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Never Saw You Coming

Chapter 1: In the Hands of the Enemy

She was cold and she was wet. It had been raining for at least 8 days and in each of those days she had been attacked at least twice and at the end of each battle she'd be asked who she was and what business she had in their village of Amegakure. All she knew was that her name was Hinata but what she came to do in their village was something she could not answer simply because she couldn't remember her objective or the name of the village where she had come from but the one thing was certain in her heart was that she was there to do something of great importance.

There was a void within her mind and the same could be said about her stomach, sleep was something she dare not do unless she wanted to find herself in a cell or worse a brothel. She leaned her fatigued body onto the wet wall trying to catch her breath before she continued walking around the village again. Her eyes parted when she felt a familiar presence walked past her, she lifted her head and turned around as quickly as her tired body allowed her too. Her hand reached out and grabbed his black jacket that had red clouds on it, the young man barely flinched and continued walking as if she had not grabbed onto him. She panted as she walked from behind, her hand held tightly onto the young man's jacket. Although she was tired she could feel that a lot had changed about the person in front of her.

He quickened his pace 'The faster I go the harder she holds on to me.' The presence of girl behind him was catching more and more attention from those around them. After a while of towing the young woman behind him, her grip loosened and she fell to the muddy ground below her, he was stopped in his tracks when she desperately asked him to wait. He sighed before stopping and turning to face her. He immediately noticed how her body trembled as she struggled to get back onto her feet, "What do you want from-" the young man was interrupted when the rain began falling harder, stronger and louder. Wanting to know the reasoning behind the young woman's persistence he grabbed her, squeezed himself between two large pipes and did what he could to cover them both from the pouring rain.

His body gave off a painful and hatred filled aura that she knew she'd never be able to understand but even so she felt safer than she had been for the past few days. She lifted her he to look at him before she body finally gave way to the fatigue, her lips part as she softly said "I think you are the person that I have been searching for."
Her words found their way into his; he made no effort to look at her until he felt her body relax. When he eventually glanced at her he noticed how even though her face was bruised she had a peaceful and kind look about her. 'She still lives in the world of innocence and love' he thought picking up and placing her on his back 'that's something which I will never get back, I chose my path, walking through it is not easy but….'

'She's lighter than she should be. From what that Amegakure ninja told me, it doesn't seem like she has eaten or slept in a while' he thought as he entered the hideout with the young woman resting on his back. Familiar bodies stood next to the door way, although they were revived they no longer had souls, they were simply tools to be used in the next war. He walked past his brother not even sparing a moment to look at his empty shell. His room was dimly lit and that's how he liked it, he placed the unconscious young woman on his bed. He narrowed his eyes at her sleeping form and then he brought himself closer to her neck when he noticed the headband around her neck and the sign it had on it 'So she came all the way from Konoha?...Alone….' he turned his back to her and began undressing himself 'what a foolish thing to do.' He grabbed a new set of clean clothes and left his room leaving her there on his bed to rest.
"It's not like you to bring home a stray, Sasuke-kun" a man wearing glasses said to Sasuke as he closed his bedroom door "May I examine her?"
"No… I would have put her in your chambers if I thought she was of any use to you" Sasuke replied
"Oh and she is to you?...Or do you want to have some fun with her?" the man wearing glasses asked
"Yes, she is of use to me however I am not going play with her" Sasuke answered
The man with the glasses looked at the door and realised that it was unlocked "Your door is unlocked what if she wakes up and escapes?"
"No such thing will happen unless she is rescued. Her body appears to have taken a lot of physical strain and she appears to be malnourished so if she does wake up she won't get passed my bedroom door" Sasuke said "Where is Madara?"
"The great Uchiha leader is not here at the moment, you are going to have to wait until he returns" the man answered
Sasuke sighed "Fine then. Now listen to me Kabuto, If you just so much as even step into my room and touch her I will hurt you, the power within these eyes is greater than you can ever imagine and besides, I must find out why she is came all the way here alone and what her purpose is"
Kabuto walked away from Sasuke with a grin on his mutating face "Even if you have Itachi's superb eyes you are still having trouble controlling them"
Sasuke remained silent as Kabuto disappeared from his sight.

3 Hours later

The man with an orange mask walked into the living area followed by Kabuto. The man wearing the orange mask stopped when he noticed Sasuke sleeping on one of the couches "You have a bedroom, why are you sleeping in here?"
Kabuto answered the question "It's simple really, Sasuke-kun brought home a stray"
"A stray?" the man in the orange mask asked
"Yes…to be more precise…a Konoha stray" the man wearing glasses answered
Sasuke sat up in irritation "You went into my room, Kabuto? Do you really want to die that much?"
Kabuto shook his head "No I sent Deidara in there and he accurately described how the young woman lying on your bed. So no, I never entered your room Sasuke-kun"
The man wearing the orange mask curled his fists and gripped them tightly onto Sasuke's shirt, pulling Sasuke up from the couch "You brought back a member of the enemy?"
Sasuke was unfazed by the man in the orange mask's anger "When I found her or rather when she found me her body was battered, she could barely stand and from her weight and skin colour it would appear that she is malnourished."
"What about the others she came with?" the man in the orange mask asked
"There were none. I checked and from what the ninja in Amegakure say, she seems to came here on her own a few days ago and has been wondering the streets of Amegakure since" Sasuke explained "Also, I want to ask her what her purpose is, why I was the one she had been searching for"
The man wearing the orange mask let go of Sasuke "I'll take your word for it then."
"I'll will go on ahead and treat her wounds" Kabuto said
"No, you will not Kabuto" Sasuke said
"I don't see why not Sasuke. Was she your lover?" the man wearing the orange mask asked
Sasuke looked at him "I didn't spend my time looking at the girls back when I lived in Konoha, Madara."
"The only way she is going to wake is if Kabuto treats her, you are going to let him do so if you hope to integrate her" Madara suggested
"Fine but I'm not letting you out of my sight Kabuto" Sasuke said in irritation

Sasuke entered his room to find the young girl's body no longer lying unconscious on his bed.
"My, my, looks like she's escaped" Kabuto grinned
Sasuke looked behind the door only to catch the punch that was headed for his face "No, she's right here"
Hinata tried to throw another punch at Sasuke only to have her body give up again and fall right into Sasuke's arms.
"Interesting, she still had some fight left in her" Kabuto grinned
"That's only because she is trying desperately to survive. Once she saw my face and realised that I am the one she met in the streets of Amegakure and simply let herself be" Sasuke explained lifting her and once again laying her on his bed.
Kabuto walked up to Sasuke's bedside "Okay I will treat her malnutrition and clean her body up as well-"
Sasuke grabbed Kabuto's hand before he even reach for Hinata's body "You will treat her malnutrition only. She can clean herself up when she has awoken and strong enough to do so. Also you will treat her from here, she is going nowhere near your chambers"
Kabuto shrugged his shoulders and went to his chambers to get what was needed.

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