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Last time…

His hands were in my hair, on my body and everywhere. Only the sound of the water and our shallow breathing could be heard. His touches were keeping me grounded but I could have sworn that the feelings surrounding us could have lifted me up off the ground to float away.

Jasper found a sponge and began to lather and clean what was left of the forest from my skin. When he stepped back to reach for the shampoo, freeing me from his touch for the first time since he had begun to reverently cleanse every inch of my body, I was able to focus on that question I'd been meaning to ask.



"Was that Peter? As in Peter and Charlotte?"


"Um… he seems to be quite a character."

Shaking his head, he chuckled, "You have no idea."


I surrender who I've been for who you are,

For nothing makes me stronger than your fragile heart.

If I had only felt how it feels to be yours,

Well, I would have known what I've been living for all along.

What I've been living for.

~Turning Page, Sleeping At Last~


My eyes followed the path my hand traveled on her porcelain skin. I touched, I scratched and I worshiped. She was everything, everywhere and, yet, I could not get enough. I needed more. I needed so much more.

Her head fell back, eyes closed, and her wet hair cascaded down her back, tickling my hand at her waist that held her to me. She was completely lost to the sensations and I was captivated by her beauty. The significance of her exposed neck was not lost on me; the act of submission declared her complete trust and I lowered my mouth to taste her skin in reverence. I licked, I kissed, I nipped and I pulled her closer. I needed her closer – so much closer.

I thrust into her and pulled out to push back in deeper, faster, harder and if I could have crawled inside her, to never resurface, I would've lived out eternity in pure bliss.

Her legs constricted around my waist and her nails dug into my skin where she held on to my shoulders for support. "Fuck," I hissed, arching my back at the sensation between pleasure and pain. "Oh, baby, you're so fucking sexy."

Her response was a strangled moan that only served to make me harder and desperate for more. I moved a few steps forward to press her back against the shower wall. Her grip loosened but my fervor only increased with our new position.

I was close – so close. I slid my hand down her body until I reached where we were connected, circling my thumb against her clit. "Bella, look at me." Her eyes opened slightly, her mouth open in a silent scream. "Let go, sweetheart. Come for me. Now!"

She began to shake. Her arms encircled my neck, pulling me towards her to crash her lips against mine as her orgasm took hold of her. "I love you, Jasper," she breathed against my lips.

I gasped, the air constricted in my chest. I held her tighter, feeling that I was spiraling out of control. My knees buckled, bringing us both crashing to the shower floor.


"How long before it's not funny anymore?" I feigned annoyance, coming up behind her to kiss her shoulder and wrap my arms around her waist.

Bella giggled, pulling clothes off the hangers from inside my closet to pack. "I can't be sure." She turned her head to place a soft kiss on my neck softening the blow. "How good is vampire memory?" She tapped her chin, pretending to think before bursting out in peals of laughter – again.

"It took me all of two seconds to recover before I blew your mind," I teased. "So shut it, Swan."

"That you did, Cowboy, but it was my lovin' that brought you to your knees," she drawled with a wink and turned back, walking out of my arms to continue her task of helping me pack. But I stood stunned; she couldn't have realized how accurate her statement really was.

So many have tried, through various forms, to describe how it feels to love and to be loved. Sonnets have been written, songs have been sung and artists have used the canvas as a window to their souls, but no one has ever come close to correctly depicting what it feels like to be loved by my Bella. Even I – the empath that has felt the love of so many others – have no basis for the immense feelings that radiates from the woman before me.

Her love could be compared to that of a raging fire that began with a spark and grew until it was all-consuming. That first look she gave me, filled with curiosity, was transformed into understanding with our initial touch. Her trust was immediate. There was no doubt, no fear, just the salve that came from our much needed contact, our souls sighing in relief at finally being reconnected.

I had been broken, haunted, bound to a half-life of despair and uncertainty. I was running, searching, needing something without any clue of what I was looking for. It had taken little convincing by a small, pixie vampire with a smile and a promise of a love that would come and mend my broken heart for me to see the error in my ways. And with that promise I conjured up the strength to find my way back from Hell.

I waited for her, prepared for her and, in doing so, had fallen in love with Bella before I ever knew her, but I never imagined that her love would rival my own. A love so pure and unwavering, that it would knock me off my feet – literally.

