Disclaimer: I don't own twilight. Stephanie Meyer does. I just like to take her characters and mess with their world. :) This story is the sequel to Moving On. You may want to read it before attempting to read this story.

Chapter 1: Isabella Swan

It was almost my birthday, and I was dreading it. It was as if time sped up only when I absolutely didn't want it to. The past five months had passed in a happy blur. Edward had slowly gotten through every wall I'd set up over the year. He'd been so good to me. His family had also worked diligently to make me more relaxed around their home. I loved it here. It was so nice to be so cared for.

Thanks to Alice's visions, she knew my birthday was next Wednesday. Why did it have to be my birthday? This would make me older than Edward, technically. I checked for grey hairs every day. I didn't care that they all called me paranoid. It was a big fear for me. I didn't want to be older than him. I didn't want to be older period. Why did everything have to work so hard to throw us out of balance? Was there a reason for this madness? It was bad enough he was a bit distant lately. It was probably just because we'd heard Adam and Charlie (my ex owners) were in the south. He was always one to worry. "What are you thinking about?" Edward murmured giving my hand a squeeze.

"I was just hoping you all don't make a big deal over nothing Wednesday." I said lightly.
"Bella, it's your birthday. Of course, we're going to make a big deal of it. It's an important day." He said as if it would be a sin not to.

"I haven't celebrated my birthday in fourteen years. One more year wouldn't matter." I said in a sad attempt to get him to reconsider.

"All the more reason to make this one perfect," he said softly before he kissed me sweetly on the lips. I kissed back eagerly. After a minute we pulled apart. I worked to catch my breath our foreheads still pressed together. "Do you think you could make it through the birthday party at the very least so I can give you your present?" He said. I couldn't say no to him when he asked me like this.

"Yes," I said meekly. He smiled hugely before giving me a chaste kiss on the lips.

"I love you." He reminded me.

"As I love you," I replied smiling.

"I have to go talk to Carlisle. Rose wants to take you shopping. She's waiting for me to leave you alone."

"Hey, I was being patient." She grumbled entering his room. Laughing he exited. I held back a sigh. He barely spent time with me. I shook the thought from my head. I really was being whining. I was so spoiled now! "Are you ready to go? We have to get you some new clothes." She said excitedly. I nodded. I grabbed my wallet and followed her to her BMW

"We get to take the awesome car." I said excitedly. She laughed nodding as we got in. A second later, we were speeding down the road. I smiled as she pushed the car over 100. "Where are we going?" I inquired an hour later. It was obvious from the road we weren't going to Port Angeles.

"We're headed to Seattle. That's where all the best clothes are. There are actual stores up there and a mall." She squealed.

"You're just as bad as Alice." I said laughing.

"No, I'm worse." She said smirking.

"Now I'm afraid." She laughed loudly. Rose was the best sister ever. She was always there for me, and I found I was able to really talk about everything that had happened to me when I was with her. I wasn't able to do that with the others.

"We have to get you a killer outfit for next Wednesday." She said as she dragged me to the first store. She bought me loads of clothes, but finding a dress was practically impossible. We were in the seventh shop, and I looked at my reflection. It was a beautiful dress. It was black and only one shoulder. It fell two inches above my knees and the neckline was low yet appropriate, it was absolutely stunning, and I couldn't buy it. "Not this one," I said sadly. Edward hated anything that showed my scars and this dress definitely did that. There were many visible, and I wasn't comfortable with them showing. They were hideous.

"What about this one?" She questioned. I pulled it on without bothering to look at it. When I looked in the mirror I gasped. The dress was perfect. It was ocean blue and fell to just below my knees. It had ¾ sleeves that covered my scars and a modest neckline. It was also one of the prettiest dresses we'd come across all day. It did me justice; it was Edward's favorite color on me. It was exactly the kind of thing he expected me to wear.

"Rose, it's perfect!" I squealed. I said coming out of the dressing room so she could see.

"Damn Bella, you look great!" She said smiling hugely.

"Thanks Rose. Let's go find shoes to match." I put the dress back on the hanger and placed it in our cart before we went to get shoes. It was a good thing I was comfortable walking in heels of all heights; because that's the section of the shoe store we hit the hardest. We found a pretty pair of silver heels that matched perfectly with the dress. Once we purchased the shoes and the dress we were done shopping.

