Dinah was just out of sight and saw her friend about to die. She'd never had a vision she could stop. She refused to let this vision end like she'd assumed it would. With that she let her power go. The Joker's wrist was thrown upwards and went off.

He looked surprised and glanced her way. Gabby seemed to realize she was still alive because her eyes opened and she threw out her leg, knocking his feet out from under him. He fell to the ground, the gun sliding from his grip.

Then she slammed her tennis shoe into his face before hurrying to her family.

This gave them the moment they needed. They got up to the Joker as he got up. Helena and Bruce fought the Joker while Dinah moved to Gabby's side. Her friend looked like she was about to cry.

"They're dead," she stated and Dinah knew the pain of loss, even if it had been false pain.

"Come on, let's get you out of here," Dinah muttered while Bruce blocked a hit. She was tired of the fight already and focused on sending one thought to the Joker. Surrender. Slowly the thought penetrated his mind even though she kept her thoughts away from his.

She could already feel his darkness seeping into her mind, like at the party he attacked. She didn't want to feel like that again.

Focusing she watched him stop fighting and surrender.

"D," Gabby asked as Dinah watched Bruce get some cuffs on the Joker. Once that was done Dinah blinked, breaking the connection. He tried to fight but he was defenseless. "You did that?" Dinah nodded, trying to get that darkness she could feel out of her.

"Yeah, come on, let's get out of here," she said.

'I've called Reese, he's on his way. You guys should get out of there.' Barbara said.

"What about him," Helena asked.

Dinah had an idea but she didn't like it. She knew that if she told them they wouldn't either.


Bruce wasn't sure what to do but he watched Dinah walk over to the Joker, the colored part of her eyes almost glowing. He watched the Joker stop fighting as he stared into her eyes. Then the Joker's eyes closed as he slumped to the ground.

He hit it hard as nobody tried to catch him.

"Dinah?" Helena asked as Dinah just stood there. Her gaze was fixed on him though it was like she was staring at something they couldn't see. "Dinah."

"We need to get out of here," Bruce said grabbing Dinah. "Huntress, can you run?" She nodded and he sighed. "Then I need Gabby to drive the bike."

"I… I don't," the younger girl began before stopping. "Okay." Her eyes looked at Dinah though she glanced at her parents. That's when he thought to ask. But the way she looked he didn't need an answer. They were already dead.

With that he picked Dinah up and placed her in the Batmobile. Once away from the Joker she slowly started to awaken but he still got her in the vehicle. Then they all made their way back to the Cave.


Barbara was concerned when they arrived and Dinah barely responded to anything. She let herself be led away to her room but beyond that there was nothing. That was two days ago and she was still barely responding.

She looked in on the young woman though she hadn't changed any.

They were all more than a little concerned. The Joker was said to be in a comatose state as well though the doctors couldn't explain it. They said he hadn't sustained any truly damaging injury. He just wouldn't wake up.

It was sort of like Dinah. Except, Dinah was physically awake. She would eat if they put food in front of her. She'd use the bathroom if she had to. Other than that she didn't respond. She didn't react to them.


Gabby was sitting next to her best friend, trying to get her to react to something, anything. Nothing was working.

"What happened to you?" Gabby finally asked. "Why did you do this to yourself?" Dinah responded to that. Her eyes blinked once and she turned to look at Gabby. Gabby felt excitement. "Dinah, can you hear me? Please, explain this to me." As if understanding Dinah placed her hand on Gabby's and images filled the normal teen's mind.

She saw there was no time. Dinah used her mind in the Joker's to force him to sleep. But there had been more darkness than the teen had been ready for. Intense darkness and evil.

That was what she was struggling with. She wanted to purge that evil out of her but didn't know how. Her mind was screaming that if she let her emotions out there would be no controlling anything.

"Oh god," Gabby said before crawling up. "You need to release that stress." She knew that her friend needed help; she needed to let those pent up emotions out. "Cry, scream, something. You are safe here."

"I… I can't," Dinah mutter, her voice barely a whisper. It was the first thing said in two days.

"You can. I won't leave you hear to get lost. You are my best friend," Gabby told her. "Trust me, please."

