She knows it's wrong. She doesn't need that little voice in her head to scream at her. But the little voice continues yell, "He's got a girlfriend! He doesn't mean it the way you do. You're his friend and that's all you ever will be! Look away before he hurts you! LOOK AWAY!" But it doesn't matter how loud her conscience screams, she can't help it.

The alarms go off in her head when he shoots small smiles her way, but it doesn't help. No matter how loud the alarms are, she can't help but grin back. She can't help but glance up at him through her lashes and though she's tried a million times, she can't stop the feeling she gets when he looks at her from across the room.

He smiles at her, he's eyes sparkling, and they silently share a secret joke. She tries to stifle the laughter that builds in her as they continue to stare at each other. She tries to look away as he teases her with his burning eyes. She tries and fails... fails horribly. And suddenly the alarms cease to exist. Her overlarge heart sits down on her wailing conscience, cutting off its screams. And it's just her heart and his. Only them, and it feels amazing.

And then as suddenly as it started, it ends. Hermione jumps as Lavender appears out of nowhere, sliding into the seat next to Ron. As Hermione jumps, so does her heart, it jumps and then falls. Falls into her stomach. And as it falls, it lets the conscience jump back up to continue its yelling.

Let me know what you think about the whole heart and conscience thing, I'm still not sure about it. One more thing, I really don't like the whole burning eyes thing. I feal wierd about posting this with out being fully satisfied with it, but I really liked the rest. I just never pictured Ron with burning eyes! I realized that if I shaped Ron to better fit his cannon self, I'd have to change the whole story. I considered making it a George/ Alicia thing, but I really think this story fits Hermione much better.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed!