"You two are the most ridiculous boys Abby's ever met, ya know that?"

Hoagie and Wally flinched in wake of her verbal beating, and then winced again as their lobster-red skin seared painfully. Abby's eyes softened slightly and she shook her head fondly at them.

They were standing in her kitchen one humid June evening. She hadn't expected them back so soon, as the three of them, plus Kuki, had spent the day at the beach and they had left an hour ago. Kuki was upstairs changing into her pajamas, oblivious to her best friends' current predicament.

"Help?" Hoagie squeaked, afraid of moving too much, for his sunburn was indeed quite painful. Abby sighed and made a beeline for the ground floor bathroom with the boys trailing behind her like lost puppies.

"Abby told ya to wear sunblock, but no, says Wally, sunblock is for wimps," she scolded them and Wally looked rightfully shameful as she popped open the medicine chest. Fumbling for a moment, Abby pulled out a bottle of what looked like green gloop; the much loved aloe vera, essential for those who venture into the sun and return with their skin an embarrassed and blistered crimson.

There was a muffled snickering from the doorway. Standing there, clad in her threadbare slippers, red sleep shorts, and purple tank top was Kuki, doubled up with laughter that she was failing to stifle with her hand. A few onyx strands escaped her ponytail and hung around her eyes, wide orbs that were tearing up with amusement. "You look like volcano demons!"

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