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Last time:

Jared and I went downstairs and watched a movie with Jacob and Embry; I couldn't and didn't want to go to sleep after what happened. I didn't pay attention to the movie as I thought of all the reasons to why I was suddenly getting these dreams. I don't know why this is happening but I'm going to find out and my only option was to go see Edward or Alice. I hope they will be able to decipher this problem.

Kim's Point of View:

The nightmare did not continue after that night so I just ignored it like any other nightmare I ever had in my life. Apart from that my life was going smoothly with no problems and even my friendship with Paul was growing; it was now December and Jared and I have been together for three whole months without a hitch. My feelings for Jared had progressed rapidly unlike any other relationship I had been in before. There was a natural chemistry and connection between the two of us but I might be over analysing things. All I knew was that I was happy.

I was happy and I would trust Jared with my life same with Jacob, Embry and Quil but they did not trust me. If I asked them where they had been they would do one of the three: look at the ground and mumble an excuse, look at me and lie or ignore the question. I could tell when Jacob, Embry and Quil were lying; I mean we have been best friends since before I could remember and I would be lying if I said it did not hurt when they lied to me. We use to trust each other with everything but it seems like it was only a one sided trust. Even with Jared I know our relationship is still new and I would not expect him to spill every secret to me but it did hurt a little when he would lie to me. I know I must sound like the most annoying girlfriend complaining about minor details when I have great friends and an amazing boyfriend but they keep on running out at lunch or class 50% of the time.

Coming back to the present today was my birthday and I was turning 17. I was unusually unenthusiastic for my birthday which was odd because most people would be excited but I was not. I did not ask for anything because in all honestly I had everything I wanted and that must make me sound like a spoiled brat but I am not talking in the materialistic sense. I do have a nice house and some luxuries but the most important was I had a family and friends that I would not trade for the world. It has been a long time since I felt this happy and I wanted it to stay like this forever; that would be my birthday wish if everything could stay like this forever. That sounds very cliché but it is true.

I woke up to the sound of my blaring alarm clock which would not stop however hard I hit it, eventually the beeping stopped as I rolled out of bed and blindly walking to the bathroom to get ready for the day. After I got dressed I made my way downstairs, the lights were still off which meant that none of my brothers were up yet which was strange because Will and Jack were always up before me. I switched on the lights for the kitchen as a series of loud pops and bangs which effectively caused me to scream, jump and trip over my feet so I ended up on the floor.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kim!" They all shouted in unison.

I looked round my kitchen to see the smiling faces of my three brothers, Jacob, Embry, Quil, Jared and Paul.

"Why are you on the floor?" Quil asked, Jared came forward and helped my off the floor checking that I was unharmed.

"Why are you in my kitchen?" I challenged.

"Well we decided to surprise you on your birthday," Embry answered.

"Or more like give you a heart attack and a bruise, Jesus Kim you can really scream," Jacob added.

"Well I'm sorry I just wasn't expecting fireworks to go off in my kitchen." I said mock glaring at Jacob.

"Anyway we're meant to be celebrating because you're now 17." Kellan said nudging my shoulder.

I cooked a mountain of food for breakfast and then we got into Kellan and Jared's truck to go to school apart from Will and Jack who were going to work. I was sitting next to Jared in his truck with his one hand on the wheel and the other around me holding me against him.

"I got you a present by the way," Jared said.

"You didn't have to get me anything."

"You really think I wasn't going to buy you anything for your birthday." I leaned up and kissed Jared on the cheek.

"Thank you."

"I haven't even given you your present yet."

"Yes but I know I'm going to love it, so when do I get to open it?"

"Tomorrow, well you can open part of it today but you can't open the other part. It is more of a surprise but you won't know until tomorrow."

"Ok... this is going to be interesting."

"Do you know Seth Clearwater?" Jared asked me as we were walking to lunch.

"I don't know him well but I've talked to him a few times. He's a freshman right?"

"Yeah and he is going to sit with us as lunch, just thought I should warn you."

"Why would you have to warn me?"

"Well let's just say he is really excited to meet you." I looked up at Jared confused. We were walking to our usual table when out of nowhere I was ripped out of Jared's arm and tackled into a hot suffocating hug while being spun in the air.

"Seth put Kim down, you're going to suffocate her." Jared growled from behind.

I was put on my feet but still disorientated and started to fall backwards when I felt two hands steady me from behind.

"Sorry I forget that not everyone is indestructible like us."

Once I focused on who was talking I saw the supposedly freshman called Seth Clearwater who towered above me with a beaming smile cropped dark hair with the same physique as the rest of the guys.

"Don't worry about me I'm fine, long time no see."

"Yeah it has been a while."

