"The Other One Who Loves You"

Great. Peachy. Awesome.

Kagome paced back and forth in the relatively small confinement of her room. She could already see the carpet starting to wear on on the path where she had repeatedly walked on. For the umpteenth time, she slumped to her chair and slowly sunk her head to her hands.

How she wished Inuyasha had an interdimentional cell-phone or something so she could get a hold of him immediately. She had tried concentrating all her priestessly holy powers and mentally call for him but of course that did nothing.

There was always the option that she simply waited in her own time long enough until Inuyasha would grow impatient on the other side and come to retrieve her. Then she could explain this whole debacle to him without rapist wolf, flea and glob demons trying to attack her every blink of an eye and turn of a heel.

But the thing was, she wasn't sure if the spell only affected men in her proximity or if it had affected the whole Sengoku era even in her absence. If the latter was the case, she would have to return immediately before she had caused the largest statistical divorce spike in the recorded history. She rubbed her face trying to wipe away her tiredness and indecisiveness and balled her hands into fists. No. She had to return. Those lecherous males be damned!

Kagome's head popped over the ledge of the well and it turned around like a periscope scanning for any suspicious activity. Her eyes darted from a bush to a nearby tree, trying spot possible lustlorn demons. When she couldn't see anything causing concern, she carefully sought for sloppy footings on the slippery walls of the well and scrambled herself over the ledge of the well. Unceremoniously she landed down on her behind and shuffled up dusting her skirt. So far, so good.

Kagome made all the way to Kaede's village before she bumped into first people. Gladly the people she encountered were only local wives and maids. At least they didn't exhibit any hyper sexual interest in her – even though they gave her the usual wrink of the nose when they saw the odd miko in her questionable futuristic garments.

It was pointless to even ask them for help, so Kagome wished she'd either run into Sango or Inuyasha pretty soon before-

"Kagome!" A familiar voice exclaimed excitedly from Kagome's sidelong direction and hurried at her.

"Shippo!" The young woman breathed and waited until the little kitsune reached her before she embraced him tightly as the little boy happily lunged at her lap.

"Kagome! Where have you been?" He cheeped and nuzzled his cherub face against Kagome's cheek. "I missed you!" The small kitsune complained and tilted his head like a puppy.

"Aww, Shippo-chan. I'm sorry. I had... some things to take care of." She smiled apologetically and patted the head of her small companion. Maybe things had calmed down here. There hadn't been any attacks on her since her arrival. The town was not burning up in flames, people seemed normal. A sense of calm relief filled her chest.

"Kagome." Shippo whimpered and kept nuzzling Kagome more intensely. "Kagome." He repeated and closed his eyes. "You make me feel funny in my belly."

Aaaaaaaand that calm relief in her chest was gone.

"OH NO!" She screamed and tossed the little boy off her lap. Her eyes bulged in sheer horror. The young boy only dreamily stared at her. "Nonononononononononono." The young priestess chanted and ran away faster than Inuyasha with literal fire under his tail. The spell had gotten even Shippo! Not her little Shippo!

Where to go? Where to hide? Where the hell was everyone?

"INUYASHAAA!" She wailed while running aimlessly amok.

She was trudging through the underbush in the Inuyasha forest, stopping here and there listening to her surroundings trying to stay aware of dangers looming in the shadows. Only trace of the fire rat armored hero she had come by had been an empty container of ramen noodles next to an abandoned campfire.

Maybe this had been a terrible idea. She should just go back home, stay put and wait for Inuyasha in the safety of her own time. It was pointless trying to search for him since he could literally be anywhere or in any time. He could be meditating at the mountains, been after a shinkon jewel case with the others or maybe even with the undead abomination of a priestess having a good laugh together. Kagome sourly thought about Inuyasha's whereabouts and picked up a smooth rock from the ground. She swore if he was having a romantic getaway with that clay doll while she was in trouble she'd happily jump at the next guy that made a pass at her, Kagome bitterly thought and tossed the rock into the depths of the forest.

