Lois Lane screamed in pain as she gave birth to her first child with Clark Kent, commonly known as the legendary superhero Superman.

"Come on, Lois, you can do it! Push!" Clark yelled. Lois kept screaming for five minutes as the child was coming out from its mother's body. Then the mother gasped in relief as the baby was out.

Immediately, the doctor announced, "It's a baby girl!" Clark smiled. The doctor wrapped the girl in a pink towel and carefully put the baby in Lois' arms. The baby girl wasn't crying, but her eyes were blue and wide. Clark sat by Lois and asked, "What should we name her?"

Lois looked at her husband and then at the child. "Lara."

The baby girl squealed at the name. Perhaps she liked the name. Lois and Clark laughed.

Five years later, on Lara's fifth birthday, her parents were throwing a big birthday party at their mansion. "Mommy, Daddy, will I ever have a baby brother or sister?" Lara asked as she tugged at Clark's sleeve. Her father was tall, but Lara didn't feel tiny. Clark looked at Lois and chuckled. "Have you ever wondered why Mommy's stomach so big?" He picked his young daughter up and Lara gasped, "I'm going to be a big sister?" Clark nodded.

Lara yelled, "Yay!" Lois laughed. They couldn't help that their daughter was so adorable with her bright blue eyes and long brown hair. Clark put his daughter down.

Lara giggled. She looked at the fireplace in the living room and walked over to it. Immediately, Clark was alarmed. "Lara, stay away from the fire!" Lara looked at her father and then at the fire. The fire had always amazed her. Then she sneezed and the fire went out. Lois and Clark gasped. "Mommy, Daddy, did I kill the fire?" Lara asked innocently.

To make sure, they were wrong or right, Clark said, "Lara, sweetie, do you think that you can fly?"

Lara put her finger to her mouth and thought for a while. "I don't know. Can I?" Lara said excitably. Lara jumped and suddenly she was floating.

"Clark." Lois warned. "I thought.."

"We were wrong." Clark said.

Their daughter had superpowers.