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Ryoma set the newspaper down in front of him and sighed. He really should have known better, to engage in such an act while out in public… But there really had been no escaping it.

Besides, it wasn't as if they had gone all the way. Who hasn't made out behind a building after a night out before? It wasn't as if what they had done had been taboo. But then again, how many people were pro tennis players with the press following them around determined to get any type of picture of them, as if their very lives depended on it?

How many of them were Echizen Ryoma?

Opening his laptop, he entered his password and allowed his desktop time to boot up. Picking the paper up again, he couldn't help but smile.

Momo had him pressed against a wall of a building, his arms wrapped tight around Ryoma's waist, and they both seemed to be in the middle of a passionate kiss. Ryoma hated to admit it, but the picture left no debate to who played which role in their relationship.

Another thing that irked him was the fact that they had managed to keep their relationship out of the public eye until now. If was one thing for one of them to have to run from the press, but for both of them?

Opening his inbox, he clicked on the 'compose mail' tab, and entered Momoshiro's e-mail address. 'Did you see it?' Was all he typed. Not bothering to add any type of electronic signature to the message, he clicked 'send'. Momo would know it was him. His name would show up instead of his actual e-mail address anyway.

Momo was currently a player on some of the minor circuits. A lot of people were beginning to notice him, and he was definitely showing potential. Because of this fact, someone had been able to recognize him, and he had been properly identified on the front page of the sports section. There was no hiding anymore.

Ryoma looked through a few of his other e-mails, mainly just junk mail from a few websites, and a newsletter or two. What he hadn't been expecting when he hit the back button on the browser was to see a reply from Momo already waiting for him.

'Yeah. Had to get my name out there somehow, no better way than this!' Had been the short reply.

Ryoma allowed a small smile to grace his features. He should have known his boyfriend wouldn't mind. But having everyone know your name had it's disadvantages. But Momo was oblivious to them. Sure he had told the older man about them, but there was nothing like a first hand experience.

Ryoma stood and made his way towards the kitchen of his apartment. With a last glance at the paper laying on the coffee table, Ryoma shook his head slightly. Momo was going to find out now. But he wouldn't be alone. He'd have Ryoma to help him through it.