Apart from the hug at the beginning Seth was the sweetest person you would ever meet; I'm pretty sure he did not have a bad bone in his body. He was easy to talk to during lunch and always had a smile on his face. We had a relatively long conversation catching up since the last time we talked to each other.

"That wasn't so bad what were you so worried about me seeing Seth?" I said raising my eyebrow at Jared.

"Did you not see the way he attacked you, he almost hugged you to death."

"That is so over exaggerated." I looked at Jared to see him mumble something but it was too quiet for me to hear.

"Do you want to know what part of your present is?" Jared said with a sly smirk on his lips.

"Hell yeah I would love to know."

"Well we are going somewhere tomorrow and you have to pack to stay overnight." What the hell was that cryptic description meant to mean?

"That has just made me so much more confused; I thought it would be an object not an event."

"Well you just have to be patient and wait for the surprise." Jared leaned down and kissed me, my arms circled his neck as his embraced my waist deepening our kiss until we were interrupted with something being thrown at us, which turned out to be bread.

"We are trying to eat and not gag," Paul said while Jared glared at him and I blushed slightly.

"What are you doing tonight?" Jacob asked from across the table.

"I'm not sure probably just staying at home, why?" I replied.

"Wow you are just so much fun, staying at home on a Friday and it's your birthday," Quil teased.

"And what are you going to be doing?" I mock glared back at him.

"Well I'm going to a sick party that you're not invited to." Quil leaned back on his chair with a satisfied grin.

"Anyway, would you like to come and meet Sam and Emily tonight?" Jared asked tentatively as I looked up at him. I swear I should never look into Jared's eyes; there was something about his eyes that made me unable to deny him, it lured me subtly to the point my brain and mouth did not connect.

What was I meant to say? I'm sorry but I'm not the greatest fan of Sam or Emily and Sam probably hates my guts for the encounters I have had with him did not end well. And Jack almost hates Sam for hurting Leah and ignoring him even though they use to be friends.

"Sure," I agreed. What the hell is wrong with me, was it so hard to say no because it would be a bad idea for everyone. This was going to be an awkward night. The rest of the school day passed quickly and now I was in Jared's truck on the way to Sam and Emily's house. There was only the two of us in the truck because everyone else disappeared after lunch to somewhere. I was getting more and more nervous as we got closer to Sam and Emily's house that I was fiddling and twirling my hair between my fingers.

"Why are you so nervous?" Jared said as he laced his fingers between mine to stop the fidgeting.

"Do you really want me to answer that question?" I questioned which caused Jared to chuckle.

"You will be fine and they will love you." However much Jared tried to reassure me it did not work and I did not particularly want to like them either. That must sound like a horrible thing to say but after what Sam and Emily did to Leah and Jack I'm not their biggest fan.

Jared parked his truck and opened the door for me as we walked up to the small two stories house.

"Before we go in, don't stare at Emily's face, she is fine about the scars but Sam is still touchy about it." After that Jared walked straight into the house like it was his own. The house was pitch black and made me feel like we were not meant to be here but Jared easily manoeuvred around the house while I walked blind. Then suddenly the lights were switched on and I was deafened by the shouts of happy birthday and pops from the party poppers. And just like this morning the surprise caused me to scream and jump but this time before I fell I felt Jared hold me to prevent me from falling.

"Don't worry I remember from this morning, I wouldn't have let you fall again," Jared whispered in my ear; I smiled up at Jared and kissed his cheek quickly.

I could see Paul, Jacob, Embry, Quil and Seth in a group while Leah was sitting on a chair by herself while Sam had his arm around a woman I guessed was Emily. Emily pulled away from Sam and walked towards Jared and me.

"Kim this is Emily, Emily this is Kim." Jared said introducing us, Emily smiled at me warmly. Jared asked me not to stare at her face but it was hard to look at Emily without looking at her scares and I hope I didn't make it too noticeably. The scars that trailed down the left side of her face which pulled down the left side of her face slightly into a permanent grimace even she was smiling on her right side. The scars continued down from her face to her neck and I briefly saw a few scars on her hand and arms that wasn't as deep as the scar on her face. She has a warm motherly aura around her. She pulled me into a hug and I tried to awkwardly hug her back because Jared was still holding onto my hand.

"It's so nice to finally see you in person, I have heard so much about you Kim; I've been asking Jared to invite you around for a while now." Emily said as she pulled away from the hug.

"Yeah well we've all heard so much about Kim because Jared won't shut up about Kim." Paul said which earned him a glare from Jared. About half an hour after I arrived Kellan, Jack and Will turned up as well apologising for being late. Emily had made a cake which was cut equally but some had more than others, like Quil who was being a pig, and then proceed to open presents even though I had said to them that they did not have to get me anything. Jared said he would give me my present for today later.

