Hey. Just letting you know, This is my first AkuRoku fic, and I haven't been playing the games very long, so there's most likely quite a bit of OOC in this. I tried, I wanted to write one, and here it is. So, hopefully, you enjoy this.


"Hey, Rox, Wanna go get some ice cream?" A tall, lanky, redhead said to the shorter blond teen. Roxas was just begining to get used to spending time with the firey Axel. The two got along well. When ever Roxas needed something explained, Axel was always right there to explain it. As they walked to the ice cream stand in Twilight Town, Axel rested his arm on top of the blond hair on Roxas's head.

"Roxas, there's something I need to talk to you about." The redhead said quietly, his voice held tones of slight sadness and nervousness. Roxas looked up at his friend and said "Alright. What is it?" The lady behind the counter handed them their sea-salt ice cream and Axel turned to the smaller teen.

"I'll tell you when we get up to the tower." He said, begining to walk towards the tall clock tower that cast a large shadow in the setting sunlight. The two climbed up to the top of the station clock tower, sitting on the ledge facing the orange sunset. Roxas sat down, his legs hanging off the edge. The tall redhead sat next to him, one leg hanging over the ledge, the other pulled up to his chest, his right arm resting on his knee. He took a bite of the ligh blue ice cream, letting his mind prepare to tell the smaller blond teen his deepest secret. Axel closed his deep green eyes momentarily, taking a deep breath, then speaking.


"Yes, Axel?" The boy with the bright blue eyes looked at the teen next to him.

"You remember what 'love' is, don't cha?" The teen's firey red hair was almost the same color as the beautiful sun. Roxas nodded. Axel continued his thoughts, "When someone feels really deeply for another person. They'd do anything for them, give them as much space as they needed, protect them from everything." He paused. Axel never remembered ever being so nervous in his life.

"Sometimes, friendship gives way to those feelings, acting like a gateway to something more than just caring for a person. Then people don't know how exactly to tell someone they want to be more than just friends and they get confused and they start rambling on about it like... I am... Ugh, damn it!" The taller teen turned to the blond, looking him straight in those sky blue eyes and said the four words that were burning in his throat.

"I love you, Roxas."

Not giving the smaller teen time to react, he pulled the blonde closer and trapped his lips in a kiss. Roxas's eyes widened in surprise and his mind was swimming in confusion. Axel's tounge gently traced along the line formed between the other teen's lips, lightly begining to force enterance. Roxas slowly closed his eyes, surrendering his mind to the natural insticts. His lips began to move in the rhythmic motion of a kiss, dancing with Axel's. The long forgotten ice cream was melting, dripping onto both of the teens' pants. The redhead pulled away, releasing Roxas's lips. His green eyes searching the bright blue ones for a reply to his confession. A smile rested on the smaller teen's lips as he leaned over, resting his head on Axel's shoulder.

"I love you, too, Axel." He said softly. Axel's lips twisted into a grin/smile and he wrapped one arm around Roxas's waist, holding him closer. This sweet moment didn't last forever. The taller teen noticed that it wasn't exactly safe to be sitting on the ledge, holding eachother, like that.

"Rox, can we sit behind the ledge now? It's getting dark out." Axel said, pulling his arm from around the other's waist. Roxas nodded, saying "Yeah, that's a good idea." The two stood up, switching position to safely behind the ledge. The redhead layed down, pulling the blond down with him. It was getting a bit cool and Roxas began to shiver slightly. Axel unzipped his cloak, then pulled the shivering teen against his chest. The blue eyed boy was surprised to find out how warm his friend really was. He wrapped his thin arms around the other's warm chest, snuggling closer.

"You're really warm Axel." Roxas said, though it was muffled.

"By the way, I've got to turn in a bit early. I've got a mission. I'm gonna be going to Castle Oblivion tomorrow. I don't know how long I'll be gone." Axel said, looking up at the sparkling stars in the dark blue sky. Roxas looked up at the flaming red hair and scooted his way up, becoming eye-level with the taller teen.

"I wish I could go with you..." The blond said, snuggling closer to his friend's warm chest.

"Either way, I have to go back and get to bed. I'm leaving early tomorrow." Axel whispered, quickly kissing Roxas's forehead and sitting up. Roxas layed there, looking up at the other teen, his bright blue eyes glistening in the night sky.

"Hey, Rox, Let's go." The redhead smirked and when he stood up, he picked the smaller teen up, and carried him along back to the castle. Roxas got comfortable in Axel's arms, wrapping his small arms around the redhead's neck. Though, before walking into the castle, Axel stopped and whispered "Pretend to be asleep, alright, Roxie." Roxas nodded, wondering about the new nickname and he closed his sky blue eyes, letting his body become slightly limp in the fiery-redhead's arms. Axel carried the fake-sleeping teen into his room and layed him down on the bed, shutting and locking the door.

"Alright, Rox. You can stop pretending now." The green eyed, lanky teen said as he took off the cloak and his jeans, leaving him in just his boxers. He flopped down on the bed next to the blond boy.

"Roxas?" Axel rubbed his friend's should, shaking him a little. When he got no repsonse from the smaller teen, a small smile crept across the redhead's lips. He whispered "Good night, Roxas. Sleep well." He placed a gentle kiss on the sleeping boy's forehead, "I love you."

So, this was chapter one. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any suggestions, please, say something. Anyway, Chapter 2 will be up soon. It's gonna be like really short though.

Thanks again!