"Hey," Bella's hand cupped my face and when I blinked to refocus, I found her eyes laced with concern, "are you okay? You've been standing here, stone-still for awhile."

I leaned into her hand, covering it with one of my own, and smiled not only for her, but at my realization that every minute, every second I waited for her had been worth it and I would do it all again if it meant that I got to hold her in my arms forever. "Just lost in thought."

"Anything you want to share?" She smiled, but it didn't reflect in her eyes, she was worried.

"I love you," I replied, the words inadequate to convey what I truly felt for her.

"I love you, too, Jasper. But– "

I didn't let her finish. Her lips were so close and I needed to taste them. The kiss was not chaste; it was raw, full of emotion, with the need to show her how much she truly meant to me. She was hesitant at first, confused by my sudden possessiveness, but with a sigh she released the breath she'd been holding and melted against me. Her fingers coming to lace in my hair, our hands holding each other close, loosing ourselves in each others embrace.

We kissed for what felt like hours, but I knew we should not take it any further. "Darlin'," I whispered against her lips, "we need to go."

She groaned and I felt the same way. I didn't let her go when she pulled away to look up at me, although I had been the voice of reason moments before, my resolve was shattering as I looked in her eyes.

I felt her concern before she spoke and when I opened my mouth to protest, she silenced me with a finger on my lips. "Jasper, I know you were deep in thought earlier, enough to not even hear me approach. I hope you know you can tell me anything. I love you and I do not want any secrets between us."

I took hold of her hand and kissed her finger before placing it over my un-beating heart. "I will always tell you everything. And yes, there are still things I need to tell you – show you. We can start to discuss them on our way. So, let's get this all packed up and get on the road. I want to make this trip through the night – less humans mulling around."

She agreed with a nod and a smile, and although she wasn't completely reassured, we each resumed our packing. I wasn't sure how she would feel about what I had to say, but for the time being, I was happy to finally get the chance to give her what had been waiting for her for so many years.


"Okay, Bella, some of your clothes are packed away in Jasper's car, the rest will be shipped tomorrow," Alice called out as we emerged from our bedroom. I held two duffle bags with clothes as Bella carried a box of things that I wanted with me and wouldn't chance to be transported by the movers.

"My clothes, Alice?" Bella shook her head. "I didn't bring any clothes with me. All I've been wearing are the things you've been laying out for me."

"Exactly." She waved her hands and smiled at Bella as though that explained everything.

Bella placed the box on the coffee table once we descended the stairs. "It's like pulling teeth," she quipped with a sigh in my direction before turning to address Alice, "How do I have clothes of my own when I didn't bring any?"

"Well, I saw you in a vision, boarding a plane before you arrived, and was able to determine your size," Alice began confidently before beginning to cower, unsure of Bella's reaction. "So, I took the liberty of ordering you a new wardrobe since I didn't see you bringing anything with you," she said quickly, scrunching up her face, waiting for Bella's response.

Alice had no way of knowing beforehand how Bella would react, since no decision had been made on Bella's part. The fact that Alice had taken it upon herself to purchase those things for Bella without her consent could only go one of two ways. She would either appreciated it or find it presumptuous on Alice's part.

I felt it and Alice saw it coming, her eyes growing wide, a mere second before Bella screeched and pulled Alice into a bone-crushing hug.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, Alice!"

"Newborn," Alice grunted, her voice strained, the air having been rushed out of her lungs by Bella's grip around her.

"Oh…," Bella released her, stepping away embarrassed. "…I'm so sorry, I forget my strength."

Alice reached out and took Bella's hands in hers. "I'm going to miss you," she said through a sad smile. "It's hard saying good-bye when we're finally all together."

"Come with us." Bella tugged on Alice's hands and even I was hopeful that she could convince them to change their plans, but that idea was squashed when Edward came up behind Alice to place his hands on her shoulders.

"It won't be for long," Edward reassured Bella. "Only a couple months and we'll all be together for Christmas."

My curiosity was piqued. I had not had a moment alone with Alice or Edward since we made the decision to move on from Forks and I had no idea about their plans or where they were headed. I didn't like it. I needed answers.

I felt Edward's resignation. He was listening to my thoughts. 'You aren't going to tell us where you're going?

He looked down lovingly at Alice, who was making her excuses to Bella. He smiled and shook his head. To anyone else he seemed to be amused by the exchange between his mate and Bella, but I knew he was directing the gesture of negation towards my silent question.