Dinah looked down. Her eyes were still bright though no longer glowing. When she looked up they were normal Dinah's but full of bitter tears. She was full of anger and somehow Gabby knew it. She could feel it as if it was radiating from her friend.

She stayed there as Dinah cried, holding her when she needed it, holding the pillow when she needed to hit it. She just stayed. It was a number of hours before Dinah was functioning enough to be consider partly normal.

"I can still feel the darkness," Dinah muttered as she looked out the window. Alfred was walking in and Gabby motioned to him to be quiet for a moment. "It's not gone."

"It may never be," Gabby said before going to the window and leaning against it. Instead of facing out of it like Dinah she had her back to it though her face was towards Dinah. "But you'll learn to live with it. You've told me a million times that Helena and your father live with darkness in them. They don't let it overwhelm them and you won't either."

"Do you think he'll ever wake up… after what I did to him?" Dinah asked and Gabby shrugged.

"Who knows? Hopefully, if he does wake up, he'll be too old to do any harm," Gabby told her and Dinah nodded. "Hey Alfred." With that they both looked at the older man.

"Miss Dinah, you're awake," Alfred said and she nodded though her arms were wrapped protectively against herself. The older man sat down a tray of food on the dresser. "I shall go get the others. Dinah flinched and Gabby saw it.

"Alfred," she called and he stopped to look at her. "Not yet. She's not ready for a crowd quite yet. Let us come to them when she is. Is that okay?" He nodded before looking back and forth between them. Then he left.

"Thanks… I don't think I can face them yet. Not with… just not yet," Dinah said.

"It's okay, take your time," Gabby said. "You're making great progress."


Helena looked at Dinah's door wishing she was brave enough to go in. Five days ago Dinah had closed herself off. Only Gabby and Alfred were able to get any reactions out of her. She was doing better but she shied when any of the actual heroes came near her.

According to Gabby Dinah dove into the Joker's mind trapping him away inside of it. But that left damage, darkness.

Dinah was the best of them. She was the lightest of the heroes. Even when her powers nearly drove her crazy she was still lighter than any of them. Even Barbara was damaged.

Two days ago Carolyn had stopped by and tried to speak to Dinah. She'd only just ended up thrown out of the bedroom… repeatedly. Carolyn stated she wasn't coming back after that. Helena felt sorry for her sister who had such a shit mom. She wished she could help, do something. Sighing Helena went to head to her room when the door opened.

"You don't have to be so guilty, Helena," a voice said and she turned to see Dinah standing there. Her long hair was cut to her chin in a short style and she was dressed in black. She was in black jeans and a one sleeved black top with a little cuff on the other wrist. It had a dark yet girly flare. Then she realized something.

"Is that my shirt?" Helena asked before she could stop herself. Dinah actually smiled. That light in her eyes came back for a brief moment. "It is isn't it?"

"Yeah," Dinah said. Helena shook her head while smiling. "And I was never that good…"

"Whatever, goody-two-shoes," Helena says and they begin to laugh in unison. "So, what are you up to?"

"Going out to brave the world. Got to get used to things the way they are. I can't hide forever. Besides, you and Bruce function normally with a bit of darkness… why can't I?" she asks and Helena has to admit it's true. Both she and their father are darker people. Angry and violent would be more appropriate. They survived, so will she.

"Welcome to the world of dark vigilantes. Make sure you don't get to rough with them," she tells her younger sister who snorts and gives her a look that says 'look who's talking'. "What… don't be me. You might get in trouble."

"Yeah, that's for sure," she states before heading down the hall quickly.

"Hey," Helena says. She follows after the squirt who chuckles and jumps the stairs, landing while running. Helena jumps but rolls the direction Dinah went before running after her without losing pace.

Gabby came out of the office, her parents death only just beginning to hit. She'd need them but she would survive. Helena knew that. Bruce's biggest enemy was out of the game and would be for a long time if not until the day he died. Barbara was moving back into the tower though they were trying to decide on whether to make the tower their base or the cave. Bruce and Barbara were currently 'debating' over that.

Everything was changing but they would survive. After all, that's what they did.

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