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I turned in my bed as my phone beeped telling me I got a text. I have been constantly tired from the lack of sleep from all the nightmares. I would wake up every night panting as the same dream repeated in my head and it always took me a while to get back to sleep. I unwillingly grabbed my phone and flipped it open…

Hey Kim

How have you been? I'm sorry I haven't been here over the holidays. How have your holidays been? I'm borrowing my dad's truck to go to school and I am giving Embry and Quil a ride. Do you want me to pick you up?


I signed as I read the text and quickly replied.

Hey Jake

I'm alright. How was your holiday? Kellan is giving me a ride to school so don't worry. Can't believe we are juniors now! See you at school.


Jacob Black, Quil Ateara and Embry Call are my best friends, since we were in diapers! Our parents were close family friends so we always had play dates together when our families met up. I wasn't like most girls I wasn't into pink and frills and all that but it didn't mean I was a tomboy either but my best friends happen to all be boys. I kind of preferred it that way, girls were always gossiping and self conscience about their looks and I was definitely not into that.

I was never someone who put on lots of foundation and make-up. I was never ugly. I had clear tanned skin, toned body from the sports I played, I was quite tall about 5ft 7" with a slender frame but I was no super model tall. So I was never ugly but I was normal, average… plain in other words. I ran to the bathroom, had a shower and got changed. Then grabbed the brush to brush my straight dark brown hair which ended below my bust; I got my dark, straight hair from my Native American mum. I signed as I thought about my mum but shook the painful thoughts away and preceded downstairs.

The mornings were never the same because my mum and dad weren't here anymore. Kellan, my senior brother, was sitting at the table eating. Kellan was on all the sports teams and was in the "popular" crowd; so basically most girls had a crush on him because they thought he was "hot". But to me he was my big brother and he was big, he was over six feet at the LEAST with broad shoulders and huge muscles from the sports. Jack was 20 and was about to go to college but that was before "the accident" happened and he decided he was needed here more than going to college. He got a few part time jobs in La Push and a few in Port Angeles but he was always had time to come home so he was never too busy. He never put work in front of family and was here for dinner, he was always here for all of us. William or Will was the oldest at 21 and also got part time jobs but stayed closer to home and got jobs in La Push and Forks. He left college before he finished because he felt he was needed at home after "the accident" occurred. All three of my older brothers are tall and muscular, they really did look intimidating at first but if you got know them the ways I do you find out that they are kind and caring. They are also very, very protective of their LITTLE sister. I mean I'm not even that much younger and I'm 16 for crying out loud. They even sometimes didn't like me being CLOSE friends with Jake, Quil and Emby, I mean come on, they're my best friends!

I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a pop tart and sat at the table.

"So Kim ready to go back to school?" Jack nudged me as I walked passed.

"No. I just want to go back to sleep." I muttered and I heard Kellan chuckle next to me. BEEP BEEP! I looked at my phone as I got another text message.

My holidays were alright but I would rather be home than being dragged all the way to Washington University just to visit your sister when she could come down here. I know it is amazing we have made it all the way to junior year. If you're free after school wanna come back to mine with Quil and Embry to fix my car and go cliff diving? If you wanna go cliff diving bring your swimming stuff.


"Hey Kim you ready to go to school soon?" Kellan asked me as he grabbed his plate and walked to the kitchen.

"Almost. Can I go back to Jake's house after school?" I asked.

"Ya sure just don't be late back." Kellan replied and with that I ran upstairs and grabbed my white bikini and a towel which I shoved into my bag. When I got to the door I put my conversers on and shouted bye to Will and Jack who were still eating breakfast before I closed the door behind me. I got into Kellan's shiny black truck and started towards school. We talked easily and as we got to school I looked down at my outfit. I was wearing a pair of denim shorts with a white fitted tank top with peace written on and a thin grey zip-up jumper which was wrapped round my waist.

We parked in front of the school and I looked out the window to see my three best friends running towards the car pushing and shoving. It felt like forever since I had last seen them; they had all been away the whole of the holiday. I felt a smile spread across my face as I saw them running towards us. I opened the car door and gave a quick smile to Kellan, which he returned, before I got out of the car.

"Kimmy! How are you?" Quil asked as he pulled me into a hug. I glared at him for using my nickname. I hated people calling me Kimmy.

"I'm alight Quily how are you?" I teased back. Quil's smile dropped when I used his nickname.

"Aww come on guys lets not get into a fight now," Embry laughter at us glaring at each other but seconds later we burst out laughing. We were close enough to know when we were joking or when we were serious.

"Let's go class. So you coming tonight Kim?" Jake asked as he put his arm around my shoulder.

"Yes. Since all of you bailed on me over the holiday I haven't been cliff diving in ages." I said as I shrugged out of Jake's arms and ran behind Embry and jumped on his back. I grabbed my arms around his neck and he grabbed my legs

"Kim it's the first thing in the morning your feet can't be tired already?"

"Yes they are!" We walked down the hallway and split to go into our different lessons. I went into History and took my assigned seat. The bell rang signalling the start of lesson; 10 minutes later Jared came in with Paul following his tail. Perfect! Those morons are in my class and better yet Ms Kent assigned Jared next to me. Great! Terrific! Note the sarcasm. But the one thing I don't understand was that I still liked Jared. Even though I keep telling myself that he is a jerk; everyone at school knows that him and Paul are the biggest players. My heart would beat faster when he came near and it hurt to see him with someone else but of course he doesn't know who I am because I am too….. plain for him to notice. We have always had at least one class together every year but he doesn't even know my name; it hurt to admit that we would never be together but I told myself that I didn't need him. He was a jerk and I don't want to be near him because nothing good would come out of that.

I would stay out of his "popular" crowd and he would stay away from him.

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