Okay, I'm sorry this took so long, it's probably really shitty though. I lost the feeling for it for a little bit and was having so many issues writing it. Sorry. I hope it's not too bad.

~Kchan Nishikawa


Day 71

The day started off as every other day of Roxas's now meaningless existance. He got ready just like he had the past 20 days with out the one he really loved. His last memories of Axel were the night he told him he loved him. The memory of the warmth of the older teen's skin still the only shred of happiness left in Roxas's entire life. But it was still just a memory. Nothing would ever compare to the way he felt in that moment.

"Hey Rox. How's it going?" The firey-red haired man's voice rang through the air.

Have I finally gone insane? Roxas thought. He beleived he was just hearing things. Until he felt an arm snake around his waist and a hand tilt his head up. His lips were taken into a deep kiss. For a few moments, the blond believed he was dreaming, and what a wonderful dream it was. It felt so real, like it was actually happening. Sudenly, the blue-eyed Keyblade wielder couldn't breathe. He reluctanly pulled away from the other teen.

"... Axel...?" Roxas whispered, "Is that really you? This must be a dream..."

"Wrong. I'm still alive. I can't be taken down that easily. Got it memorized?" The green-eyed man said, smiling slightly. Roxas couldn't beleive his eyes.

"Axel... It's really you. You're still... alive..." He paused and his eyes began to tear up. "Jeez Axel. Where were you?" The blond turned and wrapped his thin arms around the taller male, holding him so close they could feel each other's breathing. Axel ran his fingers through the blond locks and held him close.

"I'm sorry I was gone for so long Roxas. I couldn't control it. I would've come back sooner, but there wasn't any way to. I'm sorry." The redhead gently kissed the smaller male's forehead. He picked up Roxas and carried him to the bed, holding him close and comforting him. Axel layed down, pulling Roxas with him, placing little kisses on the boy's cheeks.

"Forgive me, Roxas?" He said quietly. Roxas felt the warmth return to his body and he nodded.

"Just don't ever leave me like that. Please. I can't go through that again."

"I swear I won't ever leave you. If I have to, I'll try to stay in touch and be back as soon as I can, babe." The redhead whispered to his friend. He looked over at the dresser and noticed the picture wasn't there.

"Hey, Rox, Where'd the picture go?" Axel sat up, letting go of the smaller male. Roxas looked up at the green-eyed, older teen, saying quietly, "The one of us? It's right here." He picked up the picture from next to the bed and handed it to the redhead. Axel smiled at the photo, "I look at this every night, before I sleep." The blond looked at the flaming red hair and reached up, then pulled the other teen back down, puting his hands on the lanky man's chest. Axel looked into the sky blue eyes and smiled. The smaller male moved closer, pressing his lips lightly to the other boy's. The redhead smiled into the kiss slightly, returning it fully. Axel switched his position, now hovering over the smaller frame. His hands explored the Keyblade wielder's chest, gently tugging at the zipper of the cloak. As the zipper slid down the boy's chest, the kiss deepened, Roxas's mouth now claimed by Axel's wandering tounge. A small moan came from the blond, the sound resonating in both of the teen's mouths. The firey redhead's hands were now removing the black leather cloak, his fingertips then slowly moving downward. He felt Roxas shiver under his touch and he couldn't help but grin. As he pulled away from the kiss, Roxas was panting, his eyes half closed, and his cheeks flushed with color. Axel grinned and he sat up, his knees on either side of the smaller boy's hips, and he looked down. A bulge was forming in the blond's pants, one in his own as well, and the redhead's devilish grin grew wider. He gently lifted the younger teen's torso off the bed, pulling the coat out from under them and then proceeded to take off the other's pants. Roxas blushed deeper as his pants were tugged off. He looked up at Axel, his cyan eyes held nervousness yet also hints of want. Axel smirked and whispered "You want this, huh, Rox?" The blond quickly nodded, his face extrememly red. The redhead leaned over and placed a kiss on the Keyblade wielder's forehead, then he began to remove his own clothing. Roxas's eyes were following every one of the other teen's movements, just waiting for and wanting him. Once Axel was fully undressed like the boy beneathe him, he kissed his way down the younger male's body. The smaller male was letting out small gasps as the trail of kisses got lower and lower, closer to his hard-on. Axel grinned, please at the shivering, gasping boy. He kissed the head of Roxas's cock, then compeletely engulfed the blond's arousal. Roxas let out a gasp, which was followed by a low moan.

"Ah... Axel..." he moaned out as the firey red-haired man began to suck on his member. It didn't take long to make the small blond come, and after he did, Axel willingy swallowed it all. The redhead removed his mouth from around the other boy's now softening cock.

"Roxas, you know this is gonna hurt a bit..." Axel said softly, holding two fingers to Roxas's mouth. Roxas got the hint and he took both fingers into his mouth, coating them in saliva. Once his fingers were sufficiently coated, Axel took his fingers out of the smaller male's mouth and placed one over the younger teen's hole. He slowly pushed his finger into the ring of muscle, causing the blond to groan in slight discomfort. The redhead paused, letting the other teen get used to the feeling, then he pushed in another finger. Roxas's face held a look a pain.

"I'm sorry Roxas, it'll get better though." The Keyblade wielder nodded and Axel began to stretch out the tight ring of muscle. Roxas winced with every motion of the older teen's fingers. The man with the flaming red hair pulled out his fingers, and then positioned himself just right. Roxas looked at him and said "Do it." Axel didn't need to be told twice and he plunged his erection into the smaller male's ass. The blonde felt as though he'd been ripped in two and he let out a yelp. The redhead paused, hating himself for the time being for making Roxas scream.

"I'm sorry. Tell me when you're ready." He said softly to the younger boy. Roxas caught his breath and whispered, "Alright, go ahead." He braced himself for some more pain, and as Axel began to pull out and thrust back in, the pain did come, but it was beginning to be masked by pleasure. The blonde began to moan with every one of Axel's thrusts. The redhead angled his thrusts now, searching for a certain spot, and on his third try to find it, Roxas threw back his head and moaned Axel's name loudly. Both were almost at the edge now, and Axel was the first to come. As his hot, sticky cum filled the smaller teen, they both moaned out loudly, and the feel of being filled with Axel's seed caused Roxas to come also. White streams of liquid sho from his cock and coated both of their stomachs. The two layed there in a sticky, hot mess.

"Axel... I'm glad you're back... I didn't know what I'd do if you hadn't come back..." Roxas said softly between heavy breathes, "I love you, Axel."

Axel smiled, he was so happy to be back with the one he loved, back with Roxas. He kissed the blond's forehead, whispering, "I love you too, Roxas..." He pulled the covers over himself and the smaller male. Both soon were asleep, staying together for the rest of the day and to the next morning, just enjoying the peace that came with knowing they were together.