The rock came in contact with something supple and ricocheted back in Kagome's direction. An angry gurgled noise rumbled in the air an a vexed swamp demon rose from an afternoon nap from its mossy mattress, rubbing its neck where the rock probably had just hit it.

"GWRABAAARGHBA!" The demon roared and trashed it bryophyte arms in large swings, trying to locate the one who had disrupted its sleep. Kagome took a very careful, slow step back and but of course snapped a rather loud branch underfoot. The demon immediately spotted the wincing girl, but instead of lunging at her in blind rage, the demon breathed in deeply and sighed in a gruff and somewhat muffled voice.

"Mmmmm... Maaaaate." It gurgled and began approaching Kagome.

Okay. Scratch the idea of jumping at the very first guy then.

The demon didn't have time to get to Kagome before an invisible clean cut tore through its torso. Dumbfoundedly, both the girl and the swamp demon watched as its limbs neatly disembodied. After the demon had been shaved of its limbs, it head tilted forwards and dropped to the ground, being cleanly severed as well.

Kagome knew without being able to see her savor who it had been.

"Sesshoumaru?" She called and the inu youkai prince appeared behind her without making a sound.

"You should maybe consider other past times besides getting yourself in trouble with youkais." An impersonal voice suggested and Kagome turned around to see Sesshoumaru was standing only few inches from her. She was past the stage of being startled by this dog demon's antics and she simply crossed her arms in defense.

"Trust me, I take no pleasure in this hobby either." She huffed and rubbed her temples in a manner that gave away her frustration. She still wasn't entirely sure if Sesshoumaru was under the effect of the spell or not, but that much was sure that he was acting way more friendlier than usual. But at the same time he didn't revert into a sex-crazed lunatic either, like Miroku had.

"Sesshoumaru?" She decided to just bluntly ask him. "Have you been feeling odd lately?"

The beautiful man raised an inquisitive eyebrow and pursed his lips slightly.

"What do you mean?" He countered her question with another question.

Kagome was too embarrassed to ask him if he had felt the hots for her, even though all things considered and the mess she was in, maybe she ought to.

"I mean... Have you experienced strange attractions lately?"

The cold eyes of the demon slanted subtly and he answered with what one would have normally expected. "I think that is not of your business."

The young miko grew irate, she wasn't prying these things just to amuse herself; it was a matter of national safety.

"Listen. I know you like to keep things to yourself. I respect that. I would not ask if it wasn't important."

A trace of smile crept on the dog demon's lips.

"Are you looking for a specific answer?"

"N-no! I'm just... Uh. Something's clearly affecting all the other demons. I wanted to know if you... had also..." She trailed off, unable to look him in the eye. The entertained gleam in his eyes mocked her plight and she was feeling more foolish than ever. She was a priestess, she knew perfectly well of the dangerous territory messing with spells came with, yet for her own selfish objectives she had subjected everyone she cared about to the horrible ramifications. It had been childish and she felt terribly embarrassed of it all – even without a sneering sociopath reveling in her misery.

"All the other male demons are experiencing a sudden sexual desire towards you and you want to know if this Sesshoumaru is also lusting for you?" He explained the matter in the straightforward words Kagome had been unable to.

The skin of her face flushed with an embarrassed deep rouge.

"E-essentially, yes." She admitted, feeling incredibly tiny, wishing she would shrunk away.

A cold hand gently nudged her head upwards, forcing her to face his eyes.

"So, do you have a preference as to what my answer is?" He asked, his voice deeper now and his eyes having lost their coldness.

The girl blinked her eyes in confusion. What was he implying? Sesshoumaru's eyes patiently studied her features as he waited for her reply. Was he teasing her? His eyes calmly continued to map her face until stopping at her lips. Her heart was drumming in her chest, making her breathing accelerate and her legs shake underneath which none she was able to hide from him. She unwittingly buckled and Sesshoumaru caught her in his arm.

