These Things Only Happen In Movies


I never thought that I would be this girl. The girl who was 16 and pregnant. I hate the constant stares that I get when I walk down the halls at school. Some of shock, while the others look like they weren't all that suprised. No one, especially my teachers, looks at me the same. I'm surprised that I even have friends anymore. Then again, Alice, Bella, and Edward are very loyal and understanding. But my other friends, not so much. All the rest of them just point and laugh at me now. All this mess was caused by the one person I wish I had never even trusted. Emmett Cullen. My twin brother, Jasper, was ready to kick Emmett's ass when he found out that he knocked me up. Although Emmett and Jasper are friends, their friendship has been rocky ever since. I understand where Jasper is coming from, but there's really no need to fight seeing as which it isn't going to solve anything. I don't want to have to take care of a baby at my age, but abortion is out of the question and not even part of my vocabulary, and adoption is something that I would never put any child through. Especially not my own. My parents already know about my pregnancy and aren't all that supportive of me, but Emmett's parents are. Of course they don't approve of it, but they said that they're willing to help me take care of the baby if my parents won't. Plus, they're pretty excited to have a grandchild. But even if Dr. and Mrs. Cullen are supportive and happy, Emmett isn't. We haven't been getting along all that well ever since we found out, but I'm hoping that everything will change once the baby is born. I really thought that Emmett was a sweet and honest guy when I met him, but I was obviously wrong. I also thought that I loved him, but I was wrong about that, too. I guess I've just been wrong from the begining.

Teen pregnancy is 100% preventable. Go online to find ways on how to prevent teenage pregnancy. And remember, rocky relationships don't change once you have the baby. In fact, they usually get worse because of all the stress. Please be careful and wait if you aren't completely sold on the idea of sex for the first time :)