"I can't believe you're 17 now," Will said nudging me.

"Hey I'm not that old and I'm not that much younger than you. You sound like you are 50." I said smiling at Will. I looked over at Jack was eyeing Leah across the room by herself again.

"Why don't you go and talk to her?" I asked Jack.

"I haven't spoken to her in ages. I'm pretty sure she won't want to talk to me now."

"Why not? You guys use to be friends."

Jared's Point Of View:

"So are you enjoying your surprise birthday party?" I asked as I wrapped my arms around Kim from behind but Kim did not reply. "Kim, Kim are you listening to me?"

"Uh yep sure," Kim replied distractedly, I frowned and followed Kim's line of vision which she was so intent on watching. Kim's brother Jack was walking towards Leah. Oh crap, he was going to need all the luck he can get to have any chance to even talk to Leah. I can understand why Leah was the bitter person she is but it has been years can't she get over it? She has seen Sam's thoughts; does she not understand his imprinting bond with Emily? Now she was a wolf no one wanted to have patrol with her because she would make patrol hell for everyone because when we phase we can hear each other's thoughts. And her thoughts were something no one particularly enjoyed to hear; she was bitter and snapped at anyone at the smallest thing with her snarky comments.

"Oh boy," I muttered.

"What, what's wrong?" Kim asked.

"Jack is going to be slaughtered."


"Kim have you talked to Leah? She's not the most friendly and open person."

"It will be fine and Jack use to be friends with Leah."

"That was before Leah turned bitter."

"Don't be mean and she has a reason to be upset for what happened."

"Whatever you say," I mumbled. I know I shouldn't eavesdrop on people but it wasn't entirely my fault because I couldn't help my sensitive hearing picking up on Jack and Leah's conversation.

"Hi Leah."

"What do you want Jack." Leah replied harshly.

"I was just coming to say hi, is there something wrong with that? We use to be friends, what happened."

"Well things change and that was bef-" Leah stopped mid sentence; I looked to where Leah and Jack were. Leah was looking into Jack's eyes with the a dazed expression mixed with awe, adoration, love, happiness, affection, devotion, passion and a tenderness that I had never seen Leah have. There was only one thing that could even change Leah Clearwater from the bitter person she was to a love struck person; Leah imprinted on Jack. This was going to be interesting.

Just when I thought Leah was a changed person from her bitter self, all the love that was on her face disappeared and was replaced with an angry scowl. She pushed passed Jack who was still in a daze but completely baffled as Leah walked out the house. The house was dead quiet as we watched Leah walk into the forest through the window. Jack started after Leah but Sam stopped him.

"You should just leave her, she needs to be alone," Sam said.

"Don't tell me what to do and you don't have the right to say anything for Leah," Jack said as he walked passed Sam and out the door. Sam clenched his fists; Emily came next to him and placed a hand on his arm. Sam's tense posture relaxed as he looked at Emily and put his arm around her.

Everyone in the pack knew that Sam still loved Leah and hated himself for what he did to her but what he felt for Emily was no comparison. At first I did not really understand imprinting, I mean I saw from Sam's point of view through the pack's mind but I did not understand the pure love and devotion behind it. But now that I have imprinted I understand how Sam felt when he imprinted on Emily, nothing could stop the connection between the wolf and his or now her imprint. Although everyone in the pack understood why Sam did what he did, people outside the pack do not understand. They all think that he dumped Leah for her cousin but they do not know how Sam felt about Emily and how he could not deny the imprint as much as he tried.

"I'm going to go and talk to Jack," Kim said as she attempted to move my arms from around her. If I had it my way I would never let Kim go, I was always in pure bliss whenever she was with me.

"You know for me to go you need to let me go," Kim said with a small smile on her lips.

"What if I don't want to let you go?" I challenged.

"You have to let me go sometime Jared," Kim kissed me as she gentle pulled away as she walked out after her brother.

Kim's Point Of View:

I walk out the house to see Jack leaning against his truck looking out into the forest.

"Jack?" I call tentatively as I take a few more steps towards him.

"I didn't go looking for Leah, I thought about it but if she wants to talk she will come to me. At least I hope so." I stand next to Jack and talked to him for a while.

"You alright?" Someone asked from behind Jack and I. We turned around to see Will and Kellan walk out the house. "We were thinking of heading home, you coming?" Will asked Jack.

"Yeah sure," Jack agreed with Will. "You alright getting home?" Jack asked me.

"I'll be fine, I'll ask Jared or maybe one of the guys if they could drop me home but I don't think I'll be late so I'll see you soon."

"Alright, see you later," Kellan said as he, Will and Jack into the truck.

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