'Edward, is there something you're hiding? Is the family… is Bella in danger? Dammit, man. Do not fuck with me' My posture showed nothing out of the ordinary but my thoughts were demanding and left no question that I was ready for a fight with the unknown.

I hadn't noticed that the rest of the family had converged around Bella, saying their farewells and taking their turns to hug her, until Edward stepped back away from the group. He kept his eyes on mine as he, too, pulled me in for a hug.

To anyone else it seemed that two brothers were saying their good-byes. In reality, I was straining to hear Edward's whisper in my ear, "There is no danger, Brother. No need to worry. I am simply keeping a promise. Go show your girl what you have for her before they keep her here for good." And with that, he stepped away, slapping my back hard enough to propel me forward.

I was tempted to kick his ass just because I could but, before I had the chance to turn around, I was pulled into another hug by Emmett. "Are we having brother bonding time?" he asked, but his hug had turned constricting and I was lifted off the ground in his arms.

"Emmett… put me down, fucker," I punctuated each word with jabs at his ribs, but he simply laughed them off and gripped me tighter.

"Boys," Esme reprimanded. "Let's behave, shall we? Plus it's my turn for a hug and then the road awaits.

With the send-off out of the way, Bella and I, finally, made our way out to the garage.

I stopped and I turned to her with a smirk and a wave of my hands towards my body when Bella let out a low whistle. "Like what you see?" I teased.

"I sure do, you sexy man, but that was for the machine behind you." She tilted her head to see around me and pointed. "Is that the Batmobile?"

I shook my head and my lips twitched as I tried, with difficulty, to hold in my laughter. "That's a Bugatti Veyron and my baby."

"I thought I was your baby."

She pouted but I felt her excitement and leaned in to kiss those puckered lips. "You want to take a ride in your rival?"

"Hell, yes!" she shouted, shoving the box in her hands in my direction and before I had a chance to turn around she was already sitting in the passenger seat, pushing buttons on the console.

I placed the box in the front-trunk of the car and slid into the driver's seat. "Stop pushing all the buttons, woman," I joked with a chuckle and started the engine.

"This is one impressive car, Jasper. How much does something like this cost?" she asked as I slowly pulled out of the garage, down the drive-way and started towards our new beginning.

"Enough." I shrugged. "I don't splurge on many things, but I do enjoy the good things life has to offer. This was an extravagance that I simply had to have."

"Can I drive it?" she asked, hopeful.


"Jasper," she said incredulously.

I laughed and reached over to take her hand, lifting it to my lips. "Are you excited for this next adventure in our lives together?"

"Okay," she drawled. "Nice subject change. I am very excited; I can't wait to see your house – the house you built."

That was it. The topic was broached. She wanted to know everything, no secrets, and I fully intended to tell her, show her, but I worried how she'd take it. She would know exactly how long, how much I waited for her; how my afterlife, the life after the Southern Wars, was spent preparing for our future together.

"Your house," I whispered, keeping my eyes on the road, her hand still in mine.

"Yes, I know," she conceded reluctantly. "I meant our house."

She misunderstood. She thought I was reiterating the idea the family had been pressing about everything we had being hers, as well, but what I was talking about was different.

"Bella," I began nervously. "After I came to live with the Cullens, and I had begun to trust in them, in myself, and fully embraced the vegetarian lifestyle, Alice's visions of my future with my beauty – with you – became clearer. If I strayed, you disappeared. But there was no time frame. Your arrival was unknown. The when, the where, even the who was a mystery. I was going stir-crazy. The waiting was almost unbearable. I purchased a large plot of land in Montana on a whim and went to spend some time there alone, thinking, hunting and mostly feeling sorry for myself.

"Char and Peter, on one of his hunches, showed up out of nowhere and together we came up with a plan to do something productive, something to keep my mind occupied, but still thinking of you. We built you a house. The house… is yours."

By the end of my longwinded explanation, Bella had let go of my hand and held both her hands to her mouth, withholding a gasp as she stared at me with her eyes open wide. She wasn't breathing and her emotions were everywhere. I couldn't pinpoint exactly what she was feeling and it worried me.

"Say something," I pleaded.

"Pull over," she commanded.

"What?" I looked at the speedometer and back at her. "Why?"

"Pull over, please," she said meekly.

