Annabeth Laid on her bunk bed feeling completely frustrated. She just came back from a walk with Percy but You couldn't really call it a walk when they never left his cabin.

They spent a hour making out and When she says making out, She mean heated kissing half naked in only their underwear.

Percy stopped them right before she reached to unclasp her bra which she is grateful to have b-cup breasts but when she met Percy she was basically flat chested. But a lot changes over five year time even her feelings on Sex.

She thought about sex all the time now and whenever she is around Percy, Annabeth feels herself get wet whenever he smiles.

It wasn't only her that changed, Percy grown into a full man. His skin was sun kissed from Apollo himself. His body always smelt like the ocean and Sally Jackson's blue cookies. Those two thing smelt intoxicating that Annabeth sometimes wanted to rip his clothes all off in front of anyone even Chiron.

Percy's Muscles tripled in size and She had been fortunate to rub against his bottom half and from her experiences, he was very well endowed.

Annabeth felt herself grow wet just thinking about Percy's privates. She sat up and opened her side drawer to see her allowance money squished in the clear case and the box of condoms she had bought just for this summer. Too bad her plans of using them was failing everyday that passed.

She then got off her bed and pulled her suitcase that was the color of the ocean, A suitcase she saw when shopping with Percy and couldn't get over the fact that the green color was just like his eyes. After a few Arguments and a few tears on Annabeth Part, Percy bought it for her.

Now she held all of her undergarments in it.

She opened the suitcase to reveal all of the Victoria Secret Panties and Bra.

Annabeth searched the whole bag to find her favorite bra and thong.

They were a Emerald green set that she bought that Christmas for a surprise for Percy.

The Bra was see through lace and the thong was lacy but not see through. Annabeth then pulled out her other suitcase to find a tight blue Tank top that she found in a matter of mere second and then a Matching White skirt that sways around her thighs tightly and stops mid-thigh.

In them she looked hot but not a slut, She has seen the Aphrodite girls wear much worse. but the Tank top and skirt will surely get Percy to notice.


A few hours later Annabeth stood in the Athena's bathroom fixing her makeup that consisted of Mascara, Lipstick, lip-gloss, eye-shadow, and blush. She opened her sink cabinet and grabbed the body mist that said ocean breeze and sprayed it over herself and her clothes.

One of Annabeth's half sister walked in and whistled.

"You know it is dinner not a hot date, unless you are planning something afterwards with Seaweed brain" Stella said and Annabeth turned and face her half sister that she was actually very close to.

"I'm planning to actually take the next step in mine and Percy's relationship." Annabeth informed and She gripped the sink behind her.

"Whoa girl, Then just take it" Stella giggled.

"But I'm not the only one in charge of the Relationship. It has to be a joint decision. What if Percy doesn't want to?" Annabeth bit her lip.

"Okay listen, You outfit basically screams you have been sex deprived and that you are ready to ride some waves with Percy. If you get the drift. If he didn't want to have sex with you, then that won't be a problem tonight." Stella informed and Annabeth let out a giggle.

They said goodbye before leaving in seperate ways


At Dinner Annabeth saw that Percy couldn't keep his eyes off her. As she went up to the fire to send an offering to Athena her mother. She shove half her serving into the fire and prayed.

Mother I don't care if you don't approve of me and Percy but please help me convince him to make love with me tonight. I love you Mother.

There was no way to be sure that Athena would answer her pray but when she saw Percy go up there and take a few more seconds to send an offering to Poseidon. She took it as a good thing.

When dinner was over and it was time for Campfire, Percy ran up to her and wrapped and arm around her waist tightly.

His nose nuzzled into her neck and Annabeth met eyes with Stella who nodded and laughed.

She had till after Campfire to convine him.

They took a seat in the back as Apollo cabin lead the singing.

"Why are you dressed like that?" Percy asked with amusement in his tone. His hand was rubbing circles on her bare thigh under her skirt.

"Well I was thinking we could do something special tonight. Other then just making out." Annabeth gulped slight looking into Percy's Green eyes while he looked into her storming gray ones.

"Like what?" He tested slight and anger flared up in her that made the fire flicker higher in uncontrollable flames.

"Gods, are you that Clueless?" Annabeth hissed and Chiron looked over at the young couple worried.

"I just want to know. No need to direct your attitude at me." Percy hissed back quietly not wanting to gain the attention of other campers.

"I want to make love Percy. But you keep pulling back like you think I am repulsive." Annabeth cried softly as tears flooded to her eyes and shock filled Percy's own eyes.