"Do you want to go get something to eat? You have to be hungry." She assumed after we dropped the bags at the car. I nodded. It was eight o'clock and I was famished. "Let's walk to the restaurant up there." She said pointing to the pizza place.

"Okay," I said as she joined me on the sidewalk. It was dark by now. The streetlights cast an eerie glow over the road. I stuck close to Rose's side. There was a group of guys we were going to have to walk past up ahead. They were looking at us from the minute we walked onto the sidewalk; they were creeping me out. Rose was tense as well. It wasn't helping me with my nerves. They were on both sides of the road. There really wasn't a way around them.

"Stay close Bella." Rose muttered to me. I moved closer still. I could hear the strain in her voice. This was too close to her worst memory.

"They're probably just messing around." I tried to assure her, but my voice cracked so it couldn't have been much of a reassurance. She grabbed my hand to make sure we couldn't possibly be separated as we drew ever closer to the group of men who seemed to grow more and more threatening. I tried to shake the feeling, but it wasn't possible.

"Hey beautifuls," One man called to us. "Do you want to party with real men?" He questioned. His speech was slurred. He was already drunk beyond belief. It was a wonder he was still standing. Rose tensed even further.

"We're good thanks." I said coolly as I guarded my expression. Fear wasn't something I should show in a situation like this.

"Don't be like that sugar." Another man said and he grabbed my wrist. Before Rose had realized what the fool had done I flipped my wrist and jerked it so he would let go.

"Don't touch me, and don't call me sugar." I ordered. They were following us now and walking backwards ahead of us as well. Rose was slowing down as she battled with her past. I tugged her forwards. One of them had the gaul to grab me and pull me to him. I stiffened terrified. Only to see Rose was fighting the others. She was slow as her memories refused to release her. Then I saw the vampires in the group. There were three of them and they were fighting Rose. I turned to the man holding me to see he was human. My instincts were screaming as my captor tightened his grip on me and tried to kiss me. I kicked back and hit him where the sun don't shine. He kneeled over cursing, and I elbowed him in the face and brought my hand down on his neck. He dropped like a rock. He wasn't dead just unconscious. I turned to those who were tormenting my sister and allowed my fury to show in full.

"What do you think you're doing?" I hissed to the vampires. They turned to me shocked I was addressing them.

"You would be wise to run human." One advised a second before he had me pinned up against the wall. I hid my fear and allowed my fury to show.

"And you would be wise to do the same. Do you understand who you're messing with?" The one holding me let me off the wall. Another growled and crouched as if to attack me. I did the same hissing.

"Who are you?" He interrogated.

"I am Isabella Swan." I growled back. They took a step away fearful. "If I were you I would leave before I call my father and my brother. They don't take kindly to people like you." I said threateningly.

"What about her?" They interrogated.

"She's a new servant. Adam likes it rough, and he can be rougher with her than me." I said sighing as if this saddened me. They smirked. "I would leave now." I ordered. They nodded.

"Give them our regards." They said nodding.

"I might not. They wouldn't like the conditions under which we met. It would be safer for you if I didn't mention this." I said in a bored tone. Their eyes widened with fear.

"Then forget we said anything. We're sorry for bothering you. Have a good evening." I watched them go with a cold glare on my face. The second they were gone I ran to Rose shaking.

"Are you okay?" I whispered. She didn't answer. She was whimpering softly. I went to grab her arm to lead her to the car, but she swung out at me. Her hand connected with my face, and I was thrown into the wall. I shook the pain away as she growled threateningly at me. I could see the fear in her eyes. They really had brought back her memories. I wasn't bleeding thank god, so I wouldn't have to worry about crazy vampire instincts. "Rose, it's me. It's Bella, your sister." I saw a flash of recognition in her eyes.

"What happened?"

"We were attacked by men, human and vampire men." She shuddered in fear.

"Are they gone?" She questioned in a small voice.

