This is my first time so be easy.

Flashback (Annabeth's Pov):

"But why? You can still do it and not break up with me." Said Percy. I just looked away from his face until I said" I'm sorry Percy but The Olympians have so much work for me to do and you can't help and you just distract me. I'm also going to collage in California and we may never see each other again.

"That's still not a good excuse!" He yelled. "It doesn't matter if it is or isn't I just don't think we should see each other anymore." I yelled back trying to hold back my anger. He just looked at me for a few second with those green eyes that I love which appeared to turn darker with anger. Then he walked to his window and was still silent, like his whole life was destroyed.

Trying not to make this a bad ending for us I said "Seaweed Brain I'm-" "Get out" He said firmly and hard. So I did what he said and began to walk out of his home. As I kept walking I felt tears trying to come out but I held them back until I got into my car. Only then did I let them come out slowly.

End of Flashback

Even today it felt like yesterday since I ended my relationship with Percy. A few weeks later Chiron said that the Minotaur attacked and killed both Ms. Jackson and Paul. Also Tyson, the closes person Percy had to a brother died when he led a group of Cyclops to fight back Oceanus's forces when they did a surprise attack on Atlantis.

Percy was so devastated that when he came to camp after his parents were killed that he didn't talk to anyone and I didn't know how to help him or if he even wanted to see me. Then one day he just disappeared, along with his hellhound, Ms. O'Leary and his pegasus Blackjack too. We never saw him again and not even the Gods knew where he went. And I did the only thing I could do to get away from all of this: I joined the Hunters.

So now, 500 years later after everything I did, I still feel nothing but pain and regret.