Lee laid on the couch behind the giant fan in the club, he was only wearing black shorts and his snow hat, which he wore everywhere. It was excruciating outside and inside wasn't any better.

Sonya came into the room she looked over at Lee. "Hey Lee!" She said all excited. She had changed since they were kids, she grew her hair out longer and it turned dark brown naturally. She was wearing a black crop top, a pair of short shorts, and black sandals.

Lee, who was always quiet and said few words, just nodded at Sonya as if greeting her. He couldn't help but look at her through his bangs.

Sonya's blue eyes noticed Lee was looking at her. She admittedly became self conscious. "Uh so Lee, it is hot outside." She said trying to change the subject.

Lee only nodded again. He was still looking at her with a funny expression.

Sonya walked up and sat next to him. She noticed his forehead was sweating terribly. "Lee aren't you hot with that hat on?" She asked and she tried grabbing for it.

"Hey not cool." Lee said holding down his hat over his head possessively.

Sonya just kept grabbing at the hat. "Lee! It's hot as hades outside!" Sonya argued and still trying to grab the hat.

Lee fell back and Sonya fell on top of him. Her hand were on his abs. Lee and Sonya blushed deeply. "Lee! Put on a shirt!" Sonya yelled at him. "Why? It's hot!" He argued.

Sonya just glared at him. "Friends shouldn't see friends like this!" She said. Her cheeks were burning auburn.

"Well why are you wearing that?" He asked poiting at her outfit that was smuthering on top of him.

Sonya just kept her mouth shut her blushing got even deeper.

Harvey came into the room. "Oh gross guys!" Harvey said pretending to stick a finger in his mouth to look like he was gagging.

"Wait Harvey we can explain." Sonya said nervously her cheeks were all flustered. Lee just stared warily.

"No I'll let you guys have some 'personal time'." Harvey teased and ran out the door to tell everybody.

"Will you please take the hat off now?" Sonya asked her voice was struggling to keep calm.

Lee just sighed and nodded. He took the hat off to reveal his jet black hair. His hair fell over his eyes.

Sonya combed the hair out of his eyes. She looked deeply into those emeralds he called eyes.

"What are you looking at?" He asked dumbfounded. His cheeks were a little pink.

"Your eyes." She said. Her eyes were dazed looking deeply into his eyes.

Lee just blushed and rubbed the back of his head nervously. He looked at her face. "God your pretty." He blurted out what he thought.

"What?" Sonya asked all confused. Her cheeks couldn't get any redder.

"Aw crud... nothing." He said looking fully embarrassed.

"No I want to know what you said." She said getting right next to his face.

"I think your pretty." Lee said nervously. His cheeks were turning red.

"Uh thanks..." Sonya said looking away. She lightly kissed his cheek.

Lee didn't say anything but his cheeks were redder than ever.

Abby came into the room. "Abby heard you guys are doing something ." She teased.

"I guess we'll have to get use to that." Sonya said smiling nervously. Lee only nodded and smiled just as nervously.