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A flash fiction request.
Prompt phrase: "It's not what it looks like!"


Soma looked up at the dark silhouette of his servant as the man loomed over him to tuck him gingerly into bed between silky red sheets. A concerned look lingered on his young face.

"Yes, my Prince?" the faithful servant replied, fluffing the teenager's pillow diligently and then turning his head down to catch the Prince's eyes.

"I'm worried about Ciel," the boy said, rolling onto his side. "I think Sebastian is hurting my little brother."

"Hurting him, my Prince?" Agni asked, lowering himself onto the soft mattress to sit beside the Prince's hips, still looking down at that handsome young face in the darkness. "What makes you think that?"

"At night, Sebastian goes into his room and I can hear little brother's cries."

Agni's slate grey eyes widened when the young prince said those words. He glanced over at the closed door and drew in a slow, quiet breath. "I'm sure you are mistaken, my Prince…" the servant whispered gently. "Mr. Sebastian would never hurt the Earl. I'm sure of it."

"Then why—shh!" Soma said, sitting up and grabbing his servant's shoulders with a little gasp. "Listen…"

From within the silence, Agni and Soma could both hear faint cries from down the corridor. In a sudden flurry of silk and soft linen, Soma was out of the bed. Bare feet plodded softly across the hardwood floor and before Agni could stop him, Soma had flung the door open and thrust himself out into the hall, one hand grasping the doorway tightly as he leaned in to listen intently.

"Don't you hear it?" the prince asked.

Agni rose from the bed and hurried to his master's side, taking the boy's wrist gently into his hand as he looked down the long hallway toward their host's bedroom. "My Prince," he whispered hurriedly. "I implore you to return to bed."

A louder cry echoed down the corridor, pulling a gasp from each of them as they stood frozen in front of the doorway to the guest bedroom.

Prince Soma tore his wrist from Agni's grasp and shook his head. "I have to protect little brother!" he insisted as he ran toward the Earl's closed door.

"My Prince, no!" Agni whispered urgently, moving to run after the boy.

But he was too late—the Earl's bedroom door was flung open, swinging loudly into the wall with a startling thump. "Stop hurting my little—!"

Agni felt his stomach drop as he watched the Prince freeze, his eyes growing wide and his cheeks turning quite red. Would his poor Prince never learn to think before recklessly throwing himself into these situations…?

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