Baby Daddy?


It's Monday morning and today marks my fifth day of pregnancy. It's only the middle of Sophmore year, and yet I feel older than I actually am. My stomach isn't showing any signs of pregnancy yet, but I know that it's there. The slower I walk down the halls to the cafeteria, the more stares I get. I've never been self-consious before, but now I feel like the elephant in the room. No one sees me, but they know I'm there. Except it's the other way around because people see me, but they act as if I'm not there. As if I'm not there to see them pointing, staring, and talking about me. Before I found out that I was pregnant, every girl was jelious of me and I knew it. Only now, no one wants to be like me and no guy wants me. It's not all that normal for me to feel obsolete. According to some girls, the only difference between me and a whore is that I'm getting an education. Anyway, walking into the cafeteria is like having a huge spotlight on me now. I decided to ignore all the stares and went to sit down at my usual table with Alice, Jasper, Edward, and Bella. Of course Emmett used to sit with us, but now he sits with his old friends that are exactly what he's become. A total player. Then again, I think Emmett's always been a player. He just hides it at first to get in a girl's pants. And it obviously worked on me. I haven't even talked to him in two days. Whenever I call, he either doesn't pick up or hangs up. He doesn't answer my texts or e-mails, either. Jasper told me to just give up, but I can't. Emmett is the father of this baby, no matter how much he may deny it, and he has to be there for me and the baby. Especially when it's born.

"Hey, Rose", Alice greeted once I sat down.

"Hey, Ali", I was almost whispering because I was starting to get really upset.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"Uh... nothing. Just- thinking"

"You sure? You look like you're about to cry"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just don't feel good"

"Oh. Do you want to go to the nurse?"

"No, that's okay. I'll be alright"

"Alright, just me let know"

"I will, thanks"

"No problem", Alice and everyone was obviously worried about me, but I didn't want to bother them with my problems. After all, I'm sure they already knew why I was really upset. I'm really lucky to have friends and a brother like that. None of them have even judged me; not once. I was about to take out my notebook to do some French homework I had forgotten about the night before when there was a presence behind me. I looked up at everyone else and none of them seemed particularly happy. I turned around and saw Emmett.

"Rose, we gotta talk", he stated, sitting in the empty seat next to me.

"What about?", I wondered. He hasn't talked to me for two days, and then all of a sudden he desides that we need to talk?

"I think you know what about"

"Not really. After all, I havn't heard from you in two days"

"We need to talk about that", he said, referring to my stomach. It hurt to know that he seemed to be disgusted by the baby that was quickly growing inside me.

"Get rid of it", he demanded. I couldn't help when my mouth fell open in shock.

"No!" I shouted. I could care less that people were staring at me.

"Rosalie, that thing is going to ruin everything for both of us! If you don't get rid of, I will", he was staring at my stomach with an expression that could only be explained as evil.

"Emmett, don't you dare touch me! I am keeping this baby, I don't care what you say"

"Yeah? And who do you think is going to help you take care of it? 'Cause it certainly won't be me"

"We will", Alice volunteered. Emmett scoffed.

"Good luck with that", he walked away and it was silent for a while.

"We really will. Right guys?" Alice asked, finally breaking the silence. Edward and Jasper nodded, smiling weakly.