"Yes, I got them to leave. Let's go home." I said holding out my hand. She grabbed on to it and squeezed it tightly. I suppressed a wince. It would be bruised later, but I could handle bruises. What I wouldn't be able to handle is those vampires coming back. If they found out the Swans no longer owned me we would be screwed. I walked back to the car quickly. I wasn't running, but it wasn't a normal walk either. I walked to the driver side before Rose could protest. She was too shaken up to be able to drive right. She didn't understand the danger we were probably still in. If those two were here there were sure to be more near.

I got us back on to the road quickly and floored it. I'd driven a BMW before so I knew how to handle it. I zigzagged in and out of the traffic until we were safely to the highway. I had been tired before this, but I was wide-awake now, and I constantly looked in the rearview mirror to make sure we weren't being followed. I stiffened at the thought of that alone. I suppressed it along with the memories the encounter had unearthed.

"How are you feeling Rose?" I questioned in an attempt to take my mind off of everything.

"I'm fine."

"You suck at lying." I informed her.

"I'll be fine. It was just so much like that night. I wasn't strong enough to fight them off. They would have won." She forced out. There was fear in her eyes.

"It'll be fine Rose. They won't follow us, and once we're home we have the family. We'll be fine." I assured her. I saw a little relief enter her eyes. She believed me, thank god. I was still freaking out. I was terrified someone would come for us while Rose was in this state, while I was barely holding myself together. I could let myself fall apart later. Right now I had to get my sister safely home. Right now I had to be Isabella Swan not Bella. I turned sharply to avoid yet another slow car. They honked loudly, but I ignored them. I really didn't care if they were annoyed as long as I didn't attract attention from the cops. As I finished the thought I heard a siren. "Damn it!" I swore. We just couldn't catch a break tonight, could we?

"What is it?" Rose questioned half in her memories.

"It's the police. Just act pathetic and I'll deal with it." I assured her. She nodded whimpering lowly. She already had her knees pulled up to her chest. Pathetic was very much in reach for her. Thank god she'd hit me. I looked like a domestic violence victim. I pulled over to the side of the road and wet my face to make it seem like I'd been crying.

"Ma'am, I need to see your license and registration papers." It was a female. I relaxed as did Rose. I could do this. I reached over into the dash and pulled the papers and my driver's license. "Who's Rosalie?" She interrogated.

"She's my foster sister." I said softly. "She's in the back seat." The officer flashed her light to the back to take in a scared Rose.

"What happened to you both?" She questioned compassion in her tone.

"We finally had a chance to run from my dad and we took it. I was afraid he would chase us so I was speeding. I'm sorry. Please don't make us go back!" I said allowing my fear into my voice. My tone was frantic.

"I'm not going to make you go anywhere. I'll excuse it because of the circumstances, but if I catch you speeding after tonight I'm going to have to give you a ticket." She warned us.

"Thank you," I replied. She nodded and went back to her car. I peeled away quickly and sped down the road once more. The officer went the other way, so I breathed a sigh of relief. We were in the clear once more. Forks: 10 miles. That's what the sign said. I nearly laughed. We were close. Five minutes later we were roaring up the drive. I slowed and pulled into the garage. I was almost completely relaxed now. The nomads wouldn't follow me, and if they came here the Cullens could beat them. I went over to Rose's side of the car and grabbed her hand. She smiled slightly. My poor sister was still trapped in her horrible past. I would be soon too. As soon as I allowed myself to really feel. She was faring better than two hours ago, but she was still very much shaken up.

We walked together into the house. Emmett came to move towards us; Rose and I stiffened. I moved in front of her and crouched growling. They wouldn't be allowed near my sister. I was Isabella Swan. No one fucked with me. They stopped confused. They took in our appearances, and I saw confusion pass through Emmet's eyes before recognition took its place. Edward was downstairs a second later. He almost looked bored. Now there were two. Should we run? Would we be able to get away? These are family calm down! They're men. They're dangerous! My mind screamed at itself. Rose was still stiff with fear. I wouldn't let them near. She'd been through enough tonight.

Carlisle entered the room and I was practically snarling. He seemed shocked. Then Jasper entered the room, and I took a step back making sure to keep Rose behind me all the while. Alice and Esme were quick to follow. They moved among the men easily. What were they on? They would be hurt. They were morons. Edward moved towards me, and my growls grew louder. If he came any closer I would find a way to hurt him.

"Stop moving," Emmett ordered. They looked to him shocked. I focused on him. So he was leader today. He was in charge and the biggest threat.