I was approaching 100 miles an hour on a straightaway and I needed to slow the car down to get us to the side of the road safely. Once we had come to a stop, Bella opened her door and walked to the front of the car and began pacing. I stayed seated for a moment, just watching her, knowing I needed to face the inevitable.

I opened the door, closing it softly and walked slowly to where she stood. "Bella–"

She stopped abruptly and leapt into my arms. "I can't even imagine… I'm sorry you had to wait so long… that I wasn't there for you," she stuttered through broken sobs. "I'm here now and I don't ever want to be away from you."

"I know," I soothed, rubbing her back. "But you don't need to apologize for something you had no control over. The wait made me a better man; a man worthy of your love. You don't think I'm crazy for building you a house?"

"No," she said, looking up at me with a sweet smile. "Thank you. Thank you for waiting for me, for thinking of me and for this amazing gift. I love you."

"I love you, too." I leaned down and kissed her. I kissed her for all the time we missed. I kissed her for the realization that it was her I had been living for all along and I kissed her because, with her in my arms, I was finally the man I had always hoped I could be.

We eventually made our way back on the road. The hours passed in comfortable conversation with stories of our past, serious at times and other times we had each other in stitches. We told funny stories about our families, bets between the Cullen boys, her accident-prone childhood and her many adventures with, her mother, Renee's newest craze. Basically, we shared our lives, human and vampire, with each other.

When we were drawing nearer to Missoula we stopped for a hunt in the Lolo National Forest. We intended for it to be quick, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to lick Bella's lips after her hunt and one thing led to another. Somehow we managed to topple a tree as we ravaged each other against it amidst the countless red cedars, pines and wildlife we scared off in the process.

As the house drew closer, her excitement grew until, in the enclosed space of the car, I couldn't help but share in her enthusiasm. It took great effort to keep my composure and not bounce in my seat along with her as we drove up the driveway to the house. "What do think?" I asked as I placed the car in park.

"Oh my God, Jasper!" she proclaimed. "You built that?"

"Well, I had some help." I shrugged and turned in my seat to look at her. "Do you like it?"

"No." She shook her head, her eyes roaming everything she could see from our vantage point. "I love it. All the wood and natural stones make it look like an extension of your room back in Forks. This is an amazing home, Jasper."

"I'm so happy you like it," I started, but before I could say more I noticed him coming up on Bella's side of the car. I felt his mischief a second too late and my warning did not come out in time.

He wrenched open the car door, startling Bella. He realized his mistake as soon as he smelled her, but she was fast; too fast. I went to grab her, but all I caught was air. I looked up from the spot where Bella had been, only moments before, and assessed quite the scene before my eyes.

Bella had him by the neck and running towards the closest tree. She slammed him against it, but that wasn't the worst of the situation. Bella had her shield in place and his head hung, lulled to the side, his arms dangling and his feet, some inches off the ground, shook as he convulsed, being shocked by her power.

I walked slowly towards them, at a leisurely human pace. I feared that even I would startle her more and he would lose his head. "Sweetheart," I cooed. "I know this dumb ass scared you, but he doesn't pose any danger to you or me. Could you let him go?"

Bella growled and from the house, Char came running and screaming for her mate. I held up my hand behind me and she stopped immediately. She knew my order would save his stupid life.

"Darlin'," I called softly, taking a small step towards her. "That ass-hat you're holding is my brother and although he needs a whoopin', and I'll gladly give it to him, I'd like to keep him around even if it's to make him miserable for the rest of his existence."

The rumbling growl in her chest seized and for the first time, she acknowledged me by taking her eyes off her victim and searching mine. "He won't hurt us?"

"No." I reassured her with a smile and opened my arms to her. "Come here."

His seizure stopped abruptly and Bella released her hands from around his neck, causing him to fall, unceremoniously, to ground. As Bella stepped into my arms, Char came around us to check over her mate and, once she saw he was unharmed, she stroked his ego as he rubbed his neck.

For the second time in one night I held Bella in my arms as she sobbed and I was not happy about it. "Captain," I admonished. "What possessed you sneak up on a newborn?"

"A little warning would have been nice, Major." He stood, pulling Charlotte up with him to stand at his side.

I nodded as I continued to comfort Bella who shook in my arms, mumbling her apologies against my chest. "Peter? This is my mate, Bella. Bella, meet Peter."

"We've met," she grumbled – and after a moment of silence, when we all looked around at each other, we threw our heads back in the laughter we all needed.

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