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Nico POV:

The knights were leaving soon. All the damage done to the city was repaired and Chaos would bring the mortals back. All that was left for me to do was to find Adriana. She told me to meet her at a deli near where the knights were hanging out.

I finally saw her, waving at me near the alleyway. I decided to use shadow travel to sneak up behind her and scare her. When I grabbed her she shrieked and jumped into the air.

She turned around and gave me a glare. But then she smiled and gave me a long passionate kiss. It felt good. "So this is it." She said.

I smiled sadly. "Yeah. But you said you had a plan so that we could still see each other, right?"

She nodded and pulled out a map and a compass. "This map will lead you to a base we had set up somewhere along the edge of the River of Styx. The compass will help you get there faster and both items will keep you undetected from your father. The base is abandoned but still has a lot of power."

I smiled at her and gave her a quick kiss before taking the map and compass. We both looked at each other one last time, as if we would never see each other again.

I knew how badly she wanted me to join the knights; I also wanted to join if it meant being with her.

I then shadow traveled away, feeling tears go down my face as I said goodbye to the girl I love.

Percy POV:

"All the knights, troopers and legionaries are here and ready to go Percy. We're just putting our stuff into the planes and choppers and having the wounded loaded up. We'll be leaving this place in a few minutes." Said Nick.

I nodded my head and as he head back to the others I looked at the island that was once my home.

We were on Staten Island, getting ready to leave. Its hard sometimes when a battle ends, disturbed not seeing people who've you see a lot in your life because there dead. But that's life sometimes.

I felt someone coming up to me. It was Annabeth; she came up and stood next to me, our arms brushing against each other slightly. I admit if felt good to have her again. I also saw her new knife, a few inches longer and infused with Chaos's essence like all of our weapons were.

She stared at Manhattan before saying, "Looks like things are going to be different from now on."

I nodded. "Yep, for better or worse. We lost many people, we know there's a spy among us, our new alliance with the Olympians is not as good as I hope it would be, many of the Primordial god's commanders are dead, and four of them are captured now."

She hesitated before asking, "And us? What about us?"

I looked at her as she looked at me, both of us staring into each other's eyes, eyes that I onceā€¦ still love. I slowly intertwined our fingers together and leaned in, as did she. Our lips softly brushed each other for a few minutes.

We separated when we needed air, this time smiles on our faces. I heard someone calling us. We started to walk back, our hands still holding each other as we boarded one of the helicopters.

"So" Annabeth said while sitting down. "Care to tell me anything of this city we're going too?"

I just smiled. "Only that you're going to love it."

And after 500 years of pain, fighting, and grief I felt happy as ever.

Third Person POV:

Far away from Olympus, from Manhattan, from any civilization was a snowy land, where blizzards constantly fell from the sky. If you dared to journey further into this icy land, you'll see giant mountains stack next to each other side by side. And if you took a closer look you could see metal walls built on the mountains, connecting them together. Also towers on the mountains, filled with monster warriors watching from them.

On the other side of this mountain wall was a land of fire, lava, and stone where creatures, towers, and other buildings could be seen. The many various creatures moved around, marching, making war machines and weapons, growing bigger in numbers. In the sky were terrifying winged monsters. They patrolled the sky destroying anyone that comes into their territory.

In the center of this land was a giant and tall fortress castle that almost touched the heavens. It was the realm of the Primordial Gods, the place that was still theirs before they lost the world to the Titans. Once a magnificent place now altered and corrupted by the Primordial's anger and vengeance.

In the air can be seen two objects coming towards the highest tower, where a platform was waiting for them. One of the objects is Raphael, commander of the Vanguard. The other is a helicopter carrying Craig Demurg, high commander of the Primordial God's army.

When they landed on the platform they both glared at each other before entering. Soon they came to a massive door, which opened to reveal a throne room like the one on Olympus.

There were 13 thrones in the room, five of them empty. The other eight were occupied by giant beings that radiated great power. The two mighty commanders kneeled before their masters.

The Primordial on the far right spoke. "Craig, what was the status of the battle of Manhattan?"

Craig raised his head. "Pontus, god of the sea, the battle was both a victory and defeat. We lost many war machines and commanders, and both Chronos and Eros have been captured and the door to Chaos's city has vanished. But our victory comes from my spy. With the information he's given us, we have managed to kill many of their forces. Also he helped bring the death of there most greatest chaos trooper leader, Colonel Timothy. Finally he is now trying to send information of their city to me. In a few years, maybe less we will have victory."

Many of the gods nodded in approval. Finally another one turned towards Raphael. "And what about you Raphael? Though we understand that you couldn't give us any info of their city because Chaos moved it, you and your vanguard were unable to retrieve the blade that contain Eros. And you failed to kill Percy, who has constantly destroyed our plans. What do you have to say for yourself?"