The young woman was held tightly against his chest, his arm supporting her body like a metal rod, making his strength evident. She must've weighted nothing to him. Every fiber of his existence emanated raw power. If he wanted, he could undo her right then and there, and she would be completely helpless against his offences. This savage, clever beast.

Kagome rested her hands on his chest and she could feel how tight his pecs felt under the layers of pristine white cloth.

"Do you...?" She whispered. This was not her heart's doing. Maybe the spell was now getting her light-headed as well. There was no other way this would be happening otherwise.

Sesshoumaru moved his face closer to Kagome's, leaving his lips hovering half an inch away from her mouth, wanting for her to make the decision whether she wanted him or not.

How would his mouth taste? She pondered as she unconsciously licked her own dry lips and parted them just the slightest bit. He was like a big cat inside the cage of a songbird, about to devour his prey, wanting to first tenderize it with fear. Would she survive this dangerous game, she thought as she closed her eyes and pressed her lips against his.

After she had given him the non-verbal signal of wanting to initiate mating, he greedily commanded her lips under his authority, his primal instincts taking control of his body. He began walking away from the woods, holding her in his arms, battling her tongue into submission. She coiled the front of his haori into tight knots in her fists while feverishly kissing him back and even biting his bottom lip in playfulness she could not believe she had the nerve for. He growled at her disobedience even though it immensely excited him. This human obviously didn't know how demons mated or how female demoness' were supposed to be compliant to their males. It turned him on more than any encounter with the fairer sex had in a very long time.

He brought them out of the forest to a nearby meadow clearing. The scenery was lush with flowers of different colors, a very romantic setting any human female would have maybe thought. In reality, Sesshoumaru could care less about the sentimental aspects of their place of mating – he simply wanted to find a place that didn't offer enemies many hiding places as the forest did.

Kagome felt herself out of breath and dizzy, hardly registering the reality of the fact that she was engaging herself with Inuyasha's blood sworn enemy. If Sesshoumaru had allowed any time for her to contemplate, she would have stopped things from progressing. At this point she still convinced herself that this was nothing more than maybe a dream, and if not, she wouldn't go beyond the line of compromising herself.

"Take off your clothes." A low command was breathed into her ear as Sesshoumaru dropped her to the ground and began, for a man with one arm, rather nimbly undress himself.

It didn't take long from the killing perfection to disrobe himself whereas Kagome was still fully clothed, fear and panic starting to settle in the pit of her stomach. Was he actually serious about this?

"I... I can't!" She squealed and hid her eyes from the view of naked, trimmed, pale flesh in front of her.

"I don't know what you take me for, but I've never done anything like this! I'm still..." She didn't want to admit she was a virgin, but that was the simple truth. Not that she'd probably be all happy-go-lucky about rutting with an enemy demon even if she wasn't.

Sesshoumaru knew she was untouched. A fact that made him depreciate his brother even more. What a fool he had for blood. If he had been this woman's companion, he'd make sure to make her his and make the whole world aware that she belonged to him. But in no means was he disheartened by the fact that she was unclaimed, on the contrary. If this was something he could take away from his brother, he gladly would.

Sesshoumaru walked behind Kagome and turned her around, forcing her hands away from her eyes.

"If you cannot, I can." He brazenly announced and kissed her. His confidence absurdly arousing her. This was a man who had known women, knew how to touch them and didn't shy from taking what he pleased.

"If you wish to keep your clothes intact, I suggest you remove them now." He commanded again in a husky, molten voice.

Still hesitating, but in an overpowering erotic trance, abandoning her reason, she shakily unbuttoned her skirt and allowed it to drop to her ankles. Then she slowly, tormentingly so, opened her shirt and tossed it over her head until she was only clad in her undergarments. Apparel that made the demon man curious. He had never seen anything like them. He didn't know if they were for practical purposes or for vanity, but that was a discussion he had no patience for now. He wanted inside her and those things were embargoing him from that goal.

