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What You Mean To Me

Sleep was not something that worried Sasuke, it came easily and freely, however this night would prove difficult. It was completely out of his control and it was something he never predicted would happen. The cause of the undesired insomnia was the young lady sleeping on his bed, she was the reason why; every time he closed his eyes to sleep, he'd see her gentle face and that would make the beat of his heart change its rhythm. He had feelings for her and he knew it. He understood why, it was because of what she was. She was kind; she was caring and above all gentle. However, the other side of his soul thought differently. The killer within him knew that such emotions were not allowed to exist and if they did, they were to be wiped out immediately.

He got up from the floor and made his way to his bed where Hinata lay sound asleep. He quietly sat himself down beside her; he put his hands in his robe and pulled out a kunai. He brought it slowly to her neck, ready to end her life and rid himself of the feelings he felt for her. His hands began to shake; he was hesitating to do the deed. Killing her was taking longer than it should have, he found himself unable to slit her throat open 'Why? Why is it that I cannot kill her?' Sasuke began to think of his brother. He thought of how he lived his life in a lie, and when the truth finally found his way to him, his brother was dead. Hinata was not Itachi nor was she Sasuke, but he found it hard to kill her regardless. Sasuke let out a heavy sigh as he pulled the kunai away from Hinata's neck. He let the kunai slip from his hand, landing loudly on the floor below him. The sound the kunai made as it hit the floor forced Hinata out of her sleep. She sat herself up, when her vision cleared and she saw Sasuke sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Is-is everything alright Sa-Sasuke-kun" a drowsy Hinata asked
Sasuke looked in the other direction "Go back to sleep Hinata"
Hinata said nothing and placed her head back onto the pillow.
For a few more hours after that, Sasuke did not move from where he sat, his killer instinct questioning his hesitation to her kill her as well as him turning his face away when his eyes met hers. Sleep then began to intoxicate him, his body swinging back and forth again. Not willing to move to his bed on the floor, Sasuke lay his head beside Hinata's and let sleep carry him to his dreams.

The next morning

Hinata's eyes slowly parted as she awoke from her slumber. She took a deep breathe in and out. She sat up and turned her head to find that lying beside her was Uchiha Sasuke, 'He slept beside me?' The thought created a small knot in her stomach but she did not feel uncomfortable knowing that Sasuke had slept next to her. She smiled, gently letting her hand rub softly against his cheek. Seconds later, Sasuke's face began to display great discomfort. Hinata removed her hand and looked closely at him 'I think he is having a bad dream.' She placed her hand on his shoulder and shook him "Sa-Sasuke-kun…Sasuke-k-"

Hinata was silenced when a flash of white light followed by the sound of a thousand screaming birds invaded her ears and it was heading directly towards her. The room went dark, the white flash of light and sound of birds slowly faded; the only thing that could be heard was the sound of heavy breathing coming from the two bodies within the room.
"Explain to me why you woke me up in such a manner?" Sasuke found himself unable to make contact with Hinata and instead placed his head onto her neck and watched as her chest, rapidly rose and fell as she tried to catch her breath.
Hinata could still feel the heat on the side of her face that was coming from Sasuke's hand when he released the Chidori, "You-you look liked you were having a night-nightmare so I tried to wake you up"
Sasuke regained his composer and silently left his room without exchanging any further words with Hinata. He stood outside the door with his hand to his head 'I was completely in a state of combat because of that nightmare, if I had not seen her face and the fear in her eyes. I would have…I would have killed her' He sat himself down on the floor 'How did I end up sleeping beside her in the first place?'

Hinata managed to calm herself after Sasuke had left the room. She relit the oil lamp beside the bed before stepping on the kunai that lay at her feet; she picked it up, trying to understand why it was there, and also began to question the reason why she found Sasuke sitting on the bed when she woke up in the middle of the night.

In the clearing

Training today for Hinata was like the first day when she had to spar with Sasuke. It was a battle to survive. Sasuke was attacking aggressively and not leaving any room for openings, she knew he had gotten faster and stronger over the last few months, but he was just being so aggressive. What struck Hinata the most was that he did not make any eye contact with her and every time he got within striking distance he would pull back.

Sasuke finally stopped to catch his breath after some time, at which point Hinata was on her knees and breathing very hard, trying to get rid of the burning sensation she felt in her chest. After gaining control of his breathing Sasuke stood up and began to slowly walk away but was stooped when a kunai sped right passed him 'Why did she throw that kunai at me? I don't sense any intent to kill from her' Sasuke turned his head to the side "We'll continue later, there is no need to push yourself"
"Its-its going to rain" Hinata said in-between breaths 'Why did I not just say what was on my mind? Why can't I ask him why he tried to…?'
Sasuke smirked when he saw how dark the sky had become "That's just what I needed. You can return to the hideout"
"I-I can't, not without you. Ka-Kabuto-san is there" Hinata explained 'Has he forgotten what he promised to me?'
"Of course. Just sit there, I won't be long." Sasuke took his stance "I'll make sure that not a single bolt of lightning strikes you"
Hinata sat herself down and waited for the storm to begin.

