Hay guys this is my first fanfic so be gentle please and I hope you enjoy :) Sarah X

Chapter 1


"You're a complete asshat, you know that right" Claire growled at her husband Shane. It was midnight, she was pregnant and wanted pickled gherkins but Shane wouldn't get them for her.

"Why can't you get them yourself? You do still posses the ability to walk don't you?" He said half asleep with a pillow stuffed in his face.

"Fine, but I hope you know that my child has no father" Claire hissed as she heaved herself out of the bed. She was about 8 and half months pregnant and normally wasn't allowed to do anything. She started to toddle downstairs, a trip that would normally only take five minutes tops but for Claire it was usually half an hour before she got to the fridge and back up into her comfy bed with her lazy ass of a husband.

Claire grumbled all the way down the stairs about how lazy and annoying Shane was until she reached to bottom step. She looked around the silent living room. There were no lights on, Michael and Eve must be up in bed now. It was creepy and she knew better than to stand in the dark in Morganville. As she reached for the light switch she felt someone move behind her. She snapped round as fast as she could, clutching at her huge pregnant belly. No one was there great she thought I'm going crazy.

"Hello Claire" That voice. She knew that voice, it was in her nightmares. He was dead, he couldn't be here it just wasn't possible. She slowly turned around not wanting to believe what was so obviously true. She could feel her heartbeat I her ears and her palms were sweaty where they clutched at her stomach protecting her unborn child. Her breath caught in her chest when she came face to face with the source of the voice Shane, scream, do something. Don't just stand there. Make a noise! A small voice screamed in her head but she couldn't comply she couldn't move. She had just met the devil, the source of her previous pain and suffering.

Dean and he had a knife meeting her cheek.

He gave her a cold hard stare and smiled a hair raising toothy grin, she felt blood running down her cheek from where the knife cut into her skin it was then that she finally found her voice. Claire opened her mouth and screamed a glass breaking screech which echoed off the walls. Deans smile only widened and he turned and ran away. As Claire heard shouting and running down the stairs she felt a stabbing pain in her stomach Oh No was all she could think as the floor suddenly rushed up at her. She looked up to see Shane racing towards her just before she blacked out.