Sesshoumaru let out a guttural growl and hooked his claws through the narrow strips of her bra and undies, neatly slicing them off her body.

Briefly, Kagome was so upset about her underwear that she forgot to be timid about being exposed to the demon man in front of her.

"Hey, baka! Those were expensive!" She chided him and slapped his clawed hand away.

Sesshoumaru wasn't discouraged by the slightest, only amused by her defiance and pushed Kagome on her back on the ground.

"You should have obeyed, you were too slow." He growled into her neck and nipped the delicate skin in the crook of her shoulder and neck. Kagome squirmed underneath him until she had her mouth on his shoulder and gave a sharp bite in retaliation.

A defiant female proved indeed to be a surprising turn-on for Sesshoumaru.

"Are all human females as hardy as you?" He laughed a deep, sexy laugh Kagome realized she had never heard before. His adam's apple bobbed up and down on his muscular throat. Kagome felt confident enough to allow her gaze to venture downwards, and as she had expected, he had a perfectly sculpted chest. It was not a boy's chest, but a broad man's chest under a flawless pale skin. Kagome raked her nails up his sides, not bothering to be careful if it hurt him.

"No. It's just me." She audaciously proclaimed and earned another chuckle from the man who was pinning her down with his body.

He thrust his hips hard against hers eliciting a shocked gasp from her soft pink lips. He was very generously endowed she thought in a stomach tingling mixture of apprehension and desire. Was this really happening?

"Guide me to your opening, Kagome." Sesshoumaru demanded, this time more softly, kissing the shell of her ear gently. He had to use his one arm to prop himself above her, so he couldn't execute the task himself.

Hearing her name being tenderly spoken to her ear was reassuring and even little charming. The human girl apprehensively fumbled her hand between their bodies. Searching for his hardness which was impossible to fail to come in contact with. It was huge. She gripped the tip of the massive shaft, marveling the supple and soft, yet hard, texture. It was hot and throbbed slightly at her touch. But the mere girth terrified him. How could she possibly envelop something so large. Sesshoumaru inhaled sharply through his gritted teeth, indifferent to her nervousness, enjoying the exploring, timid fingers around himself.

When she faltered, Sesshoumaru whispered her name again.


As if saying not to be afraid, lulling her to a romantic reverie.

Finally she complied and placed the head of his hardness against the opening of her entrance. Slickening his member with her own juices for easier access unintentionally as she searched for the right place.

Usually he would have taken his time to make sure the female was teased and prepared enough, but he feared losing control if he postponed their joining any longer. He was more excited than he cared to admit.

Kagome wrapped her thighs around his hips, closing her eyes and waiting for him to take her. Everything in her ached for him, a realization she would only come to fully understand a long while after all this had transpired.

"It will hurt a little, but it will get better soon." He quietly assured her as he pushed his hips slowly forward, enveloping himself in the succulent warmth which was this woman, inch by inch.

She gasped, partly due to the pain, but mostly for whole other reasons.

Her desire smelled potent. He had the option to make it easy on her, he decided not to. He wanted to contest this delicate small creature, test her strength and fuel her hunger as much as his own.

As soon as he was sheathed fully inside her, he began to plough her in full abandon.

Kagome moaned and scratched his back, drawing blood even, but it was a small price on his part compared to the burning she had to deal for accommodating his full length. It was a true testimony of the female physic that enabled childbirth and ridiculously large penii.

She kept still for a while until she gradually became accustomed to his size. He pushed in and out of her unmercifully and she clawed into his back loudly moaning, only urging him on.

When she finally had gotten used to the strange invading sensation, she began to enjoy the pressure it was creating in the bottom of her tummy. She buckled against his hips exploratorily and evoked a low grunt from his throat. He enjoyed her proactivity, a rare thing from his past lovers who usually just passively submitted to his actions.

"Aghhhn!" Kagome squealed as he hit a deliciously tender spot within her body. He adjusted his angle enough to provoke that delicious sound from her again.