The rain came down hard and fast, blurring much of Sasuke's vision and since lightning was not chakra it was hard to pin point which direction it was going to strike. This was a challenge Sasuke took great pleasure in, he would either counter the flashes of lightning using Chidori or use the lighting to create an even stronger form of Kirin. Sasuke had been true to his words, every lightning bolt that had headed in Hinata's was countered, but he could sense her uneasiness and fear. The rain then became lighter and sounds of thunder began to fade, Sasuke's battle with the sky was near its end, but without warning his body suddenly revealed how fatigued it was. His knees became weak, his breathing increased and his vision was almost completed blurred. He then felt his body being forcefully pushed to the side and his body landed hard on the ground below him. He turned his head to meet the eyes of a very worried Hinata before his vision completely darkened.

A Few Hours Later

Sasuke could feel this body was moist and cold but he felt unable to move. The only action he could do at the moment was open his charcoal coloured eyes. The sky above him was clear as though there hadn't been a storm. Hinata had not rested his head onto her lap like many times before but Sasuke could feel her presence and that she was very close to him.

Sasuke parted his lips "Why am I lying here?"
"You-you almost got hit by a bolt of lightning" Hinata answered standing by Sasuke's legs
"You pushed me out of the way didn't you? You didn't have to do that, I-" Sasuke protested
"I-I wasn't going to, but by the time I realised it I had already pushed you out the way" Hinata interrupted Sasuke

Sasuke felt a sting in the pit of his heart 'what does she mean by she wasn't going to?' slowly sat himself up and he looked straight at her face 'she is angry at me about something'
"What are you so upset about?" before Sasuke could tell himself that he didn't care whether or not she was angry he had already asked her the reason why.
Hinata remained silent and looked in another direction, trying to avoid answering Sasuke's question.
Hinata's actions only aggravated Sasuke even more "You not answering me, that clearly means that you are upset about something. What is it Hinata?" Sasuke could see the tears well up in Hinata's eyes.
Hinata reached into her pocket, pulled out the kunai she had found earlier and placed in Sasuke's hand, "You-You said that I was someone worth saving and that you'd protect me." She bit her bottom lips trying very hard not to cry "But-but Sasuke-kun, is killing me while I sleep a form of protection or were you lying to me?"

Sasuke, unable to answer Hinata and he remained silent.
The tears unwilling left Hinata eyes "Sa-Sa-Sasuke-kun…what do I really mean to you? My memories of my family and friends are gone therefore I no-longer have a place to return too. But for the past few days I have felt that my home, the place I could return to was you…but now…now I see that I am nothing but a hindrance to you"
Sasuke again made no effort to answer but it was clear from the look on his face that what she had just said bothered him greatly, however Hinata's eyes were blurred out by tears for her to see the concern on Sasuke's face and without a second thought Hinata grabbed the kunai from Sasuke's hand and brought it to her throat "I'll-I'll make it easier for you Sasuke-kun and do it myself"

Before she could let the kunai cut open her throat her hands were unable to move. She parted her eyes to find that Sasuke had somehow managed to get up and prevent her from slitting her throat. Hinata tried to ignore his presence and attempted to resist Sasuke's grip.
"I loved my brother and admired him greatly. When I learned the truth about him and that he died by my hands I felt a pain greater then when he wiped out the entire Uchiha clan" Sasuke kept his grip firmly on Hinata's wrists, not allowing her to take her life "You are not Itachi but I have discovered that I have feelings for you" Sasuke could feel Hinata resistance grow stronger
"Then-then why don't I believe you?" Hinata cried
"I hate to admit it but I am afraid of feeling emotions like love again" Sasuke felt Hinata's resistance completely vanish "The only way I know how to deal with this kind of emotion is to get rid of it completely, and last night the killer within me told me that I had to kill you. But I found myself unable to. The image of brother standing in front of you, protecting you from Kabuto and well as the kindness you have shown me even though I am a killer, kept me from ending your life."
Hinata dug her face in Sasuke's chest and sobbed 'He didn't want to make eye contact with me not because he was embarrassed that he had failed to kill me…it was because-'
Sasuke wrapped his arms around Hinata's petite body "Hinata, show me your face"
Hinata sniffed before lifting her face to look at Sasuke like he requested. She found herself looking into his eyes and again she saw the calmness he displayed to her the night before. Lost in Sasuke's eyes, Hinata was unaware of Sasuke's face getting closer to hers. The shock was evident in her eyes when she felt Sasuke's lips on hers. Within and instant she found herself unable to break from his tender kiss and could only respond by kissing him back.

Sasuke pulled Hinata's body closer to his and kissed her a little bit more before he pulled away. He looked at her "Hinata, please do me a favour…What's left of my heart will not be able to bare it if another person that I love were to die" Sasuke rested his head on Hinata's shoulder and hugged her more tightly "So please, please, do not attempt to take your life in front of me again"
The kunai in Hinata's hand dropped to the floor "Ye-Yes, I promise"
Sasuke looked into her eyes and gave her a very faint smile "Now you know what you mean to me"