"Annabeth. No I don't think you are repulsive, I pull away because I didn't know you were ready. Sweetie, You don't have to dress cute to confront me about these things. I want to make love with you. Gods You have no idea how much I want to." Percy whispered into her ear.

Annabeth calmed down and stayed closely tucked into Percy's arms as the campfire continued.

"I love you" Percy claimed into her ear as the Campfire started to go to a close. Some campers has already left for bed but Annabeth and Percy was just starting the night as Percy kissed her softly.

"We should ask Chiron if it's okay for me to stay the night at your cabin." Annabeth said and then she looked at him with her innocent eyes. "Good thing Tyson isn't here this summer."

"Yeah, Many things to be built in the forges" Percy agreed but didn't sound upset that his half brother was down in the forges beneath the ocean. Percy was actually happy that they were going to be taking the next step in their relationship and with Tyson snoring away in the bunk next to his wasn't very ideal.

After the Campfire Percy and Annabeth walked up to Chiron.

"Annabeth and Percy, you guys almost got into it during Campfire." Chiron warned them time and time again not to have agruments during camp activies but They wouldn't listen.

"We Have a question. I want to stay in Percy's cabin over night. Is that possible?" Annabeth asked before Chiron's eyebrows rose in question.

Please Say yes.

Chiron let out a breath.

"Just use protection, Okay?" Percy and Annabeth although blushing knowing that their plan was revealed to Chiron, nodded quickly before thanking him and walking off to Percy's cabin.


Percy and Annabeth was making out on his bed. They had already stripped off her Tank top and and His shirt. But they were taking things slow because both was very much nervous.

Annabeth let out a soft moan as Percy kissed down her jaw and to her neck and shoulder. Biting softly as he went.

Percy wasn't shocked at the noise but something about her moan was different from the other times they were making out. Probably because they knew this time it was going to happen. This time they would be together in more ways then one.

Percy pulled away from her neck to see the love bite he had inflicted on her tan skin.

Annabeth ran her hands up and down Percy's stomach circling his belly butten and rubbing his abs, caressing them as she let out another moan.

"Percy!" Annabeth let out as Percy latched his mouth to the top of her right breast. His tongue tasting. Somehow Her left leg found it's way around his hip as he was hovered over her.

Their bodies was pulled closer and Annabeth felt Percy's attraction hardening as Percy let out a groan before going behind her back to unclasp the bra. His mouth returned to hers as they clung to one another.

Their kisses were more demanding as Annabeth now had both legs wrapped tightly around his waist and everytime they moved their intimate areas rubbed against each other, Causing them both to moan and groan in pleasure.

"Annabeth, baby" Percy moaned as her nails dug into his back and his hand slipped over her waist curves and underneath my thong waistband..

He pulled the underwear off her and stared down at her body and pulled her legs away from his waist and started to kiss down her stomach. His mouth stayed at her belly button and licked into it and sucked. Annabeth moaned out as her hand buried themselves into his dark hair, her palms trying to pushed his head further down.

"stop.. Teasing" Annabeth said breathlessly. Percy chuckled against her stomach and traveled further down to her thighs. He licked her inner thigh before traveling to her shaved wet pussy.

Juices were leaking out in waves as His eyes remembered every outer part. The Labia that were drenched in her juices. The slick clit that was swollen and erected. The small tight wet hole that he would be pushing into in any second.

Without warning he blew cold air onto her pussy and Annabeth shivered in delight. her hand gripping his hair as more juices flowed out. Her legs widen even more, Ready for any pentration.

Percy leaned forward and lick her quickly but stopped at the clit before using his lips to wrap around it and suck softly at first then he started to tug on the senistive nub.

Moans filled the air and Percy grinned pulling away. His fingers found her tight entrance and he let one enterand it seemed like Annabeth felt nothing as she continued to moan.

He entered a second finger feeling Annabeth tense but then let out a moan. He fingered her while kissing her stomach in comfort if she needed it.

"more.." Annabeth moaned moving her hands from his head to the bedsheet. She gripped tightly in pleasure right before Percy entered two more fingers.

She let out a small scream of pain before relaxing back onto the bed feeling the pleasure rush back to her at full force.

She knew soon she would cum. She let out a loud moan.

"Percy. God I'm about to.. Ah" She moaned as Percy captured her clit into his mouth and sucked. His fingers were thrusting that was when Annabeth let out and laid boneless as her organsm ripped through her and let waves of white wet sticky juices flow out of her.

Percy pulled away from her and then moved to cover her whole body. His stripped off his boxers and Annabeth looked down gulped. She was right. He was very big, huge actually.

