Not Particularly

(Extra: Drabble #1)


Nanami is sitting on the shrine steps playing with Mamoru-kun when Tomoe appears next to her and hovers. Her shikigami glares at the fox before hiding in her shirt, Tomoe glares right back.

When Nanami looks up she smiles at her familiar which prompts him to sit next to her and prop his chin on his palm tilting his head to watch her.

Nanami sighs and curling her fingers confesses;

"I'm nervous about the challenge. I keep thinking that perhaps I don't have what it takes. But I also believe I should try even if I fail. That I should give all I have and believe in myself."

Tomoe looks away but doesn't respond. Inside he knows he is against Nanami going and putting herself in danger and he knows when the time comes he will do everything in his power to stop her.

Nanami watching the emotions usually very carefully hidden flicker on his face knows what he is thinking. Shaking her head she rises, ready to start on her homework, when Tomoe stops her by catching her hand,

"Nanami-sama you're weak, like a human."

Nanami hurts inside but scoffs. And Tomoe's lips curl at the edges, while his fingers stroke her knuckles;

"But strong because of your heart and even if you fear you are going to fail, you keep moving forward. And I will follow you, not because I'm obliged to but because I'm honored to."

Nanami feels her heart beat a little faster and squeezes his fingers and then leaves, because she really is behind on her school work.

As Tomoe watches her leave he whispers;

"And because I believe I'm really starting to…" he trails off because it is impossible, and he can't allow himself. Not again. He refuses to fall again.

But, she is making it so hard.

Ok, so I wasn't really planning on writing anything more for this story, but I read the new chapters of the manga and I couldn't help myself. If I write any more, they will be small drabbles.