Raphael looked up, his face calm. "Great Hemera, goddess of Daytime, I have no excuse. But I've seen many things that will prove useful to us." He didn't say anything until they gestured him to continue. "The Knights and the Olympian gods don't trust one another as much now. Zeus tried to kill many of them for fear of losing his power. Now they keep secrets from one another, which weakens their alliance. This could prove useful."

He continued after his masters mumbled in agreement. "Also I did not really see any true gain from saving Eros. He was not much of a leader anyway. And Chronos was too arrogant to sit among you. I also doubt you wanted me to free Gaia and Ouranos."

One of the Primordials, Ananke, goddess of destiny spoke. "I must agree with that. Eros never was one for war and was to focus on his appearance and making that goddess of love, Aphrodite pay. And Chronos was arrogant and god mad when he was compared with the Titan Kronos."

Phanes, god of procreation nodded his head. "Ananke is right. And speaking of Titans, it's Gaia and Ouranos fault for giving birth to those beings, causing us lose our control over this world."

The god sitting in the throne in the center of the room merely listened to the others. He was Erebus, the Primordial god of darkness, shadow, and mist. He was also a true son of Chaos, making him king of the Protogenoi. To his right sat his sister and wife. Nyx, goddess of night was also a true child of Chaos and being married to Erebus, made her queen. The throne to his left was empty, reserved for his brother and another son of Chaos, Tartarus the Primordial god of nothingness, who was now trapped in his own pit.

Finally, the Erebus spoke. "You both did well. But your actions have also diminished our numbers down to eight, meaning we must act faster. Craig if you have the time search for more commanders to replace the ones we lost. If you can't then leave it be. Send some of our soldiers to keep an eye on the Olympian camp that the gods have set up for their children; no doubt the barrier's power has increased thanks to the knights. Raphael, go and create more vanguard warriors for you to lead. Have Phanes help you to make them grow faster. Use them well and send them on any missions that will ether hurt Olympian/Chaos. We too shall take part in this war."

He then turned to face the other Primordials. "Pontus and Thalassa, go and rally our sea army and attack Poseidon's palace. Recruit some of Oceanus's forces after they've been 'changed' to better suit our cause."

Thalassa, Primordial goddess of the sea nodded. "It shall be done."

"Aether, go and prepare our air forces for a massive attack anywhere where Zeus's forces our. Also go with Phanes to check out our special project. Once it is complete we shall use it to destroy Chaos's city and reveal ourselves to the mortals."

Aether, god of upper sky and space gave an evil smile. "With pleasure."

Then Erebus turned to face the commanders. "That is all for now. You may leave."

Before the commanders left Nyx said, "Wait before you go tell me something. I heard that a black armored warrior riding a dragon was in the battle, destroying many of our enemy's forces. Do you know who he was?"

The two commanders looked each other before answering that they did not know who he was. The goddess nodded her head and they took leave.

As Craig went in one direction, Raphael went towards a chamber where Waisting was waiting for him.

Waisting's slick voice spoke with urgency. "Master, I know that you just came out of an important meeting. But he would like to speak to you."

The dark angel looked at him before nodding and entering the room. Inside the room were thousand of organic eggs, each one containing a different being. For this was the chamber where the vanguards were born.

Raphael went all the way to the back of the room, where he pressed a spot on the wall, revealing a hidden door.

He entered the door and walked down a flight of stairs. A few minutes later he entered what appeared to be the inside of a giant hole.

The hole was very wide and at the bottom was only darkness. At the top was a light, signaling a way out. But it was so high up it would take even a giant an eternity to reach it.

In front of Raphael was a giant sphere in the center of hole. Attached to the sphere were dozen of pipes. Raphael walked on a bridge that was connected to the giant sphere.

Inside the sphere at the center was a round-circled staircase. Next to the staircase was a sleeping dragon, smoke coming from his nostrils. Hanging from the ceiling was the armored warrior, but now lifeless as metal hands replaced and repaired parts of the armor.

At the top of the round staircase was a throne. And on that throne was a robed man, his hood covering his whole entire face. In his right hand was a goblet, except no hand could be seen holding it.

The being, with a raspy voice spoke, "Report."

Raphael bowed. "My master, Chronos and Eros have been captured by Chaos."

"I know." Said the being as he stared at his left hand, which now revealed it to be a skeleton hand. "What else."

Raphael, with a smile on his face, continued. "The demigoddess, Annabeth Chase, has joined the knights and she and Percy have reformed their relationship."

A small evil laugh came out of the being's covered face.

"Excellent." He said. "Phase 6 of my plan has been completed."

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