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Chapter I-When our eyes met

"Just face it Naruto, I'm stronger and smarter then you. It's a well know fact." Sasuke said right in Naruto's face while Naruto growl like a beast in anger.

"Oh yeah well who ask you, Sasuke!" Naruto yelled

"Tsk whatever loser." Sasuke said

'Just because he's an Uchiha doesn't mean he can push me around!' Naruto thought

"Look guys you can beat each up later ok I have to file this report on the mission. So you guys have the day off." Kakashi said as he vanished in smoke but before he vanished in smoke "Bye-bye." He said

Shortly after Kakashi left, Konohamaru and his friend shown up.

"Come on Boss remember you promise to play ninja with us today!" Konohamaru yelled

"Oh did I say that oops Heh." Naruto rub the back of his head while sweat dropping.

"Boss what wrong you ok?" Konohamaru asked Naruto

"Y-yeah I'm fine just I might have over did on that way today." Naruto chuckle

"A ninja playing ninja that is so twisted." Sakura said while walking over to them staring at Naruto 'My ninja's skills are worst then his unbelievable!'

'She staring right at me I'm turning red!' Naruto blush while laughing.

'The way she looking at him…that it!' Konohamaru though

"Hey Boss is this girl your girlfriend!" Konohamaru grin at Naruto

"Huh!" Naruto spoke with a confuse look.

'Say what!' Sakura thought

"Well you can tell she's crazy about me." Naruto laughed

"WRONG!" Sakura punched Naruto sending the boy flying to a franc while Konohamaru and his friends were in deep to see their boss got his ass handed to a girl.

"What kind of girlfriend are you!" Konohamaru yelled while watching his friend keep on Naruto, Konohamaru yelled out "Your witch and you super ugly too!"

Sakura grew a vein on her head while cracking her knuckles as Konohamaru sweat drop. Few moments later both Naruto and Konohamaru had large bumps on their heads.

"I don't think she's even human did you see how wide her forehead is!"

And thru began hell for Konohamaru and his friend along with Naruto, while Konohamaru crash into a Sand ninja wearing an all black outfit with a large wrap bandages on his back, the Sand Ninja by Konohamaru by the neck of his shirt and raise him up high in the air "Hey watch it kid?"

"Kankuro put him down or you'll pay for later." Spoke the blonde four pony tail hair girl.

"Come we're alone no one will know heh." Kankuro said

"Hey put my friend down or else!" Naruto ran toward Kankuro, but Kankuro use his puppet act to make Naruto fall down on his back "What the hell was that!"

"More Genin man your village is full of weak punks!" Kankuro chuckle

Before Kankuro was about to teach Konohamaru a lesson someone toss a rock at which turn out be Sasuke Uchiha to save the day (save the day yeah right!) "Hey let the kid go or else." Sasuke said

"Oh Sasuke-kun you're here!" Sakura said with eye of heart for him leaving Naruto in the dusk.

"All talk and no show just what you leaf ninja are all about." Kankuro said as he was about to use his puppet weapon crow.

"That's enough Kankuro your making yourself looks like a fool." The voice spoke

"R-right sorry about that Gaara." Kankuro lower his head trying to look at his little brother in the eye.

"Shut up or I'll kill you." Gaara vanish from hanging from the tree down to ground "Come on lets go, I didn't come here to play around."

"Hey wait!" Sasuke said "Hey you!"

Temari turn around "Oh you mean me?"She smiles with a small blush across her face.

Sasuke shook his head "No the one with the red hair who are you?" Sasuke asked

Gaara turn around "My name is Gaara of the Desert. I like to your name too."

"Sasuke Uchiha." Sasuke smirk

"I'll remember that name." Gaara nod his head.

"Hey wanna know who I am? I'm Naruto Uzumaki!" Naruto smiled

Gaara turn away while saying to Naruto "I couldn't care less who you are." Naruto sweat drop as Gaara walked off with his big brother and sister.

'I made myself look like a fool damn it!' Naruto curse himself

Meanwhile up the tree the tree Sound Genin were there watching the whole event.

"So that's Sasuke Uchiha." Dosu said

"He doesn't seem all that." Zaku said while Kin chuckle

"Remember our mission Zaku." Dosu stare at his team mate "Yeah I know." Zaku said while he rolls his eyes as both Zaku and Dosu left the area. While Kin stay behind only a little bit.

