P r o l o g u e

"Every cat has a story to tell; every cat has the story of their life, you see? And no story is more important than another. Take this, for example: one kit dies at birth. His brother goes on to take over his Clan and seize power, become a tyrant, only to die alone and lost after being cast out of his Clan. Is the first story any worse than the second, simply because it is shorter? Is the second any less a story, simply because of the path the cat took? No. All stories are equal, and all stories matter, just as every cat in a Clan matters. That is what you must understand, my dear; just as every story, no matter how short, is important, so is every cat, no matter how young. It takes all kinds to create a Clan; that is what keeps our Clan strong.

"Cats come together to create a Clan, just as lives come together to create a story."

Her father's words rang in her head, bringing with them memories, short flashes of images and scents, painful and brief. Her mother on the ground, her lifeblood pooling around her…her father, wheezing and drowning within his own lungs…her Clan dwindling by the day, as sickness and the weight of battle killed them one by one….They were all that was left, the three of them, three young warriors out on their own. How were they supposed to build a Clan?

I promised my mother I would, when she came to me the night my father died and BirchClan fell, she thought, but it was just a promise then, not a reality. Now that we're out here alone…I don't know what I can do, where I can go. How am I supposed to build a Clan? Father was grooming me to be his own deputy's deputy, I always knew that…I was his only daughter, after all. But still, I just don't think I'm ready, for this….

She felt Ravenwing shift beside her, and she moved her own weight to allow Ravenwing to be comfortable. The fox den was cramped, but it was the only place they had found that allowed them to hide in the forest; the scent of foxes would ward away any of FrozenClan's cats.

She let out a quiet sigh and rose to her paws, padding out of the den to stare up at the stars.

How many of my Clan is up there? she wondered. How many of us died because of Northstar's ambition?

She closed her eyes, letting out a quiet sigh. As far as she knew, all of her Clan was in StarClan now, along with every cat in ShellClan and MarshClan that didn't defect to FrozenClan in exchange for their lives. She knew no proud warrior of BirchClan would ever join Northstar in his mad pursuit of taking over their forest. How could StarClan let this happen? How could StarClan allow one Clan to rule both the forest and the mountains?

We did something wrong, allowing Frozenstar to create his Clan, she thought. That must be it. We should have never shared our Clan ways with those wild mountain cats; it was wrong, and we're being punished for it. That's the only explaination.

She wasn't convincing herself, and she knew it; sometimes she just had to give herself up to a higher power, or accept that even the higher powers didn't always control everything themselves. Northstar shaped his own destiny…didn't he?

A gentle breeze stirred her fur, and she thought she caught the faintest scent of ash, or smoke. She frowned; there hadn't been a fire in moons, had there?

Shards come together to make a whole, cats come together to make a Clan, lives come together to make a story, a voice whispered in her ear. She turned suddenly, blinking, but there was no one there.

"StarClan?" she whispered. "Is that you? Are you telling me what I must do?"

Her mother had come to her the night her father died and her Clan fell, to tell her that it was her destiny to rebuild BirchClan. And now someone was contacting her again, with the same message…she couldn't ignore it. StarClan was still watching over her, still guiding her paws.

She lifted her muzzle, and the breeze caressed her face again, carrying the gentle scent of ash with it, and then away.

She turned back, and nudged her two comrades. Frostfeather and Ravenwing opened their eyes slowly, and then blinked at her with the same green eyes.

"Frostfeather, Ravenwing, do you remember what I told you when we fled the Clan?" she asked.

"You said we were going to rebuild BirchClan, right?" Ravenwing said softly.

"I don't see what that has to do with waking us up in the middle of the night, though, Silverstreak," Frostfeather yawned. Silverstreak smiled at them both.

"At first I thought StarClan just meant in the future, that we should flee to safety before we started…but I think they meant on our way. We're sure to meet plenty of cats, and we'll have to cover a lot of territory before we find our new home…but I'm certain StarClan will be with us."

Ravenwing smiled at her. "We followed you because we trust you, Silverstreak," she purred. "We'll do whatever you say."

"As long as it isn't completely mouse-brained," Frostfeather laughed, nudging Silverstreak playfully. "I assume we'll be leaving in the morning, so shouldn't we get some rest?"

"Actually, I think we should stick around a bit; there have to be survivors somewhere, we should attempt to find them and help them."

Frostfeather yawned again. "Fine, fine, can we get some rest now?"

Silverstreak's whiskers twitched. "Rest, my friends. We'll need all our strength, yes."

Frostfeather yawned a third time, settling down in her nest beside her sister. The two of them were soon asleep again, but Silverstreak remained awake, gazing at the stars.

Is this where my destiny lies?

AN: Alright, sooo I'm pretty excited about this one. It's basically a revision of some role-play I did a long time ago; FrozenClan and BirchClan are pretty much the original CascadeClan and CinderClan, cha.

This story will be different from most of my others; the last few were mainly third person limited, but this'll be third person omniscient; we'll switch POVs each chapter, never the same one in a row. I've got plenty of characters to pick at~

Also, as an added bonus, I'm gonna try and keep my timelines straight, ha.