Summary: After escaping James/ Eric with her family Edward changes. The nickname she fears is used and rules are set in place. Lorianna wants nothing more than to follow the rules because they mean Edward's acceptance. When he leaves will it all change or will she run back to the chaos the first chance she gets. E/B for now eventually B/J.

Chapter 1: Work

Edward I don't know how to say this but

You aren't who I thou

I can't take this anymore. We

You've chan

After turning it over multiple times in my mind I still had no clue how to tell him. I had no idea what to say. It wasn't so bad. It wasn't like I would leave him. He was absolutely the best part of my world and a little pain in exchange was worth it, wasn't it? Besides, the bruises weren't that bad. He just scared me a bit when I was being stupid.

I moved around my house and did everything on the chore list Sue had left for me. It was ridiculous. She did hardly anything all week, but come Saturday I was expected to do everything. She knew I had to work today too, but that didn't make her shorten the list. Honestly it seemed to make it longer.

When I was done I changed into my barn clothes and flew from the house. I was barely going to make it on time! When I got there I ran into the to the tack room and put my stuff in my locker. I grabbed my usual pitchfork and wheelbarrow and headed to the first barn. "Hey Emma," I called to her.

"Hey Lori, I'll get the front forty paddocks.

"Then I guess I'll get the back forty." I said laughing. I made my way o my first paddock. I took one look at it and groaned. It looked horrible. It was going to take three wheel barrows alone. I grit my teeth and got to work. The horses deserved to have clean paddocks. It was pouring by the third hour at the farm. The rain refused to stop coming down. It was like the sky was laughing at us. After another two hours we were still nowhere near done. "I'm going to go get the tractor and scrap them.

"Are you sure?"

"We'll never get done otherwise." I replied. She nodded. I ran to the supply barn and backed the tractor out. The attachment was already on so I didn't have to worry about it. Emma opened and closed gates for me and we were done in five hours. Smiling at our success we ran through the barns and put shavings in all the stalls so the horses wouldn't slip around. Returning to the tack barn we took a dinner break. It was already six o'clock.

'We work crazy hours." She commented. I nodded.

"But tomorrow's adoption day so their numbers will go down, and it'll be easier for awhile again."

"I'll miss the ones that leave." She lamented.

"I will too, but this is a rescue after all. It's to be expected." We were quiet for a while as we ate our dinners. "Are you ready to get riding? It's already six."

"Might as well. How many are we riding tonight?"

"I think we have to ride as many as possible, because tomorrow is adoption day like you said, but we also have to be here at six to clean stalls before they all get here at nine and we have to be smiling, awake, and pleasant, or no one will get adopted."

"I hate that. They're always so in our face and they get angry when you're not smiling. They all need to just take the stick out of their ass and chillax." I laughed with her.

"You're completely right, but we have to get moving or we never will." She stood groaning. I copied her stretching. "I'm going to right Dante. He's sure to be adopted. He's only eight after all, and he has the sweetest temperament." She continued to mumble about him as she grabbed his tack. I grabbed Danche's stuff and went to his stall. Emma and I raced through working the horses. Even working as fast as we did we only got through thirty each. We would have to ride the others in the morning.

It was already one-thirty. "Let's get our money and get out of here."

"We'd better have made more than $1,000 tonight. We've been here thirteen hours." Emma muttered.

"You did great today girls. See you tomorrow at six."

"I'll be here at five. I want to finish riding." He nodded in approval.

"Same here," Emma said shooting me a glare. I smiled she really wouldn't let me outdo her here. Besides I was pretty sure she needed the money just as bad as I did, but I was sure she was really looking forward to that extra hour of sleep. As we walked down to our cars I actually counted how much we made. I gasped and recounted shocked at the number I got. It couldn't be right. "How much?"

"We made $2,000." I said shocked. She stopped dead and started smiling hugely.

"Did we really?" I nodded. "Sweet," She exclaimed jumping up and down ecstatic. I shook my head at her antics and climbed into my truck.

"See you later."

"Bye!" She called before she pulled out of the driveway. I pulled out and sped in the opposite direction. I yawned hugely. I really needed to get some sleep. I was so out of it. I blasted the music and forced myself to sing along with it so I would stay conscious. I looked at the time as I got out of the car at home. It was already two. I would have to get up in a two hour. Damn adoption day to hell! I thought as I went up to my room. I turned the light on and shut the door behind me. I looked across the room and saw Edward standing there, and he looked pissed. I dropped my bag and held very still as I waited for him to start.