"Hey Konohamaru do I really look uncool?" Naruto said while hoping his favorite and only student would say something good about him however…

"Nope compare to you and Sasuke yeah Boss your really uncool." Konohamaru said while grinning.

"Damn it." Naruto sweatdrop again while Kin couldn't help but chuckle and let out a small laugh. Naruto heard her laugh and right before Naruto could who was there Kin quickly vanish.

A two day later:

Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura enter the large classroom filled with different ninjas from each different village, Mist, Grass, Lighting, Suna, Sound, Rain, Rock, and others.

Shortly Naruto's team met up with other rookies of Konoha and thus becoming the nine rookies of Konoha. After a good old talk to talk with one another the nine rookies met a leaf ninja they never met before his name was Kabuto.

"So you rookies think you can past these exams?" Kabuto spoke to them "The exams aren't easy their tough no knows it might get you killed. But hey I took my exams seven times."

Dosu and Zaku, Kin overheard Kabuto spoke of the sound village not being well known and it was a small village, so Dosu and Zaku decide to give Kabuto a few lesson in respecting other's villages.

Few moments later everyone took the written exams which Naruto didn't really feel good about. He didn't kill test not one bit he hated written exams. But thanks to him many ninjas decided to stay and thus everyone past the first exam of the Chunin Exams and thought it would be easy.

Well until a certain crazy but hot Jounin came to spoiler everyone's fun.

That evening of Chunin exam Festival:

Everyone was enjoying themselves partying with others or eating food or just enjoying the view of beauty this festival had. As for Naruto well for Naruto he was there sitting on his rooftop having a nice view of everything.

This was the first time to see the festival so filled with life and enjoyment, the festival in the past Chunin exams were never this lifeful maybe it has something to do Naruto's voice wisdom he did that morning?

Whatever the cast Naruto was enjoying the view.

Naruto decide to go to the school see if anyone from the Chunin exam was there.

Ninja academy:

No one was at the front of the academy Naruto only sighed "Maybe everyone all at the festival. I should have known."

"Only an idiot would come back here." A voice spoke out.

Naruto look behind to see Kin the Sound village kunoichi sitting in the swing under the tree where Naruto always sit whenever he felt like crap or worst.

"Hey what are you doing here?" Naruto asked Kin "Wait a minute I seen you before. You and your friends attack Kabuto." Kin chuckle with a cocky smile "Relax orange boy my friends wasn't going to kill him just play around."

"So what are you doing anyway?" He asked the raven hair girl.

"I'm bored and my team mate went off somewhere." Kin told Naruto as Naruto was listening "And? Why don't you go and party like everyone else."

"Why aren't you partying with your friends? You're the hero of today." Kin told him "Your big mouth helped a lot of ninjas today."

Naruto smiled at Kin "Thanks." While Kin smiled back 'This one is different from his team mates.'

"Looks like I'm not the only one bored." Kin got up from the swing and grab Naruto's right hand "Come on." Kin drag Naruto with her "Hey where we're going?"

Konoha's Festival: Dance Club

Inside the large dance club, Naruto saw almost everyone in Konoha was here. The club was dark with flashing colors as loud music was being played. Naruto saw Kakashi Hatake with Might Guy and Kurenai with Asuma chatting together and enjoying a few drinks.

"Don't tell me you never been to a dancing club before?" Kin said to Naruto.

"Sorry, first time being here." He said back

"So you can't dance then?" Kin said while Naruto felt he was going to get embarrass "I can't dance."

"Come on." Kin pull Naruto to the dance floor as the music was being played.

Music change to a more cool jazz funky jam, an easy nice beat to the music, as Kin was a good dance her body was moving to the beat, while Naruto didn't move at all he felt real shy. But Kin told Naruto "Come on you can do it, just follow the beat."

Naruto closes his eyes and listen to the beat of the music as his body start moving on his own. Both Naruto and Kin were dancing together as they were a young couple, Naruto kept listening to the loud beats and follow them as his body move to the music while Kin was move her hips and spin around twice and laugh while moving her arms like how Naruto's arms were moving up and down to the beat of the music.