The girl moaned and raked his lower back with her blunt claws.

"Mmmmnh. Yes." She sighed, unaware she had just commented out loud.

This was the first time he had taken any consideration of his partner's pleasure, but he simply wanted to hear her wanton moans more. Know that he was breaking her in with pleasure. He wanted, no, needed, her to be ruined for all her lovers to come. He wanted to be the one to make her unravel uninhibitedly.

"Tell me when." He grunted while pistoning her relentlessly with abandon. He could slowly feel her muscles tightening around him. She was close.

"Almost." She panted and buckled her hips even harder against his.

Sesshoumaru was confident in his abilities and assured himself he'd be able to bring her down multiple times.

He trashed his hips almost at his maximum speed, feeling his eyes starting to seep with crimson. Too bad she was a mortal, otherwise he'd be able to give her his all without having to worry breaking her.

"Annnnhn. Yess... I'm... I'm... So..." She moaned and arched her body beneath him.

Had he had the use of both of his arms, he would have helped her cross the border with the flick of her clit, but he knew she'd be able to go there without aid as well.

He nibbled her neck, careful not to mark her, even though his inner beast demanded the action. But Sesshoumaru knew it would only complicate things so he fought back the urge to do so.

"N—now!" She screamed and Sesshoumaru was sure he'd be able to ride through her orgasm as he had been able to many times before. But this body was different. Where previous partners had stiffened and cried a little, Kagome pulled him in with her thighs and violently clamped down on his length. Her insides milked him demandingly with powerful convulsions. She trashed her head from side to side, crying out in throes of pleasure.

Sesshoumaru thought he would be able to plow through all of it, but he was sorely mistaken.

He hardly lasted through the couple first convulsions before he felt his body betray his concentration. She felt overwhelmingly good.

He wanted to take her. Really take her in the sense of how his kin mated. Make her his, claim his dominance over her body. Her neck was stretched out, revealing her pulse to him. It demanded his bite. His eyes were completely taken over by crimson, his mouth latched on her throat, his canines scraping the soft skin. The ache inside reaching a fever pitch. He had never wanted anything as much as he wanted to break her skin, to become her master as he came crashing.

But he could not.

Kagome roused from her sex-stupored rest and moved away from Sesshoumaru who was still laying on the bed of flowers. Kagome scoured the ground for the remains of her underwear and her discarded school uniform. Her nether regions sore from their previous joining.

A rouge of shame blushed her cheeks as she picked up her clothes and threaded her shirt back on. She had just done something she could not reverse. No amount of penance would ever restore her lost innocence. Was it worth it? Would there ever be any sort of future between them? Did he really care for her? Could she have small hope for something... impossible? To feel his touch again.

Sesshoumaru had also risen and begun to pull his clothes back on. They both dressed in silence. The earlier passion shared now only evident in the stains on the ground and in the sore flesh of their bodies. Whatever hope she had in their future was quickly crushed by what he said next.

"You do realize that continuing this affair would be fruitless." He coldly stated as he fixed his armor on his chest.

It hurt. It hurt her so unbearably much she couldn't even understand it. Kagome shot an angried glare at him, her eyes glazed with tears she was too proud to shed in front of him.

"I know." She solemnly replied and clutched the tattered remains of her undergarments in her hands.

'I'm a fool.' She cried inside and turned away from him. What had she honestly expected from this doomed encounter with a demon. The spell was broken, magic of the moment worn out. She walked away from him, not saying a word as she left. There was nothing to say.

Sesshoumaru watched as she disappeared back into the forest of Inuyasha.

In time, she would find solace in the arms of his brother. He clenched his fist. What use was it to be her first if he could not be her last... But he knew the affairs of mortals and demons always ended in heartbreak. He had seen it firsthand. It not only brought misery upon themselves but to their posterity as well. This way it would be easier for her.

'I am a fool. A fool for loving her.' He achingly though and closed his eyes to smell her lingering scent on the vibrant petals of early autumn flowers.