"Where were you Allie?" He interrogated. I hid the shiver of fear at the name.

"I was at work. I told you this weekend's really busy at the rescue" I reminded him.

"It's extremely late. You should've been home already. I was worried something happened to you." He said pinching the bridge of his nose between his fingers. I crossed the room and wrapped him in a hug.

"I'm sorry Edward. I always end up working extremely late on adoption weekends." He deflated.

"It's fine Allie. I love you." He reminded me kissing me lightly on the lips.

"I love you too." I replied quickly. It was silent for a minute, but I had to break it. "I have to leave in an hour to go back to work. It's adoption day, so I have a lot to do to get the animals ready." He tightened his grip on my shoulders almost to the point of pain.

"What are you talking about?" he said annoyed.

"I have to work Edward." I said louder.

"Fine," he said irritated once more.

"If your job is more important then go." He said turning away from me.

"Edward it's not that. I need the money, and the farmer needs me tomorrow. You know I love you."

"I know Allie. I'll see you tomorrow night." I nodded as he jumped from my window. I shook off the fear from the nickname. I really was stupid. It was just a name. I couldn't hurt me. I went over to my journal. I wrote my name in my journal five times over: Lorianna Allison Desaultes. I had to remember that. I had to remember what my name was in this life. Especially with Edward trying so desperately to make me live in my past. As long as all he used was my nickname I would be fine, because no matter how bad it could get I knew I needed Edward. He was my rock, and exactly what I needed.

I lay down for an hour, but it felt like I'd barely put my head on my pillow when my alarm went off. I got ready for the day groaning. I wore a nice pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt with my hair pulled back into a neat pony tail and my riding boots. It was sunny out so a sweatshirt wasn't needed. I sped back to the farm. Emma and I arrived at the same time. "Fancy seeing you here," I joked laughing. She rolled her eyes.

"I picked you up a coffee."

"You are a saint." I said taking the mug from her.

"I know." I rolled my eyes. The coffee was heaven and the final push I needed to truly get my but in gear. We ran through the stalls together. It only took us a half hour to do them all. We road our last ten horses each together. They were all perfect. There was no way most of them wouldn't be adopted today. They were all so loving and hardworking. Then we went through and put ribbons in the horses manes and tails. Emma was fancier than me. She braided the ribbons in. I just did pony tails. Nine o'clock finally rolled around, and we were both dragging. It was pathetic, but we had a job to do. We walked down to the gate smiling hugely at the crowd of horse people waiting.

"Last Chance Stables' Adoption Day has officially started." We announced together as we opened the gate. The crowd cheered and entered the farm talking happily. The volunteers were already in position to answer the visitors' questions. Emma and I just had to ride horses people wanted to see. I just decided to run through my forty, so they could see how good they were. Emma did the same thing. We called out to the crowd the horse's age, temperament, and any ailments they had. They seemed impressed with what how calm the horses were, but just like always they waited until the very end at 4:30 to adopt. The adoption fee was only $3,000, which was extremely reasonable for a horse. Fifty horses were adopted by 5 o'clock making it our most successful adoption day yet. Emma and I went around to the remaining thirty horses and undid the ribbon from their manes and tails. It didn't' take that long. The barns seemed so empty now with more than half the horses gone.

I pulled into my driveway exhausted. My homework was done, so after I took my shower I just went to bed. I couldn't stay awake any longer. It had been worth it. We made another $1,000 today, but I was beat. I curled up under my blankets and passed out. I awoke the next morning to something cooking downstairs. I smiled as I saw it was Edward.

"Good morning love. I made you breakfast." He said setting a late of eggs and bacon in front of me.

"Thanks," I mumbled munching on it. Afterwards I washed my dish and got ready for school. I headed straight for Edward's Volvo knowing he wouldn't want me to take my truck. He hated my truck with a passion. At school I only talked to him and his family. He said the other kids were bad influences, and I didn't really mind.

The day passed quickly. It was so hard to believe it was already February again. Meaning it was hard for me to believe it was my birthday again. Tomorrow, the eighth was the dreaded day, and the Cullens were sure to make a big deal of it. They never did anything small.