A/N: Hiya! This is a little story about the Doctor tending to Rose's injuries after she's been attacked by some alien monster guy (yeah, the alien is not that important. Not much plot to this, just needed it to hurt her [not that I want her to be hurt, obviously, but it makes the story...] so that the Doctor can fix her up :D) All of this inevitably leads to a bit of flirting ;P and stuff...Hope you enjoy! Please review! Love you all xxxxxxx

Best Medicine

(As prescribed by the Doctor)

They got back to the TARDIS, and without a word, the Doctor led a tired and bleeding Rose down the corridor to the infirmary. She sat down on a backless stool and looked up at him confusion.

The Doctor looked at her pointedly. Rose furrowed her brow as if asking 'What?'

"Take your shirt off, then," he instructed casually.

"You what now?" she retorted in surprise. Ok, so maybe this was where he started to show some sort of interest in her, finally. Although, in the medical room? That's a bit odd. Maybe he has some sort of fetish or-

"You're bleeding. You need to let me help you," he explained, in a tone that implied there would be no arguments.

- or not. Ah. "Ohhhhh," she replied in realisation, slightly underwhelmed if she was honest. She'd thought, for a moment there, that they were finally getting somewhere. But she'd conveniently forgotten about just being attacked by a Trefof. And then she'd let her imagination run away with her. Whoops. "Ok."

As she unbuttoned her blood-stained checked shirt, he pretended not to take any real interest in what lay beneath it. He stood in front of her, motionless, an impassive expression adorning his features, his arms folded, waiting patiently...

Despite it being obvious that he clearly wasn't interested in her that way, Rose still flushed under his intent gaze. Although, she was slightly insulted that his eyes had not once slipped from hers to...well, lower regions.

...He swallowed, refusing to allow himself to simply take her in his arms and kiss her, and knelt in front of her, a wet cloth in his hand. He finally looked at her bare stomach, skimming his eyes of her bra-covered breasts as he lowered his gaze from her face, and he tried to focus on getting Rose better. Rather than on those...other thoughts.

With the cloth, he wiped at the harsh gash that the Trefof had given her a few inches left of her belly button, cleansing away the blood. Gently, he placed a cotton pad over the cut, pressing more firmly against it in an attempt to stop the bleeding. He knew he'd have to stitch it up in a minute; it was quite insistent. The wound must have stung as he pressed down on it, because she let out a gasp, then shuddered when the fingers of his other hand traced over the rest of her stomach, checking for any other cuts or bruises. Just checking. That's all.

Rose herself was busy trying to control her breathing and racing heart rate. She couldn't let him notice that that was the affect that he was having on her, simply by tending to her wound.

He looked up at her apologetically, all the while setting his jaw and smiling tightly, begging his brain to make his eyes look merely concerned rather than lustful as he drank her almost-naked torso in. "Sorry, Rose, but I'm going to have to stitch this up."

She bit her lip, but nodded. "That's ok." She trusted him. Completely.

"Right-o then," he said cheerfully, trying to put her at ease. He reached for the medical equipment, and moved his hand and the pad from her wound. He swallowed nervously, shot a brief smile at his companion-best-friend-and-nothing-more, and set to work. Rose closed her eyes and bit down harder on her lip as a distraction.

It hurt a bit, but she knew the Doctor was fully capable of doing what he needed to; looking after her. And at least it was him, doing this. Anyone else and she'd have been mortified; his hands were skirting dangerously close to other areas. But she'd rather have his hands there than anyone else. Well. Obviously. It's just a shame that it was under these circumstances, really.

Before she could stop herself, her hands slid into his hair, during her heavy contemplation of just how she could find out whether Time Lords really danced, without him finding out that she was really wondering if it was just her he was averse to in that way. She felt him jolt in surprise at her touch, which in actual fact led her to realise what she was doing, and made her jolt in surprise. But she didn't remove her hands.

"Rose? I'm trying to concentrate, here," he told her, a teasing smile evident in his voice even if she couldn't see his face.

"What, does this distract you?" she asked innocently, purposefully running her fingers through his luscious brown locks even more, and tugging.

The Doctor moaned a little, but covered it up quickly with a deep chuckle. "Maybe," he murmured.

"Really?" she asked hopefully.

"Yeah, well, I'm a bit ticklish," he rationalised.

"Oh. I just thought you found it erotic or something."

His head snapped up in surprise, his eyes wide. All he was greeted with was her eyes closed and a small smirk playing on her lips. "Rose, I..." he trailed off.

"I was just joking, Doctor," she said sincerely, giggling internally at his reaction.

"Yep, I knew that, course you were," he mumbled, his eyes retreating back to her wound.

She opened her eyes cautiously, and watched him. He really did take care of her well, and he looked adorable the way he was carefully sorting her out, his eyes concentrating on her, inspecting her through his glasses.

Although, she supposed, it was his fault she'd gotten the wound in the first place, really. So he probably felt guilty and was now trying to make it up to her.

"There we go, all done," he murmured, tracing his finger over the stitched gash in her side. She shivered at his touch and he allowed himself a small smile in recognition of the fact that he caused her to do that. Then, he realised what an insensitive idiot he was being, considering he'd gotten her hurt back on that awful planet.

"I'm so sorry - " he began.

" – it's fine. Really. Don't worry, Doctor. Anyway, you've made me all better now, so everything's good," she told him. As an afterthought, she removed her hands from his hair, realising that she hadn't yet done so.

He was still kneeling in front of her, his eyes now resembling that of a lost little puppy, magnified slightly by his sexy glasses, and she gave him a reassuring smile. "I'm fine," she emphasised.

He tugged at his ear. "Well, did it get you anywhere else?" he asked, his eyes roving over her body. If she hadn't known better; if she hadn't known that this was the Doctor, who didn't like her like that, Rose would've said he had an almost hungry look in his eyes. But she knew that that must be what he looked like when he was concerned about her health or whatever.

Yeah, the Doctor knew that that wasn't it, but he wasn't going to tell her that.

Rose suddenly winced in pain, and he instinctively grabbed her hand in his.

"What is it?" he asked, his voice panicked.