Hey guys Im bak and i know that this chap is quite short but I will be updating soon Also I know this may be confusing but i've changed the age of the baby from 1 month to 4 months i realised that there was certain things that she did that didnt fit with her age

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The car ride home was torture. Eve was silent in the driver seat beside me, tears running down her face. For dome reason the tears would not come for me anymore, whether it was because I had cried myself out or because I was so hollow inside now I did not know. I could not see how I was going to get past this, how I could deal with it.

The car slowed to a stop as we pulled up at the Glass house. Eve patted my knee as she got out of the car, I sat still for another heartbeat before following her. I walked up the path and got as far as the doorway before stopping. Shane should be her to hold my hand, I could not walk past all of the things that reminded me of my daughter by myself. I was not strong enough.

"Claire, honey. You have to come in side. Please." Eve looked out at me from the hallway, pleading me with her eyes to step inside the house. I took a deep breathe and nodded.

As soon as I stepped into the hallway and closed the door, I felt a warm spread over me as if to chase away the hollow feeling that had been growing in my gut. It was the house. I was often grateful of this and the fact that the house seemed to care for each one of us usually comforts me, but it would not work today. I doubt it would ever work for me again.

Eve came and wrapped me up in a warm hug, I barely responded before shrugging her off and making my way down the hall, towards the staircase. When I got to the first step I noticed one of Lisa's stuffed animals, a giraffe I picked it up, hugging it close to my chest and continued up stairs leaving Eve staring after me with sad sympathetic eyes.

I could not go to the room which I shared with Shane, there would too many memories to deal with. Instead I went into the only room where the was barely any trace of my baby, Shane's old bedroom. Once I got inside I shut the door and slid down onto the floor, my legs not able to hold me anymore. I do not know how long I lay on the floor beside the door, hugging the giraffe teddy to my chest and letting the grief roll over me in waves of pure misery. My family was gone, my parents…..my daughter. My one real chance at happiness had just vanished. Gone up in flames.

At this thought I crumbled again. Covering my mouth with my hand to try and muffle my screams that I could not help letting out. Where was Shane, he was supposed to lie here with me, hold me and tell me everything was going to be okay even though both of us would know that, that it was a lie.

I was soon at the point of exhaustion and was almost asleep when I heard the faint sounds of something breaking down the stairs. I slowly stood up and stretched my tense muscles before opening the door and making my way down to the kitchen.

"Eve? Are you okay?" I called down, my voice hoarse from screaming. The house was silent.

I reached to bottom of the stairs and suddenly felt very exposed and vulnerable. I quickly ran towards the kitchen where I thought Eve was. When I opened the door I gave a bloodcurdling scream. Eve was lying face down. In a pool of her own blood.

I ran over to her, pulling my cell phone out at the same time. I turned her over and felt bile rise up in my throat. Her throat was slit. I tried checking for a pulse but could not get a proper try at her neck because of the long, deep gash going across it.

"No Eve, you do not get to do this to me, not today." I mumbled forcefully to her as I dialed for an ambulance on my phone, not caring that my keypad now had blood on it.

91…That is as far as I got because as I was about to hit the last 1 I censed someone behind me. I whipped round fast to see the devil standing in the kitchen smiling at me, my stomach twisted.

Before I could move, blink, scream or press that last 1, he had grabbed my hair, almost pulling it out of my skull. Dragging me out of the kitchen and away from a severely injured or dead Eve.

"Now, Claire. Pay backs a bitch and I have been waiting a very, very long time for this." Dean hissed in my ear before throwing me across the room so that I crashed into the couch, effectively overturning it and cracking my head in the coffee table. The world spun as I stood and I felt like I was going to be sick. The phone lay broken on the floor along with the teddy which had smeared blood all over it.

As Dean closed in on me again I felt my knees buckle and before I knew it I was kneeling on the ground. Dean came up behind me, laughing at my feeble attempts to escape. I had to escape, survive this. Shane needed me, I could not leave him all alone.

"Urg, I have had enough of the silly games." Dean said boredom evident in his tone. He grabbed one of my ankles and dragged me backwards.

"EVE! HELP ME! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!" I screamed so loud it echoed throughout the whole house. I tried to dig my nails into the floorboards, they only left nail marks along with a long, smeared bloody hand print along the floor leading towards a portal.

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