teeth one by one, but I'll cut your tongue out while I'm at it, too. And please don't doubt that I will, for I actually find the aspect of doing that to be exciting."

Geoff unfastened the gag, pulling the ball out of her mouth. The blond immediately gasped for more air, coughing and sobbing as she did so. The muscles near her mouth were a bit sore from the ball being in it for so long, and there were two marks near the corners of her lips from the leather of the gag.

"So, do you promise that you won't try to bite me?" Geoff asked her as he grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her closer. "Because if you do, I have a pair of pliers with your name on it..."

"I-I promise," she choked out, flinching from his grip.

Her tormenter smiled, then stood up straight. As he did so, he pulled her up along with him so that she was on her knees. Before the blond could protest, he forced his member into her mouth. She let out a muffled cry as his hardening length neared the back of her dry throat. Geoff held her head there, keeping a vice-like grip on her scalp.

"Remember what I said about biting," he said in a soft, yet chilling voice.

The schoolgirl whimpered, tasting the fluids that had begun to dry on his manhood. She felt her stomach churn, knowing that she was also tasting her deceased friend's juices. His member grew harder with each passing second, until he finally rammed his entire length down her throat. He also pulled her head closer, making it so that her nose was pressed up against his groin. With the cock in her throat, she found that she had no way to breathe. She tried to pull her head away as her air supply depleted, unable to to push him away with her hands. However, Geoff continued to keep his grip on her hair tight, not allowing her to push him away. The girl began to choke and attempted to open her mouth even further to breathe, but she was unable to do so since her face was squashed up against him.

Geoff chuckled sadistically. "Lacking a bit in the oxygen department?"

His victim began to make obvious choking signs, desperate to be freed. After a few more seconds, Geoff finally withdrew himself from her mouth. The blond immediately began to gasp for air in a coughing fit, barely aware of the small amount of drool that was leaking from the corner of her mouth. She glanced over at the dreaded video camera, wanting to smash it into a million pieces as it continued to record her torment.

"You bastard," she muttered.

Geoff raised an eyebrow, yet did not say anything, as it seemed that she was talking to the camera rather than himself. Naked, he wandered over to the corner of the room to retrieve something that he had not been able to fit inside the rectangular box.

The girl noticed this and swallowed. "Wha-what are you doing?"

Instead of replying, he bent over to pick up a heavy object, then studied it for a moment. Since his back was facing her, the blond could not see what it was. It didn't take her long to find out, however, for Geoff turned back around after a second. Held tightly in his right hand was a pick-axe, its blade glimmering slightly in the dim lights.

"What are you going to do with that?" the girl demanded, trying to hide her fear.

The young man merely smirked, then crouched down beside her. Just as his victim was about to ask him again, he forced her down onto her back. The blond screamed as he held up the pick-axe, then tried to roll away from him. Yet her attempt to escape him proved to be useless, for Geoff easily grabbed hold of her and yanked her back. He pinned her down on the floor with one hand, holding the weapon in his other.

"Open your mouth," he told her in gentle, yet firm voice.

She vehemently shook her head, fusing her mouth closed as tight as she could. Unfazed, Geoff climbed on top of her used his fingers to open her mouth himself, only to be nipped by her teeth.

"You fucking bastard!" she yelled. "Get away from me!"

Geoff raised an eyebrow incredulously, then finally rammed the pick-axe down anyway. The girl screamed, only to feel the pointed tip go directly into her mouth. It impaled the back of her throat, stabbing its way out through the back of her neck, where it pinned her to the floor. Her blue eyes were wide with shock, and blood began to bubble from her mouth. It gurgled over the side of her mouth, where it spilled and stained her hair crimson. With the pick-axe pinning her to the floor, Geoff took a carving knife out of his box. For the next several minutes, he sliced and peeled her skin away in large pieces, setting the bloody sheets off to the side. His victim wailed in anguish, coughing up blood with each cry. Like her friend, she began to convulse as she slowly succumbed to her wounds. By now the skin from her chest and stomach had been cut away, and Geoff was beginning to work on her left arm.

The young man had a wry smile on his face, as if he were intrigued with the sickening torture. After several more excrutiating seconds, the fair-haired schoolgirl shuddered, growing limp. Her blue eyes began to grow dull and vacant, staring lifelessly up at the ceiling. Geoff continued his work until he was finished, which included in removing the skin on her face as well. He chuckled as he looked at the facial skin, which looked like a bloody mask. Gathering up the blood-coated sheets of skin, he nonchalantly began to hang them up on a wire with clothespins to dry them, as if he were hanging laundry up to dry. There were already a few sheets of skin on the wire already, which were completely dry from a different victim.

Once he was done with the task, he made his way over to the video camera and switched it off, watching as the tiny green light turned red. He then walked into the bathroom to shower, paying no attention to the corpses in his living room. Geoff scrubbed away the traces of blood and semen, taking his time to clean himself thoroughly. He emerged ten minutes later wearing only a pair of black shorts, his skin glistening with moisture. With a yawn, the young man went into the kitchen, where he took a clean glass out of his cabinet. Pouring a bit of Merlot red wine into the glass, he took a careless glance into his living room, noting that he would have to scrub the walls and floor clean later. With the glass half full with wine, he recorked the bottle and set it off to the side near the windowsill to let the cool air get at it. Geoff walked over to the refrigerator and pulled out a glass jar that contained a thick, crimson liquid. He opened the jar and tilted it into his glass, allowing the red substance to fill the cup to the brim. He then reclosed the jar and put it back into the fridge, swirling his glass to let the two liquids mix.

Geoff walked back into the living room and set the glass down onto the coffee table that was beside his leather chair. He then spent the next few minutes getting his new video set up in his VCR, before sitting down in the chair. Pushing a button on his remote control, he sat back and began to watch the spectacle that he had just recorded. Bringing the glass to his lips, he watched the video with an amused half-smile. He drank the thick liquid in his cup, licking away the access that remained on his lips as he watched himself sexually assault and torture the two college girls on film.

Geoff glanced at the sheets of skin on the wire, musing to himself on how nice they'd look on his chair once they were finished drying. His seat was actually only partially made of leather, but the patches made nice additions. Human skin was, after all, a good substitute for leather in his opinion. He looked back at the screen, relishing the gruesome torment he had put the girls through. As he watched, he took another sip of his beverage, savoring the taste. Alcohol and black cherries from the wine made it pleasantly flavored.

And the metallic taste of blood makes it even better, he thought to himself.

Alright, then! That concludes the first chapter! Now keep in mind that even if this doesn't seem like a Takumi story, it is. I mean, the first "From the Shadows" started out in a similar fashion. But anyway, Blaze and I hope you like it, so please review!