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'Hair up or hair down?...hair definitely up, just to make a different impression.' Tea Gardener stood in front of her bedroom's grand vanity mirror deciding on her appearance for the first day of school, which would be the very next day. The day she was actually looking forward to. The past few weeks had been very stressful to say the least.

First she'd come across her possessed friend Ryou, had just barely stopped herself from falling in love with him but still got cursed! Then to top it all off the evil spirit Bakura had released her evil second soul Anzu. Tea had then been put in the Oblivion Zone bound in shadow chains and almost dragged into the Shadow Realm. If it weren't for the stupidity of Bakura kidnapping Mokuba to control Anzu she would have been put in the Shadow Realm for sure. Because everyone (except Bakura at the time) knows that you can't kidnap Mokuba Kaiba without Seto Kaiba, head honcho of Kaiba Corp. and older brother of Mokuba, knowing and coming after you in pursuit. Seto had caught Bakura in the act, called Yugi (who'd just gotten home from Egypt) then went straight to Tea's house.

Yugi and Yami had found Tea (and Ryou who had also been sent to the Oblivion Zone) put together a plan, succeeded in executing the plan, setting Tea free. Bakura used his Millennium Ring to separate them into two people before Tea could take control of her body. That then led to a Dark Dance Duel, which Tea had just barely won, and banished Anzu back to the Shadow Realm. Just to spite the unhelpful Bakura Anzu had removed the curse from Tea that allowed him to control her, and then made sure that Ryou could never be banished from his own body again. Totally pissed Bakura had vanished into the shadows promising Tea he would see her again. Those words had bothered her throughout the rest of the summer. It had bothered Yugi, Yami, Joey and Tristan more, so much so that they'd taken turns watching over Tea's house every night. After a week her dad had scared them off.

'And I'm more than positive someone took my journal! Yami told me it wasn't likely to have been left in the Shadow Realm.' Tea puffed out her cheeks remembering the countless hours she's spent trying to find the black leather bound book she'd kept since grade three.

Flopping backwards on her bed Tea sighed out loud to herself," If I ever find that journal I'm definitely hiding it on my ceiling, some way some how it's hiding on my ceiling."

"TEA! I request your attendance in the living room!" 'Uh oh, Dad must have found the broken dishes, I bet Mom hasn't spoken up for the three dishes SHE broke!' Rolling her eyes at how weird her parents were Tea quickly obeyed orders and scurried out to the living room.

Before she got all the way she began explaining," Don't go blaming me for all the broken dishes Dad, Mom took care of the humming bird plates!" Coming into view she was surprised to see a raised eyebrow on her army general father's forehead and her brainy mother making a cutting motion across her throat. What surprised her the most was a young Mokuba Kaiba sitting on the couch trying not to laugh.

Tea blinked twice to register this addition, when it finally computed Tea blatantly asked," What are you doing here Mokuba?"

"If he spoke truth fully, he has decided to run away from home. As for the reason, he says that information is classified to you only." Sergeant Gardener's tone indicated he had not forgotten what was said about the dishes a moment ago and would inquire about it later. Taking hold of his wife's hand he dragged the curious woman to their bedroom to give the preteen and teenager privacy.

Sitting on the cushion next to Mokuba Tea gave him an expectant eyebrow raise that mirrored her father's. His eyes focused on his slipper clad feet Mokuba mumbled," I ran away to make a point to Seto."

"You mean to say the inseparable Kaiba brothers had an argument?" This information was as surprising as finding Mokuba in her living room at 10 o'clock at night.

Mokuba made a face at Tea to express his clear dislike of whatever rumour Tea had heard this from. Tea gave a small giggle to prove she'd just been teasing. Finding interest in his feet once more Mokuba clarified," Big brother has been working on something that I don't approve of at all, but he refuses to listen. This afternoon I told him that he better stop before a certain someone found out and came to knock his block off. Seto just laughed saying he could handle anything that certain person tried. I got mad and said if he didn't stop working on the project I'd run away until he promised to stop the project until he had the certain person's permission." As Mokuba had continued Tea slowly pieced together all the information, and what she got in conclusion made her blood boil.

Getting to her feet Tea stormed out of the living room, down the hall and to her parents' bedroom. Knocking harshly she yelled," Dad! Do you still have connections in high places concerning the law?"

The bedroom door flew open and two outraged parents demanded," He hasn't been abused has he?"

"No! But his older brother has abused my patience and tolerance. I need a lawyer for making a legal copy right document. Now!" At the rise of their daughter's voice Mr. and Mrs. Gardener knew this was a personal matter.

Whipping out their cell phones they got to work putting together everything Tea would need, including a phone number to get in touch with a certain CEO.

Mokuba watched all of this happen from around the corner and could only gloat in his head,' I can't wait to tell Seto I told him so.'

A Dim Present and Future