"Hey, what's your name?" Naruto asked Kin

"It's Kin." She said

"Naruto," he spoke his name. As Naruto's eyes and Kin's met Naruto saw something about Kin something he wasn't sure about but something special about her, he started to like about her. She didn't look cold or rude like her team mates she looked like she was bored and wanted to have fun like a young teenage girl.

So Naruto said to her "Kin why are you doing this you do know we'll be enemies tomorrow." as Kin knew but she only said "Friends today enemies tomorrow." Then again Naruto and his team will be fighting everyone in the Chunin exam which means when their own leaf ninjas.

So Naruto and Kin kept dancing to the music until it stop when it did the lights came on and everyone was clapping their hands together for Naruto and Kin.

"Nice moves Naruto." Kakashi spoke

Naruto blush while scratching his right cheek "Hehe thanks Kakashi-sensei."

"Didn't think you could dance Naruto." said Kiba with a cocky smirk.

"Well it's a first time for everything." Naruto laughed then Naruto saw Kin left the dance club, Naruto follow Kin outside.

"Kin?" Naruto peek his head out only to be grabbed by Kin's team mates Zaku and Dosu.

"Well looky here well isn't it Kin's little stalker." Zaku said

"Stalker whoa you got it all wrong." But Naruto was cut off by Dosu "Your words won't save you. Why were you following Kin? We saw you trying to win our team mate over so you can win this exam? I must say that a sneaky move you're pulling."

Dosu then push Naruto to the ground and point down at Naruto "We'll let you off with a warning kid, stay away from Kin. If you know what's good for you." Dosu turn and walk off as Zaku grin at Naruto "Next time we won't be nice punk."

'Ok what the hell just happen and what the hell is their problem?' Naruto thought to himself as he pick himself up 'Whatever but it was nice to meet Kin even if we'll be enemies tomorrow.'


In a hotel not far from the dance club, Kin was in her room brushing her long black hair with a comb. Dosu and Zaku entered Kin's room "Kin we need to talk."

"What is it now you two?" she asked her team mates.

"What were you doing with that kid?" Zaku asked while Kin sigh "Having fun what else? I got bored you two were having fun doing whatever. I saw him and decide to have some fun what of it?"

"Don't get too close to him he's the enemy and remember our mission." Dosu told Kin as Kin didn't seem to worry about the mission "Don't worry I didn't forget the mission."

"Good." Dosu and Zaku left Kin's room while Kin looked herself in the mirror and smiled "He did turn out to be a good dancer." she giggle.

The Next Day: Forest of Death

Everyone arrive at the forest of death, ready to take the next part of the exams. However Konohamaru and his friends came to visit Naruto, and in which it turn out before the second part of the exam begins there something the Third Hokage wanted to overlook and ask Anko's present which gave everyone who was ready for the an hour break before it begins.

Naruto sat beside a tree waiting for the next part of the exams to come.

"Look like you show up as well." said a familiar voice. As Naruto look to his left to see Kin walking toward Naruto, "Kin." He said her name with joy.

"Sorry about my team mates the other day, hope they didn't rough you up too much." Kin apology to Naruto as the orange jumpsuit ninja smiled "No it's ok Kin they didn't rough me up too much, anyway I'm ready for the second exam anytime."

"Your team mates sure don't like you huh?" Kin could saw how Sasuke easily piss off Naruto and how mean Sakura can get at Naruto. Naruto sweatdrop "Don't worry they don't seem like it but they my team mates and we just need to work together then everything will be fine.

"I mostly about Sakura then Sasuke just because he's an Uchiha don't mean he should be team leader. Everyone think he's cool man it gets me real piss off." Naruto frowned.

"You should deserve better your different from them." Kin told him.

"I don't know about that, everyone different. But none of that matters. We're ninja let see who can be the best huh." Naruto grin at Kin while Kin sigh shook her head and left Naruto be but not without waving goodbye to him.

'He's different I can tell by his eyes he's different.'

"We warn him." Zaku said to Dosu.

"Indeed, Kin is too nice for her own good. When we meet this Uzumaki we'll take care of him and the Uchiha." Dosu chuckle while Zaku smile "Sound like a plan beside he's smile is really pissing me off."

Next Time-When our eyes met Part II

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