"What's going on?" Alice questioned worriedly eyeing me.

"Something happened when they were in Seattle. Nothing else would make Bella act like this." Jasper said looking at me. He locked eyes with mine, and I took it as a challenge. I shifted my weight and waited to see if he would attack.

"Someone went after them, men, or Rose wouldn't be like this." Emmett added. The strain was easily heard in his voice.

"Bella, what happened?" Carlisle inquired. Who was he talking about?

"You're using the wrong name Carlisle." Jasper said stepping forwards.

"Isabella Swan, what happened?" Jasper commanded the answer. He didn't ask. I growled at him unwilling to reply. He growled back. Shock filtered through my mask and shone in my eyes.

"Jasper, you're scaring her." Alice said worriedly.

"No, I'm making sure she understands I expect an answer. She's gone back to the way it was before she came to live with us. She's relying on her instincts." He explained never breaking eye contact.

"Who the hell do you think you are to demand anything of me?" I hissed at him.

"I'm your brother." He stated simply. That threw me. "We're worried, and you weren't answering." He explained. Right, they were family. I could relax, couldn't I? I slowly straightened up, but I remained in front of Rose.

"What happened?" Emmett interrogated.

"We were making our way to a restaurant so I could get something to eat, but we ran into a group of guys. There was no way around them. They were all over the street. One grabbed me and three others fought Rose. They were friking vampires. The one who had me was human so incapacitated him before intervening into Rose's fight. She was barely fighting anyway. Her memories already had her." I said frowning. "I pretended to still be with the Swans, and they went running. Rose couldn't drive, so I sped us back here." I said quickly.

"They just left?"

"No one messes with Isabella Swan and lives. Charlie and Adam killed anyone they thought was even looking at me wrong." I said shrugging. I winced. There was pain from the gesture." Edward said softly.

"Only a little."

"Where and how," he questioned.

"One of the vampires pinned me to the wall so my back is scrapped." I said.

"What about your face. That's going to be a nasty bruise."

"That one's from Rose." They gasped.

"What," Esme asked confused.

"It's not her fault. I surprised her. It was right after the attack. I grabbed her hand, and she reacted instinctually. She thought I was one of them. It's fine." They didn't look convinced.

"I'm sorry about that Bella." Rose said from behind me. I turned sideways to look at her.

"It's not your fault." She rolled her eyes. That's my sister. "Are you okay?"

"I'll be fine. Thank you for getting us home when I was unable."

"Your welcome."

"You can let them over you know. They aren't going to hurt us." I eyed them scared.

"I swear. None of them will hurt us. Think of Edward. Would he hurt you?" I shook my head.

"Neither will the others. They just want to help us. Let them over." I nodded. They walked over to us slowly. Emmett wrapped Rose in a caring hug. He looked over to me.

"Thank you for protecting her."

"She's my sister. I couldn't leave her." I replied. He nodded. Alice wrapped me in a hug, and I winced as she rubbed the scraps. They were very sore. Edward didn't hug me, but he took my hand in his and squeezed it in comfort. I smiled up at him.

"Do you think they followed you?" Carlisle asked.

"No, they wouldn't dare to." But I'm pretty sure there are more of them up there. They don't run alone ever.

"She's right, they aren't coming here." Alice said. Everyone relaxed.

"You're the world's biggest danger magnet." Edward murmured into my hair.

"That's why I have you." He smiled softly.

"You should get some sleep Bella." Jasper suggested as he suppressed a yawn. I tensed. Sleep meant nightmares.

"He's right." I nodded grudgingly and allowed Edward to pull me upstairs. When I was ready I slipped under the covers and looked over at Edward.

"Are you staying tonight?" I questioned. It was always a question lately and I hated that, but I really needed him tonight. He shook his head and my spirit sank.

"I'm going to help Alice wrap your presents." He explained.

"Okay, see you in the morning." He nodded and departed. "I love you." I breathed out. What was I supposed to do now? The nightmares were sure to come. They would be terrible. They always were when something like this happened. I forced myself to close my eyes anyway. I had to sleep, or I wouldn't make it through tomorrow. Unsure of what awaited me I sunk into an uneasy slumber.