"Are you sure?" Percy asked worried and Annabeth nodded before touching his member softly.

"God. Are you going to fit?" Annabeth said as Percy groan

"I don't know, But you should stop." Annabeth giggled before Percy reached into his drawer and pulled out the box of condoms and opened it and pulled out a package.

"Come on" Annabeth said getting impatient. Her ADHD was a problem when waiting. But since they have been making out she hasn't gotten bored until this moment. Percy kissed her softly before opening the package and then rolled the rubber onto his cock.

"Are you sure? I don't want you regret anything"Percy said rubbing his tip to her clit and then around her entrance.

"I'm sure. I never regret anything that you do." Annabeth said placing a hand on his cheek. "I love you."

"I love you too" Percy said before kissing her and thrusting slowly into her. He saw Annabeth tense up as she was being stretched and Tears begin to flow down her cheeks as Percy broke past her barrier.

A sob filled the room as Annabeth hugged Percy tightly and Percy stopped moving.

"No don't stop, it will pass" Annabeth said as Percy stared into her eyes.

"I want it be that you are feeling pleasure too." Percy said and Annabeth smiled knowing his concern.

"It's always bad the first time. Percy don't worry you already made me cum. You don't have to again" Annabeth said and Percy nodded but frowned. He wanted her to cum over and over again. Once wasn't good enough for him. He knew if he tried hard enough he could make her cum again.

One of his hands went down her body and came in contact with her clit. She let out a small moan and Percy started to thrust in and out of her. His fingers were playing and rubbing her clit as Annabeth tried to focus on the pleasure instead of pain.

A moan escaped her mouth as Pleasure shot through her body.

"Percy.." Annabeth moaned. Percy smirked before kissing her softly. He started to thrust harder and faster in and out of her. They were also kissing but they pulled away as they moaned and groaned out in pleasure.

Minutes past as they became sweaty masses of muscle and skin and Slapping sounds of Percy's ball sack hitting the underside of Annabeth's ass and wet sounds as Percy pulled in and out of Annabeth's wet cavern.

Percy's arms were hoisted up on the bed as he went as fast as he could. Annabeth was clinging to him and moaning. Her legs were wrapped tightly around his waist and Soon they both felt close to their goal.

"Annabeth" Percy groan nuzzling her neck softly. Annabeth started to moan his name over and over again. Her legs were tightening as was her walls that Percy was pulling in and out of. "Fuck." Percy swore as he drove into her harder and slopply as he was sitting on the edge of his organsm ready to jump.

"Percy! Ah!" Annabeth screamed softly as she then went light on the bed breathing hard. Percy came after collasping on top of her softly.

Percy felt like he was going to pass out as his joints ached and he got off his girlfriend slowly. He shook her and she groaned a little. She looked at him and kissed him softly.

"Gods Percy" Annabeth breathed. Percy pulled away and pulled out of her and then took off the bloodly condom.

"You bleed Baby." Percy informed and Annabeth nodded.

"It's normal" Annabeth said and Percy threw the condom away before going back to bed. He buried one hand in her wet blond curls.

"You are so hot like this" Percy mumbled before bringing a hand to trace the love bite he had given her. He grinned before kissing Annabeth softly.

"I'm wouldn't be complaining if our make-out sessions end like this." Annabeth said tracing his six pack.

"Yeah, me too" Percy said before letting Annabeth go to sleep.


Annabeth was dressed in the clothes from the night before. They were rumpled and she was yawning as she made her way to her cabin the next morning. She had a goofy smile on her face as she thought back to the night before.

She entered her cabin to see Stella folding her bedsheets.

Stella turned seeing her half sister walk in tired.

"How was your night?" Stella asked slowly and Annabeth giggled.

"Amazing. God it was so pleasureable. I was in Heaven, Cloud nine, Every great place in the world." Annabeth gushed. Stella laughed.

"Whoa calm down girl. I get it. It was amazing. So he was good?' Stella asked and Annabeth nodded.

"And sweet. He didn't want to hurt me but when the pain went away it was like walking on air" Annabeth said and Stella nodded "What made it better is that we both love each other and we know we can make it through anything. When you find someone you feel that way about Stella. Do not give up on them."

"I won't. I'm glad you love Percy. You'll have little children that are smart and can control the sea." Stella joked and Annabeth smiled.

"Maybe.." Annabeth said before going to her bed and getting out her stuff for the day.


This was a one-shot that I thought about. Annabeth and Percy are both 17 but about to be 18 and had been dating for a year about to two.

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